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Zaggora HOTPANTS “Inches Loss Challenge” – The Measurements

When I first started blogging my weight loss journey, I knew I would reveal “personal” things about myself if I wanted to create a blog that was truly a reflection of me.  What I did not expect was having to reveal ALL of my lumps and bumps for the world to see.  But I figure if I am to show the progress of the Zaggora HOTPANTS then it would only be fair to show proof (or no proof).  So here goes, my lumps, humps and bumps in all their glory…

Me in Zaggora HOTPANTS
I warned you… lumpy and bumpy.  The good thing about these HOTPANTS are (IF they work) they will surely be targeting my TROUBLED areas.  You see, I have the body of the extreme pear shape.  The top half of my body and bottom half are like two entirely different people.  If you were just to look at me from the waist up you might confuse me for a waif (well maybe not that bad) but my arms are super thin, my ribs poke out and my collar bone protrudes.  This is SO NOT the case for the waist down, my middle section is the LAST part to go.And now about the HOTPANTS, when I put them on they reminded me of a diving suit.  They are tight, have a thickish material and are definitely HOT.  The worst part?  When I walk they make this funny swooshing sound.  Great, they accentuate my thighs rubbing together.  This is the very reason I never wear corduroys.  Seriously, are corduroy pants not the WORST for thick thighed people?  Not only does the sound of the thighs rubbing together echo for miles but the thick, rough material of the corduroy causes so much friction, I worry about creating sparks.  If I were stranded on a deserted island, all I would need are my thighs and a pair of corduroys and I could make my own fires!

Now for the dreaded measurements….

My Hips


My Waist
My Thighs

After my first work out in the HOTPANTS let me tell you… they are true to their name, HOT!  I was sweating so much the sweat was dripping down my legs and soaking my socks.  So, my new slogan for these pants are…  Sweat your socks off!  I like it.  Hopefully they sweat off a lot more than my socks though.  We will see… stay tuned!



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