Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Smurfs 2: Opens Nationwide Wednesday July 31st

 The Smurfs 2
Everyone in my household are movie buffs!  This summer was filled with some great movies for the kids as well.  The Smurfs 2 was one movie in particular that my little girl could not wait to see.  She was even counting down the days until its July 31st release.  But she got a little surprise, I was invited for a sneak peek and blue carpet event of The Smurfs 2 last weekend!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Baked Blueberry Doughnut Recipe

Apparently, July is National Blueberry month!  I love me some blueberries, not only do they taste great but they also are believed to have many health benefits and packed with nutrients.  That's right, that little berry is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C AND is also pretty low in calories, Cha-Ching!  So in honor of the ever-loving blueberry, I thought I would share a recipe with it.

OK, OK you might be tired of all my baked doughnut recipes because I've made Strawberry Shortcake Donuts, Chocolate Donuts and Banana Donuts but I love donuts and regularly crave them!  So, this is the best way to at least trick my body into thinking I am eating a Krispy Kreme!  Without further ado, here is:

Baked Blueberry Donuts

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Diet-To-Go: Gourmet Eating While Losing Weight

A couple of weeks ago you might recall me mentioning my pants were switched to a smaller size (OR I may or may not have gained a few pounds).  I first noticed this pants switcharoo (FINE, it was a weight gain!) after I returned from our vacation to New Orleans.  Now if you are anything like myself getting back on the weight loss track is one of the hardest things to begin, especially after returning from a trip where I indulged in some delicious high calorie eating.  I was in vacation eating detox.  Another reason it is difficult to get back on the healthy eating track after returning from vacation?  No time to stock up the kitchen with healthy foods!  Well both of these problems were alleviated when I received a weeks worth of food to review from Diet-To-Go.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Encouraging Imagination: Playing Dress Up & Putting On Plays with Costume Express #Unplug2Play #cbias

Do you remember being a kid and the best thing in the world was to go outside and just let your imagination take over?  I don't know about your kids but mine seem to never want to leave the house.  While it is true they can navigate an IPad and Smartphone better than I can, they sure do not know how to entertain themselves without a electronic device on hand.  Seriously, sometimes I have to "make" them go outside to play and when they finally do go they are constantly at the door whining "We are boooored!"  And my answer is always "Use your imagination!!"

But sometimes they need a little push...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Didn't Gain Weight... Someone Switched My Pants!

No, No, No.  It can't be, It just can't!  The unthinkable has happened.  As I was getting ready for work last week, I went to zip up my jeans and.... {GULP!}  They.  Were.  Tight.  

Water weight, water weight.  It MUST be water weight!  No, not that time of the month.  Definitely not water weight.

But what happened?!?!

It CAN'T be that I gained weight!