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Dangers of Icy Hot


I am now exercising 7 days a week!  I love it, I really do.  But some days I come home with some serious muscle soreness.  The other night my lower back was killing me.  So, my brilliant honey suggest that I use some Icy Hot on it.


Now mind you, I have never actually used Icy Hot before.  So I figured I would give it a shot.  I mean you always hear about athletes and people with muscle aches using it so I thought it would help.  And my sweet husband even volunteered to apply it.


In all fairness, his intentions might have started out good… but whenever a bed and rubbing comes into play, his feeble man brain starts to signal other things.  He started to think it was romantic time.  So, he starts rubbing it all over. Thinking it was some sort of oil or lotion.  Getting it all over my back and then moving to my butt.  I was enjoying it. Until…. the hot part of Icy Hot starts to kick in.

It starts to tingle at first… but then. It starts to BURN!  BURNING!  It felt like my skin was on FIRE!  Like I had a chemical spill on my flesh and my skin was burning off.  And he put this stuff all over!… but the worst part of it was my butt. I started screaming!  And do you know what he had the nerve to say?  “Shhhh, you will wake the kids.”  Like I can control my screaming when my flesh is coming off the bone.


So, I do the only thing I can think of.  I run… I run straight to the bathroom to remove this devil endorsed product called Icy Hot.  And while I am sitting in the tub… what is this supportive, sweet husband of mine doing?  Laughing at me.


I have a feeling he did this on purpose.  Well played Tubby.

Disclaimer:  Please don’t sue me Icy Hot.  I am sure there is no one that actually reads my blog that will be affected by my views on your product.  And to be fair, I actually used a generic brand of the stuff.  I am pretty sure that if I used your actually product, the results would have been much more positive.  In fact, if you want to send me some of your product and some cash to review it… I would do so by all means.  My hubby has aches and pains all the time and I can not wait to get my hands on him.

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