MPix Personalized Daily Planner Review & Giveaway 1/25-2/8


I am old school.  Well sure I am hip to some things, I am a hipster social media mommy that blogs about her family life and weight loss progress but there are a few exceptions to my “hipness.”  Example of one, I do not trust online calendars.  As a full time working mom who runs a family, a blog and a lab; my life is stacked with daily activities!  This requires specific planning and online calendars just do not cut it!  No siree, I know how easily computers can crash and things can accidentally erase but this can not happen when it is set in ink!  So, I depend on my mommy daily planner to get me through this hectic life of mine!
Now being the girly girl I am, I do not want just any old planner, this is something I will carry around with me all 24/7 for the entire year.  I want something cute and I sure found it in this MPix Daily Planner!

You might be thinking “Yeah, a planner is a planner, what is so special about the MPix one?”  Well to begin with, you can personalize your MPix daily planner however you like!  Seriously, do you realize how much I enjoy carrying around my planner throughout the day sporting pictures of my kids?  Secondly, you would not believe the high quality that MPix puts into their planners!  Oh no, this is no ordinary planner with easily rip-able pages.  The pages within the MPix daily planner are so durable it looks like each page were laminated.
And you might ask yourself, “Aren’t planners only appropriate around the New Year?”  Well not when you are ordering your planner with MPix!  I was so pleasantly surprised when ordering because I was given the option to choose which month to begin my calendar with!  Cool, huh?!  I could give this awesome personalized gift to someone all year round!
So enough about planners, MPix has it all!  Want some personalized Valentines Day cards?  They have them!  Or what about a cool photo book or wall calendar?  Yep, they have those too!  Or what about a money tree?  Well, sad to say that MPix does not carry one of those but you don’t need it when you shop there!  Their personalized gifts are responsibly priced for the quality product you receive!


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