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Car Seat Laws for 2014: Graco AFFIX Booster Seat Leads in Car Seat Safety

Disclosure:  I was given this product free for review purposes.  However, all opinions on Graco are my own.


As a parent, I know that if there is one thing I was always questioning is was if I am providing the safest environment for my children.  Before they were born, I was constantly researching all of the latest safety guidelines that were in place to keep kids safe but it seems like these guidelines are constantly changing.  In fact this year, a law that was instilled in 2001 that required all children up to 65 pounds must remain in latched car seats has been amended.

“Starting in 2014, the new rule states that the LATCH system should no longer be used when the child and car seat combined weight is over 65lbs.
This is an amendment to the law instated in 2001 that says that all children up to 65lbs must remain in car seats, but that did not take into account the weight of car seats. Car manufacturers cannot guarantee the strength of the anchors when adding the additional weight of the seat, thus the need to modify the law.”

Not only is it important to know the requirements in safety recommendations but it also important to know the safest equipment to use.  And when I think of the leader in car seat safety, I think of Graco!


I received the Graco Affix Booster seat for my daughter to review.  I am already a fan of Graco products, so I was super excited to review one of their seats!  The first thing I appreciated about this seat was the high back and side impacted tested head rest.  Head and neck injuries are a major concern in car accidents so having this safety feature is very important.  The headrest is also fully adjustable which keeps my growing child secure.
While I am totally impressed with the safety features of the Graco Booster seat, my daughter loves its style and comfort.  The seat has an integrated cup holder and hide-away storage compartment where she can keep her drinks, snacks and other various “car trip must-haves” all within reach!  The seat itself is full of comfort with EPS (energy absorbing foam padding) and even converts to a backless booster for years and years of use!


While my daughter loves the comfort of her new Graco seat and I love the safety aspect of it, my husband appreciated how easy it was to put together!  When we received the seat, I handed him the box to install it in our car, a few minutes later I thought he returned to get some tools but in fact he was done!  I think Graco is a winner all around.  If you are looking to purchasing a new car seat for your kids: I suggest to choose wisely and choose Graco!

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  • Is she too big for the seat? I notice the seat belt is not in the proper place (through the holes intended for them). Also, her head is way above the seat. Just commenting for safety…

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