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Crazy Cupid Giveaway: Aqua Chef Smart Cooker

Your very own Aqua Chef!
The Aqua Chef reminded me of a deep fryer but instead of cooking your food in fatty ole grease, you cook it in water!  Such a healthier way to cook your meals!  Now I have to admit, I am somewhat of a kitchen gadget junkie,I love neat gadgets that make cooking easier.  And how can you not love this?!
The Aqua Chef Smart Cooker turns ordinary foods in to extraordinary meals!  The secret to this awesome device is that the food never comes in contact with air.  It simply cooks the food evenly in its own natural juices.  This awesome device not only allows you to cook a healthier meal but also one that taste better!
aquachef tools
 And it is so easy to work as well, I put a couple of chicken breasts into the vacuum sealed bags that Aqua Chef provided me with.  I then added a bit of Italian dressing to marinate the chicken and using the handy dandy handheld vacuum system, I sealed the bags right up!  With these air tight bags the food will retain its moisture, flavor and nutrients!

 AquaChef Smart Cooker Benefits:

  • Precise & Consistent – Perfectly cooked meals every time!
  • Gourmet Taste & Texture – Intensifies and enhances flavors of food.
  • Maximizes Nutrient Retention & Flavor – Locks in food’s natural flavors, nutrients and moisture.
  • Convenience – No Stirring, No Basting, No Watching. Just set it and walk away.
  • Easy to Use – One-touch control enables you to quickly set or adjust cooking temperature.
  • Foolproof Results – Never overcook a meal again!
  • Healthier – Cooks in water not fats or oils. Helpful for portion control and diets.
  • Saves Money – Turns tough, inexpensive cuts of meat, such as flank steak, brisket, or eye of round into tender, succulent cuts of meat like filet mignon.
  • Easy to Clean – No more messy pots and pans to scrub!
aquachef chicken
 And there you have it, an easy healthy meal thanks to Aqua Chef!


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