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Working Out with Kids

I am the queen of multitasking.  You have to be when you are a working mom.  Especially when I have to fit in work, kids, hubby, household chores, cooking AND my workouts.  So I had the perfect idea one day when seeing my kids SO full of energy.  (btw, that day full of energy = pretending to be ninjago’s and spinjitsuing off the couch)  I was going to have them workout with me.  I bet they will love it.  I am brilliant sometimes.

So, I can get my workout in AND spend time with the kids.  They were all for it!  And we were off to a perfect start.


Ha!  “Buttkicks” are funny.  At least it was keeping their interest… for about a second.  How can kids that go on NONSTOP from 6:30 am until 8:00 pm get tired after only a couple of minutes of Jillian.  Sure she is good but she is not THAT good.
This was right after the buttkicks stopped.  Maybe if she said “butt”, “poop” or “fart” through the entire video it would have kept their interest. (Oh! Another one of my brilliant ideas… a kids fitness video that does “buttkicks”, “poop squats” and “fart jumps”.   The brilliance just keeps on flowing people…)  So anyway… they went off and played in their rooms while I finished my workout.  Until it was over and I was passed out on the floor from exhaustion.
Bella comes running in and jumps on me and Zach wants me to go outside and play with him.  They must have went into their rooms and recharged the endless energy battery.  Epic failure on my part.

Funnies: Working Out With The Kids Part Deux - Guide 4 Moms

Sunday 16th of October 2016

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Jean Cox

Monday 16th of December 2013

Ahh, the best laid plans! I totally can relate to this since my son just came into the room and told me something he saw on a movie where a guy 'tooted' (love the fart/poop workout idea by the way)!

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