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Nutrisystem Week 20: Weight Loss & Sickness

It is now week 20 (wow 5 months!) on the Nutrisystem program.  Time sure flies when you are eating delicious, low calorie meals!   I have to admit, this week has been rough.  My family and myself have been plagued with sickness after sickness.  Being sick can sure put a dent into your healthy living regime.  For one, when I am not feeling well I want to “heal” myself with food.  They call it comfort food for a reason, right?  Well, there definitely were times this week I comforted myself with some chocolate, a couple of cookies and that night filled with Toasted Raviolis.  Food Happens.  The important part is to pick yourself back up and keep at it!

 This week was not ALL bad, it was actually very easy to stay on plan for the most part.  Nutrisystem was a lifesaver because who wants to cook a meal when you are busy taking care of sick kids?  It was such a relief to be able to just grab a quick meal on the go and to know that it is low calorie.  Even though I did not stick to exactly to the plan, I did not gain weight.  So yay for that!
Now back to taking care of sick kids, I hope for better news next week.
Weekly Weight Loss: 0 pound



Total Weight Loss: -15 pounds  



Weight Loss Goal for Next Week: -1 pound
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