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My Niece Jilly

I have a niece Jillian, we call her Jilly.  She is like a third child.  Her and Bella were born 6 weeks apart and for the first 3 years of her life Greg watched her during the day while my sister and brother in law worked.  I want to share this story because first it’s funny. Secondly, I don’t want to forget these moments later in life!  (blackmail)

Jilly has no balance whatsoever.  Clumsy Clumsy Clumsy. Every day she would have a new bruise or scratch.  And it is not like she was wild and jumping off things. She trips over her own feet or over the FLAT ground.  And whenever any of the kids hurt themselves Greg becomes a big softy…. holding them, kissing their boo boos.  It is really sweet.

So the kids were playing and Jilly starts to cry.  She hurt herself once again.  “Come here Jilly, What happened?”


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