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Cheap Wireless Plan with Walmart Family Mobile #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias

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I am one of those individuals that is always on the look out for the hottest deals and constantly looking for ways to save my household money.  So when I heard about Walmart’s cheap wireless plan, I knew I had to check it out.  Frankly, I am surprised that I had not checked out other cheap wireless plans before this because I feel like I spend an arm and a leg just to pay my cell phone bill!  Let me first tell you a little about my current cell phone plan.

I was a late bloomer, I bought my first Smart phone about a year ago.  It was a big decision when looking for a wireless service provider when purchasing my phone because I knew I would be locked into a contract for about 2 years.  I decided to go with Sprint because it was the only wireless service provider I could find which offered an unlimited data plan and I knew (being the blogger I am) I would mostly use my smart phone for the web.  It was also a big decision because I realized that the plan would put a big dent into my monthly household budget.  Seriously, owning cell phone would be a bigger cost to my budget budget than the electricity and gas bill combined!  Not only does the basic plan cost us $110 a month but once you include the taxes and extra “add ons” the price sky rockets!  Oh yes, each smart phone cost an additional $29.99 a month on top of the $110.  This puts our bill over $180 a month for owning two lines.  Sigh, it just costs way too much.  So, when I had the chance to check out Walmart’s no contract cheap wireless plan, I was over joyed!

After I received my Samsung Galaxy SII phone via UPS, I immediately headed to my local Walmart to activate the phone.  You can see my entire path to purchase on my Google+ album
Truthfully, I had no idea where to begin when activating my smart phone.  Good thing for the friendliest sales associate in town, Carlos, for all the help in getting my phone up and running!  Now I have to admit, when I made my trip to Walmart I was expecting to pay A LOT more than I actually did.  I was expecting to pay for the SIM card needed and at least one month of service, this was not the case.  The day of activation all I paid was $25 + tax for the SIM card and signed up for the Walmart Family Mobile plan which only costs $40 a month.  The plan offers unlimited talk, text and web and a bill is sent via text at the end of each month.  Are you serious?!  I only have to pay $40 a month and $35 for any additional lines compared to over $180 a month I am currently paying?!  AND I don’t have to sign a two year contract?!  Who needs a contract at these low prices?!
I am a bit ashamed to admit this but I am a somewhat of a technology dummy.  Yes I know, that sounds strange coming from a blogger and social media maven but I struggle with new “gadgets” all the time.  However, Carlos was there to save the day and assist me “step by step” in installing the SIM card.  It took about 10 seconds to do and afterwards I was like “Duh! That was super easy.”  After signing up through the Walmart Connection Center and installing the SIM card, my phone was ready to go!

My current phone is an IPhone5 and I am definitely looking forward to comparing the differences between the IPhone and Android.  Since I first purchased my IPhone, I have had Nothing. But. Problems!  I’ve even had to replaced myIPhone after owning it for only a month!  I am very curious to see if I will run into any of the same problems with the Samsung Galaxy SII or if I will encounter any new ones.  We shall see!  I will be testing out the Galaxy SII phone over the course of the summer and will up date you all next month on my experiences with the phone and plan!  So keep an eye out and let the games begin!

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  • I also have family mobile I switched my carrier also and I have the pleasure to write this comment to back you up I couldn't believe my first bill 26.01 well all I have to say is try it you will like how much money you save

  • My bill last month was only $35. I have unlimited talk and text. I was paying $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and web. But I have been with walmart family mobile since they first started, so had an older plan. I recently dropped the web, as I am trying to cut costs right now & have internet at home & work so use WiFi. I just up-graded to a Concord (Android) that I bought from Walmart for $50. Not bad to have a fairly reasonable smart phone and only be paying $35 a month as opposed to a lot of people I know paying $120 to $150 a month.

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