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Nutrisystem Week 24: Having A Community Leads To Success



A little over a year ago I began my blog, the reason I started blogging was to make myself accountable for my weight.  I could not very well eat a box of chocolate donuts and then come here and tell you all how you should be eating.  Well, maybe I could because this weight loss blog is about being “real” and in real life we slip up from time to time.  The important part is getting back on track and that is what you all do for me, you are my weight loss community!  When I slip up, some of you leave that encouraging comment to get back on track.  And when I have an awesome week, you give me that pat on the back and tell me how awesome I am doing.  Believe me, you don’t realize how much support you give me on this journey of mine!

And for this very fact of “community” is one of the biggest reasons I love the Nutrisystem program.  Strange you might think?  It is not like I go see a “Nutrisystem counselor” once a week to check in on my weight loss but they have it if you need it.  It is not like I go to weekly meetings to talk about my daily eating struggles or get advice on food but they have great forums to do so.  I even found the Strawberry Greek Yogurt filled Crepe recipe on the Nutrisystem forum!
And on this journey, I have met others that are also in the Nutrisystem program and even some that have BEGAN the program after reading about my experiences on it.  These friendships are invaluable, we talk about the foods we love, problems we made have encountered and our achievements.  I have to give a shout out now to Christine!  Before she began her Nutrisystem journey, we had many chats about the program.  She has now been on it one month and has already lost 20 pounds!!  You rock Christine!!
And a little bragging of my own, I lost a pound this week!! This program truly does work when followed.  I am a fan of Nutrisystem and can attest to it’s success but it is the Nutrisystem community that keeps me motivated!


Weekly Weight Loss: -1 pounds
Total Weight Loss: -15 pounds
Goal For Next Week: -1 pound
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