Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Didn't Gain Weight... Someone Switched My Pants!

No, No, No.  It can't be, It just can't!  The unthinkable has happened.  As I was getting ready for work last week, I went to zip up my jeans and.... {GULP!}  They.  Were.  Tight.  

Water weight, water weight.  It MUST be water weight!  No, not that time of the month.  Definitely not water weight.

But what happened?!?!

It CAN'T be that I gained weight!

I mean, I DID just return from a weeks vacation to New Orleans and I did indulge in that fine Nawlins cuisine but... no, no that can't be the reason my jeans are tight.  I did NOT gain weight!


There was also, Um... that big box of chocolate the kids gave me for Mother's Day.  You know I HAD to eat it, it was from the kids after all and.... well, it would hurt their feelings if I didn't eat it!  So I had to, right?!

But seriously, that is totally not the reason my pants were too tight.  It's not like I ate the ENTIRE box of chocolates... I did leave one piece after all!

I did NOT gain weight!  No!  No! No!  I did not!

OK, OK there was also that time we went to the local carnival and I MIGHT have had a funnel cake.  But really, we did a LOT of walking around that day and I totally burned off all those funnel cake calories.

There is no way that I gained weight!

Nope, that is totally not the reason my pants are tight!

I got it!

Someone must have switched my pants...

That is totally it, it has to be!  I always did have this inkling there is a sneaky little guy that likes to feed off low self esteems and see others suffer, so he sneaks in during the night and messes with us.  You know, he does mean little things like switching out our clothes with smaller size clothes and feeds us chocolate in our sleep. That must be the reason my pants are tight... He struck my house!  He switched my pants!

You can't fool me sneaky little Lucky Charms looking guy... I am on to you.  You will not lower my self esteem!

I will just work harder!

I will track my food better!

You will not bring me down, I know your tricks!

Starting now I will totally put all the splurging behind me and get back on track!

Just after I finish the last piece of Mother's Day chocolate that is...  *wink*


  1. don't remind me Lol luv your little cartoons

  2. Love your sense of humor and think the Lucky Charms guy has visited my house in the past. SO glad that I was able to maintain when we had our big RV trip this spring. Of course, I was also fixing our own food and was paranoid about snacking.

    I'm sure you'll be back into those pants soon.

  3. Kick that guy to the curb! You rock!!

  4. Good riddance little Irish Charm guy. Keep you head up high, refocus and move forward. Love your ambition and attitude. You ROCK :)

  5. Now that' the true story - and you're sticking to it! Great perspective!

  6. LOL, I guess this happens to most of us and you are definitely not alone. Keep up that good work and you will land where you want to you be.

  7. haha, dont worry its just water :D

  8. LOVE the drawings! That is what I always say, these must be different pants! :-p

  9. OMG! Same thing happened to me! (5 yrs post RnY) They all fit just fine the last few years - even loose at times. Now, I can't even get most of them on! Not only did they switch all my pants, they were sneaky enough to sew in the original size tags too! Thank goodness for A-line dresses or I don't know what I'd do.... :-)