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Nutrisystem Week 18: Water and Weight Loss


It has now been 18 weeks since I first began the Nutrisystem program.  You would think that after such a long period of time on Nurisystem, I would have this program down pat!  For the most part I do.  Since my meals are provided for me, I only have to plan out my snacks of nuts, meat, yogurt, veggies and fruits!  I am always well stocked with the necessities so that I do not stray from the program.  Routine is my middle name and I go through each day with such ease but there is one thing I struggle with… something I have struggled with on every diet program I have been on.  It’s getting in my water!


Why is water so important in weight loss?
1.  The mechanism in burning calories requires a sufficient amount of water for completion.  If the body is dehydrated, the fat burning process is slowed down.


2.  In the process of burning calories and fat, the body creates “toxins.”  In order to rid your body of those toxins, water is needed to flush them out!


3.  The body mistakes dehydration for hunger.  Drink plenty of water with your meals and those times when you “feel hungry.”


4.  Drinking cold water speeds up your metabolism because the body uses energy to warm the water up.  So, put plenty of ice cubes in that water to easily burn those extra calories!


5.  Water is an important component in blood and proper circulation.  Dehydration can lower blood volume making it more difficult to circulate the proper nutrients and oxygen needed for a healthy body!
So, now that we know why we need the proper amount of daily water to lose weight, how in the world are we going to get it in?  Nutrisystem not only realizes the importance of water and weight loss but also the struggles of getting the proper daily allotment of water in.  That is why they provide us with this awesome water bottle to carry around throughout the day for a constant reminder to DRINK MORE WATER!
Some extra things I like to do with my water is mark a time table on my bottle.  This gives me a goal to drink a certain amount of water by a certain time each day.  You really won’t believe how much easier it makes getting my water down each day!  I also like to “liven” up my water by adding frozen fruits to it.  This gives my water that little bit of sweetness to it and having some color just makes it fun!
Do you have any tricks to help get your water down each day?
Weekly Weight Loss: 0 pound



Total Weight Loss: -14 pounds  



Weight Loss Goal for Next Week:1 pound
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