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Nutrisystem Week 17: I am Thankful


I can not believe it’s been over 4 months since I first started my journey on the Nutrisystem program and I am down another pound this week!!  Looking back, I cant even count the number of weight loss programs I have started and restarted and restarted.  It is one thing to start a program but a whole other ball game to actually stick to one.   Which is why I am extremely thankful for given the chance to start and continue the Nutrisystem program.

 When I first started the program, I thought “Oh no, I am going to have to stick to a weight loss program over the holidays!” and my second thought was “What if I get sick of the food??”  Now after 4 months of being on the program my thoughts are “Wow, I am SO thankful that I had Nutrisystem to keep me on track during the holidays!” and “With so many varieties of foods, I don’t think I will EVER tire of Nutrisystem!  Thank you for being awesome!”
And with that, my thoughts turn to how thankful I am.
I am thankful for… becoming obese.  I know that might sound silly but that part of my life is what made me who I am today.  The lessons I learned about myself and the understanding and compassion I now have for other who are struggling with weight issues are invaluable.
I am thankful for… the weight loss surgery.  Even after ALL the complications I have because of the surgery and even after gaining the weight back; I am still thankful for it.  Before the surgery, I thought I was destined to be overweight, unhappy and unhealthy my entire life.  Losing the weight has shown me it does not have to be that way!
I am thankful for… gaining the weight back.  Gaining the weight back taught me there is no “easy” roads in life, yes the surgery was a great “kick start” to losing weight but it was not the solution.  If I want to continue to live this happier and healthier life, I have to continuously work at it and change my lifestyle.
I am thankful for… having lost the weight again.  Losing the weight a second time was way better than the first!  Putting such hard work in and getting the awesome results in return makes success so much sweeter!  Yes, I am proud and I will not give up on myself ever again!
I am thankful for… still having weight to lose.  This journey has brought me to places and taught me things about myself I never dreamed of.  I am proud of the person I have become but I look forward to become the person I aspire to be.
Weekly Weight Loss: -1 pound

Total Weight Loss: -14 pounds  

Weight Loss Goal for Next Week:2 pound
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