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Nutrisystem Week 26: New Foods, New Flavors


It is now week 26 on the Nutrisystem program.  Wow, 26 weeks and you might guess I would be totally sick of the Nutrisystem foods after almost 7 months of eating it.  If you thought that, then you thought wrong!  One thing about Nutrisystem that I love is that it is always changing and improving on its program and food varieties.  Recently, Nurtisystem released an entire line of new foods and today I want to introduce you to a few of my favorites!

Do you love cheesecake as much as I do?!  Well, Nutrisystem has added a new Cheesecake flavord bar as one of it’s snacks/desserts.  The bar is filled with cheesecake and a graham cracker crisp and coated with a creamy yogurt.  It’s so easy for a grab and go snack and it certainly satisfies your cheesecake cravings!


I love the Nutrisystem breakfast muffins, I regularly have the blueberry, banana nut and double chocolate varieties and now Nutrisystem has added a flavor!  The Cinnamon Streusel Muffin reminds me of a delicious cinnamon coffee cake.  Its moist, fluffy and a great breakfast treat.



This twist on the chicken breast for dinner is genius, genius I tell you!  A blend of cheese, garlic and broccoli wrapped in a roasted chicken breast will melt right in your mouth!  There is also a new mushroom stuffed breast I have yet to try, looks like I know what is for dinner tonight!
After my vacation, I have been struggling to get back into full program mode but with delicious foods like these, Nutrisystem certainly makes it easy!  This week my weight stayed the same and I am crossing my fingers that Easter weekend is just as successful!
Weekly Weight Loss: 0 pounds




Total Weight Loss: -15 pounds




Goal For Next Week: -1 pound




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