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Keeping Up On My Health with Healthcare Clinic St. Louis: Diabetes & Triglycerides Screening and Consultation #HealthcareClinic #CollectiveBias

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I have a primary care physician. I have a great insurance plan through my employer. So, why did I recently choose the Walgreen’s Healthcare Clinic St. Louis to keep up on my overall health? For starters, lately when I have called to make an appoint with my doctor it seems impossible to get in to the office! Seriously, where has the personal care gone? The last time I was sick, they chose to assess me over the phone and call me in a prescription rather than see me. And even then it was the phone nurse I spoke with, not my actual doctor. Lets not even talk about the last time I scheduled an appointment for a routine check-up. A month wait for available times, really? I have been eager for awhile now to find other options because my health has not always been so great.

It has been over 10 years now since I was severely obese. Now I am not going to get into the details of my journey to losing the weight but I do want to talk about of how it effected my health. Most 26 year olds do not worry about death but when you are weighing in at almost 400 pounds the thought crosses your mind frequently, especially when health problems start to arise. One of the first problems, other then the constant pain from the sheer “heaviness” of my body, was my blood pressure. At a routine doctor visit my blood pressure began to run very high and was cause for concern. As this was being monitored, I began to show signs of sleep apnea. The weight baring down on my chest during the night caused me to stop breathing and wake up frequently. Yes, very scarier and if that was not enough, my glucose levels were also on the rise. I knew I had to make a drastic change and I did. I lost over 170 pounds and I was cured. Or so I thought…

It was after a routine doctors visit last year, I got the call. My glucose levels were high and they wanted to do an AC1. This is a more thorough test that looks at your glucose levels over a period of 3 months. I freaked, I was seriously worried all day long! How could this be?? I LOST the weight! I watch what I eat! How?? Luckily, the AC1 came back in the normal range but still a little too high to totally ease my worries. Especially when I began having some really strange symptoms recently. I wanted to discuss these symptoms with my doctor and began to worry it might be related to my glucose levels. But of course, if I wanted to check my levels and discuss these concerns with my primary physician I would have to make an appointment; an appointment for next month. I did not want to wait so long, this is my life and health we are talking about!
Then I heard about Walgreen’s Healthcare Clinic St. Louis and knew what I had to do.

The entire process of scheduling an appointment with Walgreen’s Healthcare Clinic was so fast and easy. I found the closest Healthcare Clinic to my home (only a mile away) and was able to schedule an appointment at my earliest convience. I could have made the appointment for the next morning but I had a conflict, so I made it for the next day. Wow, an actually healthcare appointment that fits MY schedule? The coolest thing about it is you don’t even need an appointment, Walgreen’s Healthcare Clinic accepts walk-ins as well.

Since I was going to have a fasting glucose test done, I scheduled my appointment for the first slot of the day. I was promptly greeted upon arrival by the Healthcare Professional and led over to the sign-in screen where she assisted me with the sign in process. Then it was off to the examining room where I was weighed in (eekkk!), vitals taken and blood drawn. The Healthcare Professional proceeded to review my family history and address health concerns as we waited for the blood results. You heard that right, I would have the results to my blood test THAT day. No waiting and worrying! I definitely was not expecting that! I assumed I would have to wait at least 24 hours to get my results of the test. Overall, I was very impressed with the entire process from start to finish!
The Results?
I was given a 10 page print out which included the basis of the tests I was administered, the results and even a suggested food plan. I have lost a drastic amount of weight but I am still considered “overweight” and have more to lose to reach optimal health. At this time, all my “numbers” looked really good. My triglycerides were in the normal range and so was my glucose levels. Still, the glucose levels were a little on the “higher normal” range than I would like but I will continue to monitor that. And I know the perfect place to go to keep up on my health, Walgreen’s #Healthcare Clinic!

 Because I want to be around a very long time for these sweethearts!


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