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Lessons Learned from Attending a Blogging Conference: FitBloggin’ 12 Conference


 This weekend I attended FitBloggin’, a weight loss/fitness/healthy lifestyle blogging conference.  As I sit here and decompress, I wanted to share some things I’ve learned from attending it.  So, here goes:
Be Yourself, Come Out of Your Shell.  There is a reason people visit your blog regularly, for one reason or another someone out there finds you interesting.  I know most of us are so use to talking to a computer screen that it may be a little overwhelming and a bit intimidating to talk about our issues face to face but be confident in yourself!  You are interesting, fun and maybe even a little quirky, so own it!  Put yourself out there because you certainly don’t want any regrets later.  Dr Seuss said it best:
Be who you are and say what you feel because the people that mind don’t matter, and the people that matter don’t mind.

Swag Baby, Swag.  I so feel like Austin Powers whenever I say the word “swag.”  For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, swag is all the free gifts we get from the companies that support the conference.  Now I have to admit, I was prepared for the swag.  On the train from the airport heading towards the conference, I met two girls that were also attending, one of the girls commented on the HUGE bag I was carrying.  I informed her that my bag was halfway full so that I can return home with all of my “goodies.”  Good thing I did because I could barely close that sucker when I was packing to leave.  And I STILL had to use a swag bag to carry on home additional things.

You Will Not Have Time for Your Blog.  If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t blogged since Wednesday.  The reason is I just did not have time to blog, I wanted to spend my time enjoying the entire conference experience.  Now mind you, I did see a decline in my traffic because of this!  So, if you are worried about your blog while away at a conference, schedule posts ahead of time, ask for a lot of guest posts or just don’t worry about it because it will be there when you return.  Instead, focus on the sessions, the people and the connections because what you learn from the others will help you so much more than worrying about a post.

Promote Yourself but Have Interest in Others.  I am official, I have a business card and I used it.  I handed them out, I talked about myself, my blog and my sponsorship but that was not all I cared about.  I wanted to get to know the others and their stories.  For every card I handed out, I made sure I received a card in return and if they did not have a card, I wrote down their information!  In the world of blogging, success comes from the support of others.  So, give that support because believe me it will come back ten fold!  Plus, do you really want to be remembered as the girl that handed out business cards or the girl that was sincerely interested in you?
 Give Thanks to the Sponsors.  Conferences such as these survive on sponsorships.  And someone like myself would not even be able to attend these conferences without sponsorships.  So, tweet them, talk about them, talk about their products, give them the thanks they deserve!  And with that, I would like to once again thank my sponsors Personalabs, a company that believes in personal health as strongly as I do.

It’s OK to be Star Struck.  My husband thought I was just crazy when I called him up all excited about meeting @BookieBoo from Mamavation!  He was all like “BookieWho?” NOOOO!!  BookieBoo!  Sometimes they just don’t understand!

Anyways, I was SO girl crushing on her, squealllllll!!!  She really was just as awesome as I expected.


  I also met Mark Pinhasovich from the Biggest Loser!  My roommate first spotted him and truth is, I didn’t believe her but it was him!! (yes, you can totally see my bra in this shot.)


  Last but certainly not least, I met Roni, the founder of FitBloggin’, the blogger who gave me my break and allowed me to post my story “I Survived Obesity” on her blog and an inspiration to all of us out there trying to lose weight. (yup, another bra shot)


 All in all, I had a wonderful time and learned a lot but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is, I am proud part of a community of people with one mission in mind: Health.

 Thank you FitBloggers for the awesome time, until next year.

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  • What a great experience! I am starting my new blog in the New Year, and I am hoping I can get to a bloggers' conference during the year as well to share my experiences and learn!

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