Monday, May 7, 2012

Zaggora Hot Pants "Inches Lost" Challenge

Sometimes as a blogger companies contact me to review their product and write my thoughts about it.  This was not one of those times.  This time I actually contacted the company.  Weird, huh?  Let me take you back about a month ago...

I was browsing Groupon (love me some Groupon) and I saw a deal from Zaggora for weight loss HOTPANTS™.  Well, you know anything that has the term "weight loss" in it catches my eye so I took a look at their website.  These pants intrigued me.  As a Scientist, I started to wonder how the pants worked.  Ah ha!  An entire page on how the Zaggora Hot Pants work.  

Apparently these "HOTPANTS™ contain Celu‐Lite™ technology which maximize the results of your workout by heating those areas covered by the HOTPANTS™.  Celu‐Lite™ technology reflects back the heat naturally generated by the body to promote deeper warming of your tissue leading to higher levels of perspiration and therefore breaking down the fat and toxins that contribute to the appearance of cellulite."  Wow, that is a lot of ™'s, these pants must be legit, right?  And they were even tested at a University, My Gosh!

I was still skeptical. 

I continued to browse their website and came across a Challenge.  A 2 week and 2 month challenge to wear the HOTPANTS™ (it's fun using ™ hehe) while working out and watch yourself losing inches!  What you are challenging me Zaggora?  Game on.  Me and challenges go together like chocolate and milk, rice crispy and treats, and some other cool stuff that goes together.  (Help me out: comment below with other cool stuff that goes together)  So, Challenge on Zaggora, Challenge on.

Regardless if these pants actually turned me into a HOTPANTS™ Momma, I figured it would be fun to blog about the challenge.  Then it hit me... (Duh!) I should have asked them about reviewing the product since I am a blogger and bloggers do that kind of stuff.  So, I contacted them and told them I was planning to take their challenge and report my results.  They seemed enthusiastic about it and even offered to send me a free pair of pants AND a 10% discount coupon code (AMANDATAYLOR) for my readers.  Since I had already purchased the Groupon, I asked if I could receive a free pair for a giveaway (because I love you all oh-so-much). They obliged.

And last Friday I received THE™ package!

The Zaggora company is located in the UK so it took a few weeks to arrive.


Let the Challenge begin!

If you want to take the challenge yourself and purchase a pair of Zaggora Hot Pants, just use the 10% off discount coupon code (AMANDATAYLOR) or you can wait and try to win a pair from my upcoming giveaway!

My Beginning Measurements.



  1. I remember those on Groupon, and thought to myself "yeah right, like those are going to work". Can’t wait to know what you think of them.

    Sherry S.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your results. If anything, it gave you more encouragement to work out. :) :)

    1. Well, I don't want to work out "more" than normal, it might skew the results! haha I am going to try to eat/exercise the same and see if I lose anything because of the pants.

  3. That's awesome. I got some off Groupon as well and will be joining you in blogging about my results. I just got mine delivered today and so far it feels like I'm wearing a wet suit (same material) and it sounds like I'm wearing a diaper when I walk. But I don't care if it helps maximize the effects of my workouts!

    1. I said the same! It feels like I have on diving pants.

  4. Good timing! I just got mine from the same Groupon. I've worn them for 3 workouts so far. They definitely Increase the amount of sweat! I find them pretty comfy too. As for the results, I'll keep you posted and look forward to reading yours!

    1. I find them comfy as well. I also like the fact that they are tight and hold me "jiggle" in place while working out. haha Definitely keep me posted on your progress!

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