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Canning Apple Pie Jam

So after the apple pickin’ extravaganza, the question arises “what am I going to do with all the apples we acquired?”  Well, the first thing on my list was to make some apple jam and I found the perfect recipe on one of my favorite blogs “Mommy’s Kitchen”.  So, I thought I would give it a shot myself!

I first peeled, cored and diced 6 cups of Granny Smith apples and placed them into a pot with butter and water.  Now that sure seems like a lot of work but many years ago I purchased one of my favorite tools that I use to this day. My pampered Chef Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer!  If I did not have this handy tool I do not think I would ever work with apples, love it! And believe me folks, I am not a Pampered Chef representative… I just think every cook should have one of these in their kitchen!  So…. back to the jam.  I cooked my apples on low heat until they were soft but not mushy and added my pectin.  The apples were then brought to a full boil and then the sugars and cinnamon were added as the apples continue to boil.

Be sure to wash your jars and lids sterilized in a pot with boiling water beforehand.  Have your jars and supplies ready to go!

Add your jam to each jar leaving about 1/4 inch head space.

Add the lids to your jars.  Do not tighten your lids until after you are done and your jam has cooled.  Process 1/2 pint jars for about 5 minutes and pint jars for 10 minutes.  You do not want to go any longer then this because it will cause fruit float.

Remember not to tilt the jars when you remove them from the water.  Once you start removing the jars you will start to hear the “pop”of the seal.  Once your jam has cooled, tighten the lids and you are done!  It’s so easy and SO very delicious!  I was really surprised how much it did taste like an apple pie!

6 cups of Granny Smith Apples (peeled and diced)
1/2 cup water
1/4 teaspoon butter
2 cups brown sugar
3 cups of white sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 small boxes of fruit powdered fruit pectin
*makes (7) 1/2 pints
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