Monday, July 30, 2012

Kids Logic: Our Vacation Series

The family and I are in Colorado this week on vacation.  We drove here from St. Louis, it was a long drive so we decided to split up the drive a bit and stay in a hotel for a night in Kansas. On the way there, I inform the kids of our plans.

Friday, July 27, 2012

That Time I was Interviewed....

When I was younger and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always reply with "I want to be famous!"  If you ask me that question now, I would reply with "I want to be rich and famous!"  Well, I am certainly not on the road to either but I was interviewed.  You can check out my interview here: Love and Laughter in "Loserville"

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chicken Alfredo Recipe: Healthier Alternatives with Spaghetti Squash & Wheat Pasta

I love me some Laughing Cow spreadable cheese!  What I like best about it, is the variety it offers you when creating recipes.  Remember when they only had a few flavors of Laughing Cow cheese, the creamy swiss and the light creamy swiss?  Well, now laughing Cow has some great new flavors, sun-dried tomato & basil,  queso fresco & chipolte and a french onion.  And I am loving the variety that it has given my dishes!

I have been meaning to post this recipe up for awhile, it is a favorite of mine and I probably make it at least 2 or 3 times a month. I have made it with wheat pasta and spaghetti squash and I have to admit, the spaghetti squash version is my favorite.  I mean how can you NOT love spaghetti squash?!  I ask my hubby that same question all the time.  So here is the recipe for my two healthy versions of Chicken Alfredo:

Skinny Laughing Cow Chicken Alfredo

Monday, July 16, 2012

Shield Them Everywhere - Protecting Kids Health and Wellness

Childhood obesity is at its highest rate with a whopping 1/3 of children overweight, this number has TRIPLED from the last generation.  In fact, today's generation of children may be the first generation to die younger than their parents.  Even more frightening? Congress has declared PIZZA a vegetable to protect it from the nutritional overhaul of our school lunch program.  And the plan to reduce sugar, salt and fat from food marketed to children?  Struck down.  Even the efforts by 24 states to impose a "soda tax" to discourage sugary drinks from our diets have been rejected at every turn.

These are the frightening facts.

If our schools and our government fail to protect our children from the harsh reality of obesity, how can we as parents stop the vicious cycle?  How can we shield them from unhealthy habits when they step out of the protection of our homes into a blind world where Mac Donald's is consider a major food group?

5 Helpful Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Classic Stretch Giveaway and Review 7/16-8/6

I have teamed up with some awesome bloggers to bring you this great giveaway. Because remember, it's the summer of giveaways here on Survival Guide by The Working Mom!  Today's giveaway is brought to you by Classical Stretch!

 Miranda Esmonde-White is the creator of Classical Stretch, she has spent most of her life dancing and sharing the artistry of dance with others.  A former ballerina, Miranda used her understanding of movement to create a stretch and strengthening fitness program, which targets the needs of everyone from women and men of all ages to elite athletes.

Classical Stretch is an exercise program that is transformational for women 25 and older.  It fuses its unique movements with elements of Tai Chi, Yoga and  Ballet.  Miranda Esmonde-White, the founder, is a lifetime dancer and ballerina.  Her exercise system evolved in her studio as she studied her own movements and those of her students.  She has become known for healing musculoskeletal issues such as back pain and leg problems and for toning, lengthening and slenderizing her students' bodies. 

It is currently on its 8th Season on PBS and filming for Season 9, Classical Stretch and Miranda Esmond-White is a Canadian success story and crosses over into the US and beyond!  She has many testimonials and many disciples of her method.

Busy Moms:  In just 28 minutes per day, you will start to notice your body lengthening, thinning, and getting stronger.  Your energy will increase and you will be motivated to continue!  Try the Classical Stretch 30-day Boot Camp, doing one or two episodes everyday for 30 days, and watch your pant size go down!  

Recovering Patient: A bonus of this program is that it is  rehabilitative in nature for those who are suffering with multiple ailments such as back injury, leg pain, surgery, scoliosis and more.  

It's hard to imagine that something that takes such little time can produce such great results.  But try it,and be surprised at how thoroughly worked-out and energized you feel at the end of the workout!  Of course, like anything worth achieving, it takes practice and perseverance. Good thing it is an enjoyable thing to do!  Here are a couple of the many testimonials found on the Classical Stretch Website!

Below is an example of Miranda, guiding you through a workout. She is very knowledgeable about human anatomy and shares helpful tips throughout the workouts to educate as to why you are performing a particular stretch.  

Someone will win the 2 dvd set of Season 8 of Classical Stretch with Miranda Esmonde-White, a value of $64.95 + shipping! This Giveaway is open to US and Canada!
 a Rafflecopter giveaway


Friday, July 13, 2012

"Skinny" Baked Donuts: Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

I am a fan of donuts, especially the healthy baked doughnut variety!  You may even remember a couple previous recipes I posted: Baked Chocolate Donuts and Baked Banana Donuts.  Well, what better way to incorporate those delicious summer strawberries than with a strawberry shortcake doughnut?  The recipe is so good, you won't believe they are low in calories!  But that is my job after all, to make the foods I love that do not love my waist line.  Happy Guilt Free Eating!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Letter to My Daughter: You are Perfect

My Bella,

Your name means "beautiful" and that is exactly what you are, beautiful inside and out.  Your smile brings me overwhelming joy.  Your sweetness melts my heart.  And your beauty lights my world.

Never let anyone dull your flame.  Never let the world harden you, touch the world with your gentle heart.  And what ever life has in store for you, it is my hope that you remember these things:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lärabar (Jocalat) Review and Giveaway

I am a huge fan of Lärabar.  You may even remember my LARABAR review last month.  Well, I am back to rave on about my favorite healthy snack!  And I have to admit, I am regretting it a little bit.  Before you jump to conclusions, let me explain why...

Monday, July 2, 2012

What is the 4th of July? Declaration of Food Independendence

On July 4th, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress which stated that the thirteen American colonies were now a free nation, breaking away from the British Empire.  Over 200 years later, we continue to celebrate our "Independence Day" with 4th of July fireworks, events, drinking and eating... lots and lots of eating.