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Nutrisystem Week 23: Emotional Eating

This is the end of week 23 on the Nutrisystem program.  This past week I have been in a bit of a funk.  I am one of those people that try to take on everything, I have the philosophy that you only live once so make it count!  But having this philosophy, I also have a hard time saying no.  This is usually never a problem, I am the master of balancing and multitasking.  And I balance A. Lot.  I have a full time job, I have my blog and most importantly my family.  Sometimes, I am asked how I do it all.  Balance.
And then the balance shifts and everything comes crashing down.  Lately, work (my full time job) has been SUPER stressful.  I am a Scientist, I have my Master’s degree in Biochemistry and have worked in the same research lab for 11 years now.  We are paid off of grants and lately with the economy and budget cuts, funding has been tight.  This puts the pressure on us to come up with more ideas, implement those ideas and get results!  Pressure, pressure, pressure.  Crash.  Recipe for funk.
One thing that suffers when I get into a funk is my weight loss mission.  On TOP of the bad week I was having, Valentine’s Day hit and my husband thought it would “cheer me up” to buy me this HUGE box of chocolates.  Bless his heart.  It was a sweet thought but it just created more of a funk.  Because I did not resist the chocolate.  Oh no, in a matter of 4 days, I was on a chocolate binge.  The more chocolate I ate, the worse I felt.  The worse I felt, the more chocolate I ate.  Until, the box was empty and I gained a pound.
I am happy to say that I have now been chocolate free for 4 days now and slowly climbing out of the funk hole.  Hopefully the scale reflects that this week!  More importantly, I am hoping for that balance once again.  I will get there because I am awesome like that!


Weekly Weight Loss: +1 pounds




Total Weight Loss: -14 pounds




Goal For Next Week: -1 pound
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