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Nutrisystem Week 25: Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight While Vacationing


It is now week 25 on the Nutrisystem program and you all might have been wondering where I have disappeared to this past week.  Well folks, I was traveling around the world!  Well not the entire world but I did visited Europe, Germany to be exact.  It was quite the experience I have to admit, having never been to a “real” foreign country (Mexico and Canada does not count) I did not know what to expect.  And I was a bit nervous about deviating from my weight loss program while vacationing but I also wanted to enjoy myself and that included the local cuisines.  So, I made a list of a few tips that I tried to stick to while vacationing.

1.  Keep Active – I had to put this tip first because if there is one thing they do in Europe, it is walk.  I loved it, I loved walking the streets of Germany and seeing so many others riding bikes, walking and using the public transportation.  If there is one thing that we do not do enough of in the US, it is walk.  So keeping active was not a huge obstacle on my trip but I do think it made a huge difference!
2.  Pack Healthy Snacks – This came in so handy when I was actually flying.  First off, I do not like plane food and I refuse to buy the way over-priced snacks that are sold in airports so I always like to pack snacks on my trip.  I packed a bunch of healthy snacks for the plane, it was not only a money saver but as waist line saver as well!
3.  Pack my Nutrisystem meals –  The awesome thing about Nutrisystem is that it has many varieties that does not require refrigeration or a microwave, especially the breakfast items.  So, I made sure to bring along plenty of Nutrisystem options to eat in the hotel room!  
4.  Drink Water – I carried my handy dandy Nutrisystem water bottle on the plane and while checking out the European sites!  Staying hydrated is so important!!
5.  Make Healthy Eating Choices – This was a hard one to stick to and I have to admit, I did not do that well at sticking to it.  My weakness is sweets and European was plentiful with delicious, yummy pastries and I was plentiful on eating them.  For the most part I made healthy choices but I also wanted to enjoy the foods there was to offer, it was a once in a lifetime vacation!
When I returned from my trip, I have to admit I was a little nervous to step on that scale and see what “damage” I had done.  But when I did, I was pleasantly surprised!!  I did not gain a single pound, “Woot, Woot!”  This was a total success for me because I have been known to gain a good 5 pounds or so while on vacation.  I think I owe the no gain-age on all the walking we did.  It just goes to show you how important exercise is on the weight loss journey.  I am definitely going to keep it up!

Weekly Weight Loss: 0 pounds
Total Weight Loss: -15 pounds
Goal For Next Week: -2 pound
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