Gastric Bypass Surgery: Gastric Bypass Problems Years Later

gastric bypass surgery

It’s been years since my gastric bypass surgery, I have had to deal with many gastric bypass complications years later.  I’ve had to deal with gatric bypass side effects years later.  Check out one of my stories:

As I sat in Pod 3, waiting for my 6th round of intravenous iron, a commercial popped up on the television.  It was Carnie Wilson promoting her new Wilson Phillips reality show.  She was talking to one of the Wilson’s or Phillip’s (I can never remember who is which) about having weight loss surgery for a second time.  The nurse assisting a patient receiving chemotherapy next to me made the comment  “She is getting that surgery again?  Well, it sure doesn’t seem like it worked for her the first time.”  She continued to talk about it as she walked over to insert my IV, “Do you think it will work out for her this time?”  I reply, “Maybe, pretty brave of her though.”  I guess that response was unexpected… she says, “Oh?”  I know, I opened myself up for this but her condescending tone on a subject she seemed to know so little about bothered me.  “Well, if I would have known then, what I know now… I might not have been brave enough to go through weight loss surgery the first time, much less a second time. (a quiet pause)  It is why I am sitting here today, after all.”  Ironic.

For those of you who are not familiar with my weight loss journey, you can see some before and after photos and read more about it here.  It’s been almost 10 years since I had gastric bypass surgery.  I had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.  This entailed the cutting of my stomach to make a smaller stomach pouch about the size of an egg.  The new smaller pouch was then directly attached to the middle part of my intestines, “bypassing” the larger portion of my stomach and upper part of my intestines.  This is done to decrease the amount of food one can take in and also to decrease the amount of sugars and fat that can be absorbed into the body.  I know this seems drastic but this is usually done on severely obese patients that are on the road to an early grave. I believe I was.  I believe it saved my life.  But with any surgery and manipulation of the body comes complications.

The first complication began immediately after the surgery.   For some reason, I was vomiting everything I ingested… even water.  Doctors had never seen such a case.  Of course, I had to be one of those “weird cases.”  Story of my life.  After an additional week in the hospital and extensive tests, doctors concluded I had a “swelling in the portion of the stomach that led to the intestines.”  This swelling caused a blockage.  The swelling finally subsided and everything was “good”… for awhile.

It wasn’t until about 4 or 5 years later when more complications arose. I began having excruciating pain in the upper part of my abdomen.  The pain was debilitating.  I often could not catch my breath and wondered if  “this is it, I’m coming Elizabeth.” (Props to whoever got the Sanford and Son reference, I know my hubby did) This led me to a Gastroenterologist.  Turns out, with having a much smaller stomach pouch, one is more at risk to develop stomach ulcers.  I did. Good news is… they can be prevented by taking Nexium, the little purple pill.  Bad news is… I have to take it daily for the rest of my life.  And believe me taking it daily is crucial for warding off the ulcers.  There have been times when I had forgotten to take my pills or ran out without reordering them in sufficient time… I paid the price.  So, if this is what I have to do… so be it.  Things can always be worse.

Things seemed to be stable again… for while.

I look back now and see there were many of signs of anemia.  Fatigue, dizziness, being cold ALL THE TIME, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath… but it wasn’t until I started getting illness after illness when my doctor suspected something was off.  After having pink eye and strep throat twice… doctors ran blood test suspecting I had mononucleosis.  Mono test came back negative.  But my blood and iron counts were extremely low.  Apparently, my iron levels were under a 4.  Apparently, individuals with iron levels under a 4 are usually passed out.  Apparently, the multivitamin and iron supplement I take daily was not being absorbed.  I was sent to a Hematologist.

The Hematologist gave me two options, an iron infusion or an iron infusion.  I was given the choice between two forms of iron I would had administered.  The first is called “Infed.”  It is administered over a period of 6 hours, this is because a “test dose” is first administered… what are they testing for?  Allergic reactions. The allergic side effects from this form of iron is very common and cases of death have even been reported.  “I will take what is behind curtain number two… Zonk!” (Who guessed Let’s Make a Deal?)  The second option was a 2 hour treatment of a form of iron called “Venofer.”  These treatments are done three times over a three week period.  The good news is… patients being administered Venofer have a much lower risk of developing an allergic reaction.  The bad news is… I developed an allergic reaction. 

It wasn’t until about 4 hours after receiving the Venofer when I started to get a head ache and just feel “blah.”  Then… the fever hit and chills.  I was under a heating blanket and shivering.  I started to have pain in the arm I received my infusion and it started to swell.  I first thought this might be normal but after suffering for an hour or so, I did what I usually do when I am feeling bad.  I called my mommy.  She is a nurse so she does have some insight on the situation.  She thought I was having an allergic reaction and gave me prompt orders to take some Benedryl.  I did.  Sure enough… about 30 minutes later, I started to feel better.

I called my Hematologist first thing Monday morning.  I was scheduled for my second round of iron on Friday and I did NOT want to go through that again.  She ordered a steroid to be administered before and after each iron treatment.  This seemed to do the trick.  My next two treatments ran smoothly.  I was feeling much better, I had so much more energy… I was cured!

Not quite.

A month later I had a follow up appointment to check my blood count and iron levels.  It was not up to the level it should have been.  I had to schedule another round of iron infusions.  Another three weeks of infusions.  I was also told that this will now be my “norm.”  I am to come in periodically to have my levels checked.  If they are too low, I am to have iron infusions.  My body does not absorb iron like it should due to having gastric bypass surgery.  I guess… I had not thought of it this way before.  I was disheartened.  And on top of that, since I am still menstruating, I have to watch it even more closely due to losing blood/iron every month.  This led to the discussion about having an Endometrial ablation…

An Endometrial ablation is a procedure that destroys the uterine lining.   Basically, a patient is under anesthetic and boiling water is inserted into the uterus to destroy the lining.  The endometrium heals by scarring, which usually reduces or prevents uterine bleeding.  Thus, reducing my loss of blood/iron every month.  I am scheduled for a uterine biopsy on Monday.  Hopefully, I am a good candidate for the procedure.

I also just completed my 2nd round (6th treatment) of receiving Venofer.  All went smoothly once again with the help of the steroid.  I HOPE I do not have to get another round of iron any time soon.  I will just have to wait and see what my counts are in a month or so.

But as I sat there receiving my last treatment.  I glanced around the room called “Pod 3.”  Next to me stood the “Carnie Wilson nurse” assisting a patient, another woman (which seemed to be in her early 40’s) surrounded by worried family members and a few other patients lying in hospital beds.  All were receiving chemotherapy treatment.  All were fighters.  All were brave.  And the only thing I could think about was… how blessed I am for my health.


  • I am crying too…I sit hear, 41 lbs up in 6 months…all happens overnight so we know it is water retention. Have been to 5 docs of various specialties, including a kidney doc and no one knows why I am uncontrollably gaining water weight. I work out 6-7 hours a week and eat very healthy…can not even get enough sodium to be able to "eat low sodium" diet. I had RNY 10 years ago and was in hosp 3 weeks with a leak and complications with feed tube. I then had wound healing issues as I had to heal from the inside out with no stitches…it was 4 months before I could lay flat in my own bed. I had iron issues prior to surgery but this was not shared with me until after having surgery…thanks mom! I still am anemic and can not seem to get my iron to stay up. I have Hashimoto's and PCOS with insulin resistance. (which is probably why I needed surgery to begin with) I had ballooned to 373 lbs and was able to lose 190 until the water weight. I don't regret the surgery cuz it was my "12 step" program for my food addiction. However, I didn't come this far to reverse all my issues both inside and out to gain uncontrollably…diuretics don't even work. So, I am hoping the water gain will stop…no answers from anyone and going in today to have my hear checked for possible water retention there. May have to have IV iron here soon…PCP told me yesterday while saying he just doesn't know what is going on except I had that "horrible" surgery and I will never be the same. Tears!! I just wanted to reverse my bad choices and gain my life back for me and my family…

  • My name is Cendy, I am 40, and 10 years ago (almost 11 now), I had gastric bypass. I now would rather eat ice all day than anything else. I an freezing all the time! I am so tired that I have started to neglect myself and my family, I have trouble staying awake to even drive home. I feel like I am just letting life pass me by.

  • My sister had a gastric bypass 3 years ago and she has lost 6 stone but she has had so many complications she has had a endoscopy 6 times this last 2 years as she has reacurring ulcers she was back at the hospital last week for another endoscopy and was told by the doctor the ulcers have gone but were they did the bypass this has coroded and to phone her doctor in a weeks time for antibotics. W hy couldnt they give them to her her stomach is that swollen she looks 9 months preganant. She has recently been told she has hypo gycimia and has been told to take sugary tablets of which she has put weight on. I am now in the process of writing a complaint letter to the head of surgery as i think there is a underlying problem some where and even her own doctors arnt doing anything . So wish me luck Her life was suppose to improve for the better having this done it hasnt she is in pain popping tablets every day

  • Wow, we are the same with iron deficiencies. I just went to my pcp, and my iron level is a 9. But he wants it higher. They gave me iron pills but one of the side effects is diarrhea, which is crucial because I have celiac disease. I have bad eczema. I am anemic. I weighed 415lbs, had gastric bypass in 4/27/01, went down to 252lbs and nothing less. Over the past 12yrs, I had my gallbladder removed, 2 hernia repairs, 2 c-sections, and bowel obsruction surgery. I gained weight to 289lbs. Thinking if having the micropouch gastric bypass surgery, which will help with losing the rest of my weight and eliminate most of my ailments; knee and ankle joint pains, heel spurs, arthritis

  • I want to thank Amanda and everyone who shared their stories, it is very helpful. I have two friends who had the bypass surgery about 10 years. They had very similar problems that you have shared. One thing I have not heard through the postings, is the problem with alcohol that they both have. I have read many articles on the subject of bypass surgery – Here is a quote from (CBS/AP) Patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery, the most common type of obesity surgery, may increase their odds of becoming an alcoholic, according to a new study.
    The study found that patients who underwent the procedure – which shrinks the stomach's size and attaches it to a lower portion of the intestines to limit food and calorie intake – doubled their risk for excessive drinking compared with those who had less drastic weight-loss surgeries.
    Researchers believe gastric bypass surgery also changes how the body digests and metabolizes alcohol; some people who've had the surgery say they feel alcohol's effects much more quickly after drinking less, compared to before the procedure. The study suggests that may cause problem drinking. Here is quote from a mother – The Mayo Clinic has more on gastric bypass surgery.
    Horrible effects of this surgery Posted by Carol on 12 Jul 2013 at 1:22 am I just lost my oldest daughter to alcoholism who was only 40 years old. She had gastric bypass surgery. She had the surgery 9 yrs ago. She showed signs about 2 years afterwards of drinking more and when confronted she would hide it. She was in and out of the hospital for the last 5 yrs for complications due to the surgery. Her liver was completely destroyed. I know this was caused by her bypass. I will now be a person who will speak out about the horrible effects of this surgery. I would really appreciated any input anyone can share about problems with drinking. My friend was put into intensive care last week and has been there 6 days she has Pancreatitis, colitis, blocked bowel, urinary track infection, MRSA, low calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

  • I had my gastric bypass surgery in 2007 and to date I have had zero problems at all not sure if Im a lucky one or have done everything as far as vitamins and avoid
    foods that we should not eat doctor also put me on purple pill one month out and I also have not gained any weight I have lost which is 145 pounds. Sorry so many people have had a bad side effects my labs have always been normal and alot of the doctors are always shocked but Ibdo not regret ever having it done.

  • Cendy, eating ice all day is one of the signs of low red blood count – anemia. Along with the fatique, you probably should have a blood test.

  • I attend Alcoholic's Anonymous and Overeater's Anonymous 12 step meetings. They have made it possible to not drink and nor over eat (after bypass surgery) ONE DAY AT A TIME for quite sometime now. You might want to attend some meetings in your area. The people are very nice, honest and have found solutions for long term abstinence and sobriety. Hope this helps. You are not alone

  • I will be forever grateful for this procedure. It provided the help that I so desperately needed. I also attend Overeaters Anonymous meetings to provide support, and a continued reminder that I am a food addict, and any continuation of my recovery can only be achieved, ONE DAY AT A TIME. I am 12 years out and have been blessed with a weight loss of over 125 pounds.

  • thanks everyone for sharing I had gastric bypass 4 weeks ago im sick all the time I cant even drink water I get sick im always at the Dr. I just dont know what to do

  • …doubt the surgery caused her alcoholism…. she most likely just "swapped" her food addiction for another addiction (alcohol).

  • Dont base that from one persons story. Ive been dieting for 30+ years. My kids are growing up.. im missing out on life… my weight is killing me. While I worry about complications of surgery, I also know I worry about things continuing on the path ive been on and wonder if ill even make it to 50. Im 98% sure im ready for my last resort in my battle- surgery.

  • I had the surgery 2 years ago and I had the same problem for about 3 months after the surgery. I lost close to 60 pounds in those three months. Drinking protein shakes was the only thing that helped. Small sips constantly and couldn't get water to stay down but tea would stay down. Was hospitalized 3 weeks after the surgery due to internal bleeding from taking Coumadin . Our bodies absorb meds differently and we need more frequent testing. It will get better.

  • I had this surgery over 30 years ago. I weighed 252 pounds. I lost 100 . Over the next 20 years I regained 40 pounds. I went to Weight Watchers and lost back down to 150. Over the last few years I have continued to lose weight periodically and presently weigh about 125. I have had the dumping syndrome the entire time. Ocassionally I have to take iron tablets. I do have slight osteoporiasis but I think that has a lot to do with my age. I will be 70 years old this month

  • I had byepass surgery in 2005 and lost 140 pounds but my life fell apart from that moment. I did not realise the psychological effects that I would suffer would be so extreme. My surgeon offered no useful help or aftercare was only interested in collecting his £50 fee for 10 minutes consultation. Although losing the weight was great the side effects since have been same as others on here have commented on. The anaemia the shortness of breathe the eyesight problems the sicknes the sneezing if I try to eat too much, would I do it again ??? Not sure have to really think about that .

  • My partner had her gastric bypass at 17. She is now 22. She has been sick since the surgery. Her surgeon stopped seeing her once she lost insurance coverage at 18. She is malnourished, unable to stop loosing weight, has had multiple EGDs, additional surgeries, ulcers, GI bleeds, anemia, adhesions that caused her intestines to twist, strictures, constant pain, nausea and vomiting. Slowly watching her die is horrible. Whoever decides to have this surgery, make sure its your last ditch effort to try and be healthy.

  • I am so glad I came across your story. I realized this year that I am 10 years post gastric surgery. Although you look much thinner and had better results than I did — I also needed to stay living longer and really needed the surgery. I am still glad I did it because I have not had diabetes since the day after my surgery. However, since I have not had really great consistent health care providers I have had to struggle with many of the same problems. First was the vomiting. Even now 10 years later I can still vomit if I am not careful, the dr's never gave me a good reason — just that I can't tolerate certain types of foods, etc. I had chronic iron issues and did have the Ablation, which helped alot. My Iron level was the same as yours, in fact on two occasions I was in a teaching hospital and they made the person re-run the tests because they didn't think someone of my size could possibly have Iron that low. The hematologist would not do the Iron infusion at first when my Iron levels were crashing, 7, 6, 5, etc. Finally at four I found an unrelated gynecologist and due to my heavy monthly cycles begged for the Ablation or a Hysterectomy. Now at 10 years post I am hovering at 218 lbs – highest weight was 297; but am starting to get reflux but dread trying to find a dr. to even discuss this. The whole thing was a journey. I can't say I wouldn't do it again. Part of the issue is that we know so much more now than we did 10 years ago. I know I would do it smarter.

  • I had gastric bypass 9 years ago in June. Things have gone very well other thanksgiving anemia. I am going for a blood transfusion today due to severe anemia. I just found your sight and all of this makes me wonder if this is a result of my gastric bypass or something other underlying problem. Hopefully I will find some answers soon.

  • I had gastric bypass 9 years ago in June. Things have gone very well other thanksgiving anemia. I am going for a blood transfusion today due to severe anemia. I just found your sight and all of this makes me wonder if this is a result of my gastric bypass or something other underlying problem. Hopefully I will find some answers soon.

  • I had gastric bypass 9 years ago in June. Things have gone very well other thanksgiving anemia. I am going for a blood transfusion today due to severe anemia. I just found your sight and all of this makes me wonder if this is a result of my gastric bypass or something other underlying problem. Hopefully I will find some answers soon.

  • Its been 10yrs this year since my weight loss surgery and I have had problems and almost died 2x, but over all I'm glad I did it.

  • I had gastric bypass 8 years ago and would not recommend it to anyone. If you are overweight exercise and eat smaller meals. I have had 7 endoscopy procedures to correct stritchers. I had to have my gallbladder removed shortly after the surgery . I still have nausea and vomiting ,diarrhea . I stay sick all the time I guess to my immune system . If you are considering the procedure please get all the facts good or bad before you proceed. It takes a lot out of your whole body and especially your mental state. The Pysco test that is done before the surgery doesn't prepare you for all the problems afterwards.

  • Anonymous,
    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your daughter. The terrible things that happen after the gastric bypass surgery should be fully disclosed and I know that they were NOT. My sons father passed away 11-24-13 because of cirrhosis of the liver due to the transfer addiction after gastric bypass. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE should have to endure what my family and I had to go through all because the Dr. and his staff failed to inform us of this terrible side effect. I wish there was some way or some how I can get the word out so another family will not feel the pain of this. I feel this is negligence in the highest regard and that Dr. should be held accountable. Any thoughts?

  • i also have had gastic bypass 9 yrs this week! i have the severe anemia, shortness off breath,have been really sick with 2 pregnancies! tummy tuck cuz of infections on my skin,too much sugar, fried foods, milk? i really still havent pin pointed it! i know many that gained it back in a few yrs! idk how i still get sick almost daily! i dont regret it i just need more resourse on how 2 get healthy!

  • Thanks to all for the stories. Very enlightening. I had RNY 12 years ago and have had no real complications. Lost 130 pounds (half my body weight) while pretty much eating everything just a lot less of it. Lately I've been having a dull ache under the lower part of my left rib and have no idea what it is. Spleen? Pancreas? Def not gas (got plenty of that and this is not gas). Has anyone also had this pain? If so what is it?

  • I am scheduled for surgery next month May 2014 and I have already started my eating habits, work out and about to start to go to support groups. I have a few family and friends who have had the surgery and all take thier vitamins, eat healthier and exercise and they are very healthy and happy. I'm sorry the young lady suffered so many problems. Hopefully she gets better. I'm looking forward to being healthy. Diabetes, sleep apnea and terrible back pain should all subside.

  • I bought the Rica labs formula. It was horrible. I couldn't drink it nor could I get my $480 back. Good luck.

  • I had bypass in November 2009. I am scheduled for my second iron infusion next week. Although I have had great (some say too much) success with weight loss, my health has suffered significantly. Since my surgery, I have been hospitalized for dehydration 9 times, malnutrition 4 times, anorexia 4 times, emergency small bowell obstruction surgery, lived off TPN through a PICC line 3 times…see the patern? Again, I did say I was successful with my weight loss, however, I am at risk for losing my life at this point. As I sit here and type this post, I know there will be readers who say it's something I'm not doing or I'm going to extremes to keep the weight off, however, that couldn't be further from the truth! My surgeon says out of the thousands of surgeries that he has done, I am one of 5 that he has seen this happen to. Go figure??? Still to this day, I can not eat a full meal…even a kids meal, as my surgeon says I should be able to. Anyways, I will stop here for now, but please, reasearch this procedure if you are thinking about having it done, AND if you have already had it done, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Nobody knows your body like you!

  • Don't be naive. I had the malabsortion gastric bypass. Its been 2 years and 180 lbs. I'm more unhealthy now than I was at 325 lbs.!!! Id give anything to take back the choice of surgery. I used to feel like a ghost just watching people live around me. Surgery is not much different than dieting. It takes work and DIETING to not gain your weight back. So now I'm still heavy, malnourished, infertile, lost my teeth and hair, constantly sick, more tired than ever, increased estrogen caused severe suicidal thoughts and deppression, have painful ulcers abd a hernia and still dieting. Even worse is I have 2 kids and my chances for a longer life are gone. I had a better chance to live longer even w/ an enlarged heart and severly obese. Before surgery.I thought like you, I wouldve given anything to lose weight. God, I had no idea, I heard other stories like mine and thought "that won't happen to me, I'll be careful and do everything right." Lol. What a joke, I'm more dead now than ever. I cry myself to sleep every night REGRETING my surgery. Worst part is no one can see your malnutrition and how crappy you feel. People are like you must feel great losing all that weight. I just want to smack them!!! Worst mistake of my life!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am 15 years out from having gastric bypass. I too had some complications. Developed incisional hernias. Surgery to fix was almost as painful as bypass. Most of my other complications were caused by me not doing what I was supposed to do. Exercise, vitamin sup, healthy diet, etc. the comments earlier about alcohol addiction, is just that. Addiction. Many of us have addictions, when food isn't available, maybe we turn to other things like shopping, drinking,etc.
    When people who have struggled with excessive weight most of their life suddenly lose weight, they gain social confidence. They go out more, socialize in establishments that serve alcohol. Alcoholism didn't suddenly become a bypass consequence. Alcoholism is an addiction, and sadly, the more exposure to social drinking, the risk of alcoholism increases. Some people are more likely to get addicted than others. Bypass patients also have to be careful the rest of their lives of abusing not only alcohol, but food too. :).
    I'm 62 and have gained about 25-30 lbs in the past 15 years, but it's been a great ride. I would do it again if given the choice. The bypass aftermath has not been an easy road, but carrying around an extra 100 pounds would of had its complications too.

  • I had RNY Gastric Bypass in May 2011. I was 288 before the pre-op diet. Right now I weigh 98 lbs. It was the worst mistake I have ever made. I only wanted to weigh about 150 lbs of total hotness. But instead I have had a bowel obstruction 2 days after surgery that nearly killed me. I quit taking my vitamins…why? I was just throwing everything back up. I continue to stay nauseous on a daily basis. I am STILL on the liquid/soft food diet. I have had seizures, fainting spells, and the "this could only happen to me" syndrome since. I have been on pain meds, and docs still don't know what the malabsorption problems we have. Have you ever been looked at like you were asking for drugs? Not a good feeling. I don't recommend that feeling to anyone. OH, and the pain level charts. "On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst pain you have ever felt, where are you today?" REALLY? My worst pain ever felt and my child's worst pain ever felt is more than a scale of 10 can measure. I am ALWAYS at an 8. I have had 4 ulcers. I take my ulcer meds as prescribed. But they keep coming back! I bet I have had 20 endoscopies in the last 2 years. I have had my esophagus stretched. NO HELP. So, since the Gastro doc couldn't find a reason for the vomiting….he actually asked me if I had an eating disorder. I calmly explained to him the amount of money, time, and drs I have invested in to find an answer. I don't believe I would do that if I had an eating disorder. GEEEEZ! Feel like I have lost all of my strength. When I was fat, I could move the living room furniture around in 10 minutes to redecorate. Now, I can barely open a car door. WTH? 98 lbs is not your average result …..but it COULD BE. I wish this on no one. What is next? I will see another surgeon to operate on my ulcer. YIKES. I have lost friends because….basically I am not social. I feel guilty for being sick. And I hurt for the pain my family is going through because of me.

  • Oh, How I totally understand. I posted for the first time today. I, too, have several times wondered if I can even live through this. I went from Really Fat and Mostly Happy to a skeleton of depression. Dr after Dr. Dehydration after dehydration. My albumin levels were too low to get admitted to a hospital because of my low immune system. My dr said "if you get the flu, you will die". Not the words you want to hear…EVER. I was unable to get TPN with a PICC line because of any chance of infection. I feel like this is a never ending cycle. I have been strong for years. (I have severe Intercostal Neuralgia, rib pain from an old injury). Doctors kept telling me to lose weight and it would go away. I tried everything. Then I decided on the bypass. And here I sit , with a Fentanyl patch on my ribs. At least they can't blame the fat anymore.

    When you are having your worst days…like I do. Just remember your Survival Rate of Worst Days is at 100% !

  • I am so sorry for all of you who are having complications. I have also had a few complications from my RNY in Jan. 2007, but I have kept off 140 lbs. and was finally able to get pregnant and have twins because of the surgery. I went off blood pressure medication, no more sleep apnea, and I can walk up the stairs again. It was and is a hard road, but I am so glad I did it. The key is to take the vitamins everyday and take them correctly. I take a slow Fe everyday with a chewable vit. C (vit. C helps the absorption of iron), but not within 2 hours of my citracal pills because calcium blocks the absorption of iron. On top of that, I take 3 citracal petites twice a day, and two chewable centrum twice a day. I also take one sublingual B-12 daily along with a cod liver oil capsule (for extra vit. A & D). I was so lucky to have one of the best surgeons in the country. I wish you all the best.

  • I'm glad to have found this site. I just lost my sister to weight loss surgery 4 days ago, two days before her 46th birthday. When she went in she weighed about 315 and then the weight was coming off and the last time I talked to her she was down to about 244. She had the surgery at the end of January of this year and was having quite a bit of pain, more than I knew until my mom read her journal to me about how she feared she was going to die because she was in so much pain. She was put in the hospital June 4, 2014 because she kept throwing up and couldn't keep anything down so the doctors were going to put her on a feeding tube but when they went in they found out that her liver was bleeding and they couldn't stop the bleeding. While in surgery her heart stopped beating and the doctors worked on her for 30 min until they got it back. They put her in an induced medical coma so that her body would heal. Her kidneys completely stopped working and she was put on dialysis. On June 24th the heart went out again, they worked on her for two hours to no avail. My big sister was gone. She lived in New York, but most of the family is in Cali so her husband was going to bring her body here for the funeral, but so much damage was done that she will have to be cremated. My heart aches for her. To all those who have gotten the surgery and it has worked well for you, I am very happy for you and pray that you continue to have good health. For those who are suffering I pray you can find something that works for you and you will not have to live a life of pain and for those who are looking to get the surgery please do your research very well, make sure your body is well enough to handle it and make you only go to the best of best doctor. I had thought of having the surgery too, just this year as my sister was beginning to lose weight and me being 5'3 238 lbs am not at the most healthiest weight, but I've decided to try again to do it without surgery even if it means going back into therapy which I'll probably do. I don't want to put my family into any more pain.

  • I had my gastric bypass surgery 12 years ago. Over the last few months I have suffered with severe anemia. My iron count was so low, I was scheduled to have the Iron Infusion (IV), but my insurance company Anthem BlueCross/BlueShield will not cover the procedure. They say because of the gastric bypass surgery, the anemia is a "pre-existing condition" and will not cover it. They will not cover blood transfusions either. What the heck and I paying for every month?!?! This has ruined any hope I had for a better life. I am so tired all the time I cannot do anything around the house. A short trip to the store drains me to the point I need to lay down and rest. I will file an appeal with Anthem, but do not hope for much. They were so rude and disrespectful… I was shocked at their lack of good customer service. I don't know how I'm going to live like this.

  • I had my bypass 2007, regained a lot of weight. I too have pain under my upper left side, it is horrible! I've had this pain for about 2yrs now and every doctor I've seen has no clue. I've had many x rays, MRI's,endoscopes, colon too. I have had just about every possible test there is and still no idea. The last gasto doc told me more than likely it is related to my gastric bypass but they don't see anything to help me. The doctor told me I need to look into going on disability as even sitting has me in great pain. I'm 54yrs old with a good job and the last thing I want is disability. They all look at me like I'm nuts when I say I'd rather be dead than to live the rest of my life in this awful pain. I don't know what to do, Kaiser has given up on me. The doctor told me getting a revision might help but Kaiser will turn me down unless they can actually see the problem. I wish I never had the bypass.

  • I had my gastric bypass april 2010. I was unable to hold anything down. Even the protien shakes from my doctor. Was losing weight fast but was hospitalized 4 times for dehydration 2 tomes for malnourishment. Month after surgery i Found Herbalife shakes.
    I was able to drink 1 shake a day and finally hold it down. Crushed my vitamins and put it in my shakes. Started doing better. Lost 80 lbs. Then changed my herbalife plan up and lost an additional 44 lbs. Was drinking 3 shakes a day, and two small meals.
    2013 I was unable to afford the vitamins and shakes.
    My health has deteriorated since. But in the last 6 months my life has bottomed out. I am only 43 but feel like im dying. I justhad my second iron infusion yesterday. I have an elevated prolactin level, I am unable to rremember things and events or dr. Appointments. I am back up to 214 lbs in last 4 months. (Went down to a happy 136), and still gaining. I am constantly drained unable to even sit ip some days. The last 3 daus I have started having severe pain across the middle of my back and a painful burning in mu stomache.
    Yesterdau and today my stomache has swollen like im 6 mo. Pregnant. Severe diarrhea. Scheduled for an endoscopy and colonoscopy in 3 weeks. Very scared today. Going to call my gastroenterologist now.
    Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  • Thanks for sharing this. I just happened to see this article on your sidebar when I was here reading something else. I read one or maybe two of Carnie Wilson's books back in the day. I had forgotten all about it until I read this. I can't imagine how hard making those decisions was for her. You were very brave, too. I have been anemic my entire life. Iron pills, multivitamins, whatever, I am almost always anemic when I go to the doctor. Some things are just hard to cure.

  • When I had my gastric bypass I was put on a vitamin program just for patients of the surgery and had follow-up lab tests every month the first year. I was put on a ulcer medication at my first appointment after surgery. I received clear information about the surgery, what to expect before and after the surgery. I would have the surgery done again. It's not easy, but weight loss is not easy. Gastric bypass is just one more tool in losing weight.

  • I had the surgery 6 years ago…the first few years were great…lost over 100 lbs…felt amazing…barely got sick…but the last two years have been pure hell….it started out as random stomach aches with some vomiting which would last a few days then go away for 4 to 8 weeks….then it comes back….but each time has gotten worse more pain n more vomiting…and lasting a week or two… the pain has been so bad I've went to the hospital for it…they run tests n tell me they dont see anything wrong…worst decusion ive ever made

  • Omg i am going through the same. I was fine for three years after my surgery then bam! The fourth year hit and all hell broke loose. Doc after doc! My blood testd are "out of range" almost every time. Iron infusions helped but i didnt not feel as good a thry said i would. So many problems now especially stomach pain with bowel movements, they say its constipation??? It feels like labor pains! Anemic, ulcers, iron deficient, ibs-c, hard to heal normally, nuero issues, depression, hormone issues, now having a full hysterectomy. What bother me the most is the sweeting and dizzyness! I hate it. They are now checking my thyroid.

  • Nice to read some positive comments for a change. I understand that there are complications and risks associated with the surgery….people who do their research beforehand should know all this, and ask the doctor lots of questions before going ahead with surgery, and if in doubt DON'T DO IT. I don't understand why people have to whinge about their bad experiences what could have happened BEFORE they had it done.

  • I am an RN and I cared for gastric bypass patients post op until 2013. Short of it….Ive seen things and DONT DO IT!!!@@!!@

    Weight loss surgery should be a last resort and is NOT an answer for MOST. Unless underlying issues are resolved most people regain a large portion of the weight they lose.

  • I had my RNY bypass in2003,I have had pretty good success,I started out at about 300 lbs and lost 158 lbs . I have yoyoed up and down in the last 10 years reaching as high as 208 in the past 2 years,I am now at 168.But now I an suffering from Hypoglycemia,I am going round and round with my Dr.s they do not understand what I am telling them.My body is over reacting to food,what ever I eat it seem as though my body dumps to much insulin. One Dr. Tells me don't eat any carbs and then put me on glucophoge,I'm a trade to take it .Does anyone else suffer from this problem? I Have stopped eating carbs an still have low blood sugars every day,I have passed out,been rushed to the hospital by ambulance twice,blood sugars as low as husband is tarafied I'm going to die so I. Now have a life alert so if I'm alone I can get help. Does anyone else know what's wrong with me ? I need help fast!

  • I am nearly 14 years out after my surgery. I had it in Sept and by Oct 2001, I had started with all of the complications. I went to the emergency room for severe upper GI pain. I was admitted for "observation". the only 2 Gastro doctors with this type of gastro knowledge were not even in town. After 1 week on the hospital, thanks to an RN and a doctor that helped with the pre surgery testing (sleep apnea and breathing issues, etc), put their heads together and shipped me to Boston, to the best. and saved my life. I had a gastric leak, a blood clot in my leg, my kidneys had shut down and I had many more issues that I can barely remember due to being out of it most of the time. I returned home after 3 weeks in the hospital and was not allowed to eat for over 1 month. I came home with a port inserted in my chest to be able to use TPN 2x daily. This was to heal the leak. and it did heal. I started out at 375lbs, gained 20 lbs in the hospital due to my kidneys failing so they overloaded me with fluid to restart them. Ok so that worked. Now I am 395lbs and slowly after 3-4 months after my surgery I began my weight loss journey. It came off easy and finally I saw new numbers. I got down to 200lbs. I looked great. I threw up daily. Cold all the time, but I was able to move around without the floors creaking from my weight. Then I got too comfortable, it was too easy. I was eating anything I wanted and the pounds were starting to come back on……not come off. I thought what the heck is going on? I had the surgery, I went through the tough stuff. I didn't realize that I really had to DIET! OMG! Well I gained it all back except for 50lbs. I have recently retired and thought that I am not going to be overweight in my last yrs. I have changed my life around and started to go to Weight Watchers and work out daily. I have loss 40 lbs and have started seeing new numbers again.
    I recently was treated for another bleeding ulcer ( my second) my 5th endoscopy. I still have to take iron and apparently it is sufficient for me. Back then, when making my decision whether or not to have the surgery, I WAS dying. I was going to die without the surgery and if I died from the surgery………..Well, I am here and after 15 yrs I am now making my pouch work for me. My pouch is still 4 centimeters and I still vomit daily. I need to work on that. I am so sorry for those who are still struggling , physically and emotionally. I've been in your shoes. My best to all of you. and for those who are not sure about an ache or pain, follow your gut instincts. No one knows your body better that yourself. Listen to it!

  • Have you guys been checked for ulcers. That is what my symptoms have been with recurring ulcers. If you are stil reading this since it is now November you might want to look in to this.

  • As a post gastric bypass patient I had problems with constipation for the first time in my life. My doctor recommended The Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse & after 3 days of taking the capsules there was no strain, no stress. Every morning (without fail) I would have a nice bowel movement. It's been 3 months since that experience, & I've gotten my mother using Lady Soma too,

  • I am 13 yrs out and have been anemic for several years. My Dr said to take 5000iu of b12 everyday. He said his stomach cancer patients take this protocol with luck. Im trying this before iron infusions. I just started this protocol as I go forward with chemo for breast cancer.

  • I am 11 years post op and went to the dr with all the signs of anemia. Feeling exausted, faint, shortness of breath, etc. My iron came back at 7. I was told to take otc iron but it gave me terrible diarrhea and gastric distress. He had me stop taking the iron and did a re check with virtually no change but sent me a message that said my level was "tollerable". What the heck. Should I request a second opinion from a hematologist?

  • If you have LOW blood sugars, doctors should absolutely NOT be telling you to STOP eating carbs… Thats just going to lower the sugar in your blood…

  • I am so sorry to hear about your sisters death, my sincere condolences.

    Did the doctors ever say why they think her liver had been bleeding in the first place? There was no sign of her having any internal bleeding such as blood in the stool?

  • Hi Everyone! Thanks for sharing your stories. I had y cut gastric bypass 8/2008. I lost all my weight in 6 months and wanted to have a tummy tuck to remove the skin. But doctors advised to wait since I wanted to have kids. Since I have had 2 babies. Youngest is now 10 months. Since I've had him I have had lots of complications. In June I had a mini-stroke with trans glival anmesia. Which during my hospital stay my severely low iron level came up. Doctors are not sure what caused the mini-stroke or amnesia still. I'm not old just turned 35. I had another amnesia episode in October and now having the pains in my stomach region. Doctors told me today they think its ulcers. I'm going for a GI on Tuesday. Had anyone else had the mini-stroke or amnesia issues too??

  • Have you guys used they have iron pills that are made by gastric patients. I use the lime ones.

  • I had gastric bypass 7 yes ago, I lost 150 pounds. It was very painful, my only regret was not doing it sooner. I love it. I am able to play and run and keep up with my children. My self esteem went through the roof.

  • HI,I had Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass in 2007.I take Prevacid Fastab now but there is a long back order for them and they dont know when i will get any.I see some of you take Nexium, the little purple pill.I was taking the purple pill for years before i had the surgery and after i had it the doctor took me of it and told me take the Prevacid. I dont understand that some of you can use it.Is there something i'm missing that i cant you this pill instead of the Prevacid.

  • Thank you all for your stories. I am 40 years old I've been heavy all of my life. I currently weigh 302lbs and am really unhappy. It would be one thing if I didn't develop Type 2 diabetes May 2013, have PCOS, Sleep Apnea, Double astigmatism in both eyes caused by my hypothyroidism, shortness of breath and other ailments, however at this point I feel like surgery is my only option. Gastric Roux-En-Y will not be my choice because of you all the stories and personal family/friends experiences . 5 years ago I was supposed to have the surgery and backed out due to being afraid of what I've read within this forum. Just recently (today) I had a discussion with PCP because I was conflicted (until I found this site) on which option to choose. I've actually Gastric Sleeve because it's less evasive and less complications. With any surgery and alterations to our anatomy there are risks however I do not wish to go through what I know personally my friends who've had the RY GBP have had and now you all. Thank you so very much for your stories. They are were very disheartening to read. I'm sorry for the lost of your family members and loved ones. I thank you all for saving me the pain in which you all suffer. Your pain has not been in vain because you just save me from going thru with what could be the worst mistake of my life. God bless you all I pray that your quality of life gets better!

  • Hi,
    I was sleeved on 12/13/14…
    Then 1st leak found 12/14/14.
    I then underwent 4 additional surgeries in 4 days to try to correct the complications. Then had an additional 8 day stay in the CCU with nothing being put through my mouth (all nutrition & meds went through a central line in my jugular vein-very dangerous). I was released from the hospital 12/24 then on 12/25 I spent Christmas in the ER because I had developed abdominal abscesses. Then 5 days later I had a massive allergic response to the first antibiotics. It took days to get rid of the whole body rash & swelling.
    I am now a few weeks post op & doing… Well I am alive! I am not sure how I am doing though. On new antibiotics that make me sick, on mostly a liquid diet still, every time I try a new pureed or semi solid I feel awful, & I stay dehydrated because I can't drink 2 oz every 10 minutes like they want me to do…

    I don't want to scare you away from the sleeve. For literally 99% of people who get it there are no complications. I am the other 1% and have had wave after wave after wave of issues…
    BUT, I do want you to be aware stuff happens & go ahead and have a plan for if stuff was to happen.
    I didn't have a plan.
    I am paying for that now financially, physically, mentally, & emotionally.

    please feel free to contact me if you have questions. I certainly am not an expert but I can tell you how I have experienced everything. No one prepares you well enough for the emotions. So having people to talk to helps.
    you can reach me at
    or try to find me on Facebook with that same name.
    (Just send me a message on there saying you are the person I told to contact me).

    Good luck & I genuinely hope you are one of the 99%.

  • I had the surgery 12 years ago at my lowest ferritin was 2, I am also B12 and vitamin D deficient. Fixed the ferritin iron issue by getting an uterine ablation done which eliminated my period, and brought my numbers up significantly. Now I'm just trying to lose, the same 30 pounds for last 5 years that I gained while pregnant with my last child. It seems impossible.

  • I had my 1st Gastric Bypass in 2003 (pouch not made small enough) I lost over a 100 lbs that 1st year…finally in 2006 I had my 2nd Gastric Bypass. Twice I had ulcers but haven't had anymore in years. Iron supplements see to work for me. Currently take potassium and magnesium but that might be do to a thigh surgery to remove 12 inches of skin and now have to be on a daily diuretic or my legs and feet swell. I have lost 240 lbs have had minimal problems how ever I have had many surgeries to remove skin ect from arms, legs, breasts. My tummy tuck is perfect. My arms need a redo, my breast need a 2nd redo, and my thighs need a redo. For me, I am happy with my Gastric Bypass and I remember asking oh so long ago what were the long term effects and they honestly answered that they did not have information due to it being so new. I accepted that. I know that it could have went the other way…I have heard the horror stories. My life as an almost 400 pounder, I couldn't wipe my own butt, I shower dailey but had to rest immediately after my shower, I could not stand more than a few minutes, I hated seeking medical care because I didn't fit in the dentist office chair, or any other chair. I was constantly feeling humiliated and could not advocate for myself. My kids were little and I couldn't play with them the way that I needed to. Every morning I woke up I felt like I was in a nightmare were I went to bed as a skinny teenager and woke up this morbidly obese woman still so pretty but so so heavy. It's been so long now that I am thin that I almost forget that horrible 10+ years of my life that I was morbidly obese with a BMI of 58. I do love love love my flat stomach. I always think people should do there research and than go for it. That said I am sure I would have a different opinion if I had experience some of the horrible pain and death that other have suffered.

  • I had the same as you but I was put on a drug called dioxide. It is licensed but for blood pressure. This was first used in Sweden for this purpose and he had seen the info on it. It takes time to fully work but gradually it became that I could function and am out of danger with the low blood sugars but you do need to take carbs. The whole thing is to get the correct relationship for you between carbs fat and protein all of which you do need but in the right amounts

  • I am 14 years out from gastric bypass and have also done well. I think everyone is so different and have such a different mind set. One thing we should never forget is that "the surgery is only a tool." I know several people who had great results but just kept easing back into the "old" life style. Good luck to those who have been sick and to those whom have stuck with it!

  • Stumbled on to this article and all of your responses. My RNY was in November of 2003. I'm 68 now. Over the years I've experienced anemia and weird problems with my bowels. Tests in 2007 showed I have no Intrinsic Factor. However, my doctor said that I may not have had Intrinsic factor before the surgery. But the problem with no Intrinsic Factor, is that you cannot absorb B12. You must have sufficient B12 in order for your body to properly absorb Iron. So, when tested, I was a 4. That issue is now under control. I take two B-12 injections a month. I prefer to do the injections because injections bypass my digestive system. I take 6 Hemaplex every day. Ferrous Oxide is a poor choice for RNY patients because it is irritating to the entire digestive tract.

    Like many of you, I have GERD, which I had long before my RNY. I take Omeprazole every day. I also religiously take all the supplements I was told to take.

    During my post surgery months, I would find myself unable to get anything to go into my stomach. Turns out I had gastrojejunostomy strictures and had three separate hospital trips for dilation of the stomal strictures.

    But to this very day, I must keep my meals very, very small and chew my food seemingly forever, or my pouch will toss my food back up my esophagus and the thick, mucous frothing starts that always terminates in vomiting. It is SO easy to forget to chew every single bite till it is demolished. Meat is hard enough, but lettuce is nearly impossible. I haven't heard any of you mention this.

    I weighed 260 at the time of my surgery. The weight fell off, and following the removal of that monstrous pile of skin that covered my belly, I weighed 118 pounds. I looked like a skeleton. I'm about 145 right now. I'd be best and most comfortable about 10 pounds lighter. Idiot that I am, I went back to eating sugar about 8 months ago, and it is just too much of an appetite stimulant for me. I've got to let that go again.

    I'd like to know if any of you have experience with the stoma problem.

  • It's against the law now to refuse treatment to you for a "pre-existing condition." Check out the Affordable Care Act rules and report them!!

  • Holey moley you are my moms twin!!! Weird to read something when you think that it's just my mom so sick with everything and other people are too because of such a "breakthrough life saving surgery " guess she isn't such a weirdo for eating so much ice all day ha ha. Seriously my mom is so sick with so much wrong with her. She is in so much pain every day my grandma cries when she sees her. Mom says her doctors got their licenses out of crackerjack boxes.

  • Wow- I was exactly were you were in the picture. I had gastric bypass in 2000- I was only 20 years old. I wish I could do it all over. I have had two hernia repairs, and a round of iron infusions amongst a million other complications. Getting an endoscopy tomorrow for suspected ulcer. I switched addictions and got addicted to pain pills. Finally made it to Overeaters anonymous and which I tried that first. I have been fat and thin but for the past 15 years never sicker. I curse that surgery but we cannot regret the past and only move forward. I hope and pray that people today are more aware of these "odd" complications that we have. Good luck- vender helped me

  • Amanda! Wow! I have been struggling alot lately and happenstance is that I came across your blog while randomly typing in things into the subject bar regarding vitamins after RNY…… It was like someone had written this for me about me.
    I had my RNY done in 2010. the doctors wanted me to down from 326 LBS( day of surgery) down to 176LBS as their ideal goal for me. Well I was able to get down to 208LBS . I was beating myself up the mostly because I couldn't cheese the last few pounds of these desperately wanted me to lose. send one sweet doctor that I came across said to me… you still have hanging skin on your stomach and on your side that need to be removed, so he encouraged me to have pannilectomy (fler de lys) and the year later he contoured my hips .I am thrilled with the results but…. why would hospital I contracted MRSA infection. It was so bad that I had to be readmitted twice. (treatment was worse than the illness in my opinion). during the downtime of almost 3 months I ended up getting 25 pounds. I am totally in shock at this point because I'm not eating more. I'm starting to feel a little down in spirit energy I'm tired all the time. so my surgeon who is now a very good friend of ours has asked me to go get some blood tests. it turns out that I am completed in my vitamin D and b12. so now they're going to start a course of increasing my vitamins. apparently this will assist in weight loss because by then B and b12 have something to do with weight gain. and the mood swings will also be helped because the vitamins will also give me the right balance. so I started the new process as of today so we will see he said he could take 3 months before I firstly see the difference but here's hoping that tbe weight will come off easily. I sure would like to be able to achieve my goal weight. but then again I've my friend Dr says it's not about a number its a boat how you're feeling. I'm going to see him tomorrow to get a check up because I'm still post op from the hip and leg surgery. All seems well heeled from my point of view. but now I will be able to find out if I can exercise again. I was feeling so alone in the world feelings that I was your only person going through this and I was thinking what a waste this has been that I did the wrong why I was feeling really low. and alone. it seems like nobody understood what I was talking about. but now my surgeon after he did some research about the RNY and the malabsorption side of it… he was able to recommend changes up with the times of the vitamins the kinds of the vitamins on the dosages. now that I've seen your blog I feel relief knowing that I was not the only anomaly out there. I'm so grateful that you took the time to blood this because I never even thought to do that I'm really grateful because you help me and I know that you are helping so many others as well. thank you for your courage and your honesty very very impressed with how you handle things. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • I had my gastric bypass in 2003, and for the last 6 or 7 years I have been anemic for a first few years I didn't know what it was or why I was not feeling well, falling asleep all the time, and having blood sugar crashes because I am also hypoglycemic, I to date received 3 blood transfusions 2 bags of blood the first one 1 bag the second one and this most recent one 2 more bags, a 3 month round of IM venifor shots once a week, I now a hematologist I am going to be doing 6 rounds of IV Venifor and B12 shots and this also is pretty much going to be the norm for the rest of my life with regular blood work, I'm starting to feel so much like a pin cushion, it's a very good thing I have such an amazing husband who is so patient

  • I'm 8 years out and my story is very similar. I guess the anemia was the biggest shock for me. Especially experiencing cardiac problems induced by my low iron. I found a solution that seems to be working so far…even my Dr is surprised. It is a liquid iron supplement called Spatone PurAbsorb. I drink it poured into a little orange juice in the morning. After a month my iron levels went from dangerously low to up into the normal levels. As a woman, I doubled up during my period because that seemed to be an especially rough time of the month. Since my gastric bypass I experience debilitating migraines a day or two after my period, but not since I started drinking the PurAbsorb. Last month was the first month I didn't have one. Maybe this will help someone.

  • Oh I had mine in 2007 as well. 2010 went to rehab for alcoholism. Switched from food to wine. Just went to the Dr today for a lot of things that may be related to deficincies. Will find out tomorrow. I wish they would really pound into folks about the addiction issues. They just told me moderation.

  • I thought over the surgery for over a year. Read countless articles spoke to family members saw two different Dr in the same field. You get alot of information alot and it's very helpful. But you don't think to ask about the years later and they don't mention much about it. If you take your vitamins then your good sooo not the case.

  • Yes so not worth it. If only we could see the future. It may be great for some that have no other option and are at deaths door this that do not have a ridiculous amount of actual serious health problems its all about the portions.

  • Iam almost four years out. I to read the horror stories at a yr and felt much the same as you. My mom and aunt had the surgery to and I felt bad that I felt great and they suffered. I now am having issues started small and just a little here and there tired crampy then each time got a little longer I kept putting off the Dr visits or would just pop in to my pcp. Over the last two weeks I've been so tired and crappy feeling I finally went back to where I had my surgery they did emergency egd that came back with thank god no ulcer but some polps in my stomach so they sent that off for biopsy. So iam back home still feeling lethargic and now my throat really hurts. I have do more labs and see what comes of it. Just enjoy the time you feel great and take of yourself

  • I had my RNY October 28, 2007. While I have had some issues, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

    I too suffer from food related hypoglycemia, low iron and dumping. However, with the exception of the iron, these can all be controlled. For example, I try to eat foods with less than 12g of carbs per serving. I have passed out before in a mall but that is because I ate something I had no business eating. I had horrible cramps and dumping for the same reason. The surgery is a tool and the rules are for life. It is a lifestyle change. I have had adverse reactions to the iron and require steroids before and after treatments. All in all, my quality of life is so much better. I did find myself transferring addictions so I sought help. I don't drink wine anymore (by the way alcohol causes SEVERE hypoglycemia). By keeping a food journal, monitoring my intake and making sure I drink my water, I have learned to curve the side effects I can control.

  • Hi I am 3 months post opp had the usual syptoms like wind, cramps & hiccups. Most of the time feel good, but just recently I have had stomach pain in the tummy area, should I be concerned or is this just tissue healing.

  • Dude go to the Cleveland clinic they do a great job it cured my diabetes I lost 245 pounds I miss pork and spaghetti but I am a live

  • Dude go to the Cleveland clinic they do a great job it cured my diabetes I lost 245 pounds I miss pork and spaghetti but I am a live

  • I had the gastric bypass surgery in 2006 and for me I had no choice I had ballooned up to 306# and I am only 5-5" tall. I could barely walk, couldn't sleep, my knees were bad and I had no quality of life. I knew it would not be easy but my only other choice I had as I was staring death in the face. The surgery went good, I lost weight immediately, I followed what they said to the T. My anxiety unfortunately got very bad so I got an RX of Zoloft from my doctor BIGGEST mistake ever. I was losing weight and I got down to 173#, I was so happy being able to buy new clothes, I could walk but I began to notice that I would not sit or stand or concentrate for more than 10 seconds a time. One day I couldn't take it, I was so happy with my weight loss, doing so well adjusting to the new eating habits but I could not control my mind, my thoughts or my sleep. Being over tired and not being able to concentrate I lost my mind, I could not stand being in my body and I couldn't take it any longer. I did the unimaginable and took every RX pill I could find in my house and downed them all, I laid on the floor and prayed to god, I said to him "God, please take me away from this, I can't stand not being able to think straight, I can't stand feeling crazy, if it is my time to go to heaven please take me, if no bless me with a miracle and let me live" that is the last thing I remember. Luckily my husband at the time sensed something was wrong and came home at lunch time to find me unconscious on the floor and called 911. I was rushed to the hospital and apparently they pumped my stomach and I was out of it for about 10 hours. I now understood, I was truly being selfish and not thinning when I tried to take my life but I also knew it was the Zoloft that brought it on. I was shipped off to a mental institution for 2 weeks for counseling and to find RX that was appropriate for my anxiety. T
    I got out and continued to follow the direction I was given about my surgery. I walked 2 miles a day, I maintained my weight and I was so happy. Even though I had sagging skin from the weight loss to me it was all worth it.
    The only side affect I had from the surgery was the low iron. My iron got so low it was down to a 4 and I too had no choice but to do the iron infusions. I had to get them 3x's a week for 4 weeks. But in the end my number came up to a 12 and I was feeling so much better. To me the surgery was a life savor I would walk and enjoy my kids, I still struggled sometimes with food choices but for the most part it was great. Been divorced now for almost 6 years and I am so happy, I took some time for myself and found a counselor for additional help for self esteem. I found a church that I love and also after many years of heart break began to love my self. I ended up having a double knee replacement. This was not an easy procedure but I had a high pain tolerance, after 2 days in the hospital and 17 days in rehab facility, I was able to walk pain free. It has been years since my surgery and I have only gained back 20 #'s of my weight loss, by my own fault, as during this time I was laid off from 2 jobs and again turned to bad habits and gain the weight. I am happy to say that since the surgery, I am very happy I made this decision. Even though I had some very dark times it was the best decision for ME. If I was to do it all over again I would, it saved my life.I am sorry for all of you that have had so much medical difficulty and problems with your surgery, I offer you prayers. I guess I was one of the lucky ones that did not have any major side effects from the surgery. God bless you all, I hope you all can find happiness and peace the surgery is not for everyone, but for me it truly was a life savor.

  • Thank you so much for your inspirational story. I had surgery almost 5yrs ago. To literally save my life. After I had 2 kids that left me huge. my horrible abusive marriage ended I got more huge. Had terrible terrible migraine and ate over counter meds like candies. Liver began shutting down between this and adipose tissue strangling it. I had ur bypass but they trimmed some of my ulcered esophagus and used a slightly different area of tummy due to more ulcers. They removed a chunk of my liver in hopes of saving it. I'm now remarried and he has no children I desperately want a baby but wasn't sure if it was possible. However they too want to do a abulatiin sugery due to problematic periods. My iron levels are constantly low I chew 6 a day. Have mild occassional dizzy numb tingly nausea that results in blackouts headaches shakiness. Also freezing all the time. And of course the vapirelike pale skin and raccoon eyes. But I still want a baby before it's too late. But I'm glad to hear therres hope and life After surgery I'm frustrated however I'm stuck at a 150-160pound level and can't loose anymore. Can gain but not loose I try yoga zumba and gym even a trainer. Yesal I inconsistent due to exhaustion and illness levels. Any advice. Sweetfrost96 @yahoo

  • Have them check your thyroid…I have had many problems that have gotten better since I started on meds. for that–it's been a really long ride…but things will hopefully start getting better!.

  • If your Hemoglobin AIC keeps testing as normal – as mine does – then you may have a glucagon issue. Some research is being done on this…but my gastric bypass post op surgeons do not seem to know much about this. They too tell me to avoid carbs or eat low on the glycemic index. Very frustrating since – as many have stated- low blood sugar is the opposite of what they are preaching. I had my surgery 10 years ago….glad I did…but the daily sugar swings are exhausting. My primary care doc has put me on Acarbose – which helps….but again, by insulin history (HAIC) is fine….glucagon is the problem.

  • Had RNY October 25, 2000, within six weeks after the surgery I developed my first rectal fistule. I had never had one before, but there I was in the ER twice within 24 hours in pain like I have never known. The first time the dr gave me a prescription and sent me home, the second time the dr couldn't believe the first dr hadn't cut open the fistule and drained the infection. That was the beginning of my life dealing with this continuing problem. I have become accustomed to the problem and no longer go to the dr for it, I now break it open and drain it myself atleast once a month. I also developed anemia, hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, degenerative spine disorder, osteoarthritis, constant abdominal pain, constant heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and oh yeah, have gained weight and I am back up to 285. I also have depression and ptsd from childhood abuse. I am trying to get disability approval so I can get insurance. If it weren't for my daughter and grandson I would give up. I feel like there is no help or hope out there. Would I have the surgery again? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  • I'm 60 yrs old and I had my gastric bypass 10 months ago. I have low iron as well, but, my biggest problem is that I now dislike meat. And it isn't necessarily that it causes me to be sick, it's that I just don't like it. Even the thought of it makes me cringe. Steak and dry chicken will cause me to become ill but even the meats that don't are just a complete turn off, I literally have to force myself to eat it and as time goes by it's getting even worse. But what I have absolutely no problem with and which I absolutely crave are sweets! What happened to sugar making you sick? I was hoping that would happen so I wouldn't want to eat it but, no!, I don't want to eat meat! Since I need protein this is a very frustrating position to be in. Has anyone had this problem?

  • Wow, I thought I was the only one who vomited water, who needs to take Carafate and/or Culturelle probiotic daily for pouch burning (waiting for it to kick in, my fiancé has to thump me on the back HARD to distract me from the pain!) And I, too, need iron infusions. I cannot absorb iron or calcium – I lost all my teeth due to the latter as they just crumbled in my mouth. I STILL would do it all again, though.

  • Hello, I also had gastric bypass 5-years ago and lost 125 lbs. but lately have started gaining some back and I am just scared to death to think I went through all I wen through and now I am gaining. I had an endo scope done last year and the dr said he has never seen such a small pouch this far out and that I needed to eat 6-small meals a day but I have problems eating 2 sm meals a day. I am thinking I might ask my doctor to check my iron level out I had low iron before having the surgery so really makes me think I might be feeling tired and other problems due to low iron. Thank you so much for sharing your stories.

  • I feel the same as you do. I'm sick and tired all the time. I wake up feeling like throwing up and go to bed feeling the same way. I was much healthier before the bypass which was in 2007. Will it ever end?
    I guess it will when I'm six feet under.

  • I had my surgery in 2003 when I was 50. At the time I weighed 230 lbs., lost 120 lbs. and over the last 2 years have gained 30 lbs. After reading all of the above posts I feel so fortunate and am so heartbroken for all of your pain and complications. I have had only one minor "complication" – hypoglycemia, which I can control by not eating any sugar or refined starches. My blood has always been very good. I take a multivitamin and Tums daily. I have had the best 12 years of my life. My reason for finding this site was because I tried the Atkins diet to try to lose the 30 lbs. but after 2 months I've lost about 3 lbs. I'm thinking it's because I am unable to eat enough. I felt the Atkins diet was ideal because of the protein intake we must have. My food intake is still very small. I may be able to eat a whole small hamburger for lunch but then nothing for dinner. I am not able to eat very much fruit because of the sugar content. Just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this?
    I am in no way bragging on my success – I feel I have been very fortunate. I never advocate for the surgery because it is a very personal choice – it works for some and not for others. May God bless all of you and heal your pain

  • Unfortunately, NO! I had surgery in 2003. I have iron infusions about every 6 months. I experience dizziness, light headedness and still throw up. But our weight loss Dr.'s leave all these parts out as they roll to the bank or retire. If I could turn back time I would never have had this surgery! Sure, I look better than I did but I sure don't feel it.

  • I am living the same way since my surgery 4 years ago.I had internal bleeding after been operated,lost way too much blood and became anemic since.I take iron every 3 months.My first year after the surgery i was in the hospital every month with different problems.Life is lighter speaking about weight,but heavier if we talk about health…

  • I had my bypass in 2007.
    That was the beginning of a nightmare for me. Not a day goes by without some complication from the surgery. Malnourished, depressed, exhausted all the time. Now they want to do a revision. I almost died the first time around, im not sure i want to go through that again. If i only knew…

  • i hope this helps. similary pain end result was 9 yrs post surgery they found connection between pouch and old stomach it had devolped a fistuala between the two. 2 working stomachs ,very unusual. not good for your immune system it doesn't know where to send food. talk about recycling. had repair with davinici robot.took out fistuala and removed part of original stomach so they never touch again. things were shrinking so they started to touch and grew together. my pouch after 9 yrs was still only 3oz. now less than that. lost a total of 171 lbs. starting bypass all over. CAT scan showed the connection try that or look for an anastamosis has developed somewhere. usually at the end of bypass where bowel has been connected. hope this helps. in the rare occasion this does happen you might gain wt.

  • I also am having the same problem as I have been three years out from a sleeve and I've been passing out, dizzy, extremely fatigued and just overall crappy feeling. Is there any hope? Had my surgery in Mexico and have been extremely happy with it all of my blood work comes back really good I just can't find a doctor in my area that will work with me since I had my surgery in Mexico

  • I get to bury my sister this week. She had gastric bypass surgery 9 years ago. She was not the same since her surgery. She has been sick most of the time. Vomiting, pain, low energy, depressed, ulcers. Doctor didn't help. She ended up drinking alcohol and blamed herself for everything. She was not that heavy to begin with. She lost 50 pounds. She wouldn't have had the surgery if she knew her children would find there mother dead and live with no mother the rest of their lives. This whole thing sickens me. People need to research their options and use gastric surgery as a last resort and even then, the risks need to be understood. The question is quality of life.

  • Hi! I had GB in 2006 and lost right at 100lbs. I had an iron infusion about 4 years ago and it looks like I'm about to have to get another one. I had to do 2-20 minute infusions and the only side effect I experienced was what seemed like an endless bout of sneezing. It started almost immediately after the transfusion began and at first it was like this weird metallic taste at the back of my throat. And then the sneezing started. I know it seems trivial compared to the side effects others have mentioned here, but I leave the clinic with swollen eyes, a sore throat, and my nasal passages swelled shut. Not to mention how embarrassing it is when I'm surrounded by patients receiving chemo. I'm sure they enjoy my loud sneezing and sniffling. Anyone with a common experience? Or suggestions? Thanks!

  • Had RNY 4 years ago. Then gallbladder removal, colon resection and a 7 hour surgery where they pulled all of my intestines apart that had fused together from all the surgeries so close together. I've lost 120 lbs which aside from the loose skin, I am very happy about. I was fat since I was 5 & I'm 50 now. I'm not the invisible fat person anymore, can wear any clothes I want and people arent rude to me like they used to be. I love all of this. I hate the pain (lower left side) that I am in everyday. I have to tke pain pills daily to eat. I also developed RA which they think was partially brought on by all the traumas to my body. I agree with all of u that said u hate watching what it does to your family members. They have the burden of watching me in pain on a daily basis and I never know when I am going to have to leave dinner or an outing early (thank God for Uber!). I hope someone has success in curing this problem soon for all of us. I will watch this board.
    Everyone take care????

  • Had RNY 4 years ago. Then gallbladder removal, colon resection and a 7 hour surgery where they pulled all of my intestines apart that had fused together from all the surgeries so close together. I've lost 120 lbs which aside from the loose skin, I am very happy about. I was fat since I was 5 & I'm 50 now. I'm not the invisible fat person anymore, can wear any clothes I want and people arent rude to me like they used to be. I love all of this. I hate the pain (lower left side) that I am in everyday. I have to tke pain pills daily to eat. I also developed RA which they think was partially brought on by all the traumas to my body. I agree with all of u that said u hate watching what it does to your family members. They have the burden of watching me in pain on a daily basis and I never know when I am going to have to leave dinner or an outing early (thank God for Uber!). I hope someone has success in curing this problem soon for all of us. I will watch this board.
    Everyone take care????

  • Had RNY 4 years ago. Then gallbladder removal, colon resection and a 7 hour surgery where they pulled all of my intestines apart that had fused together from all the surgeries so close together. I've lost 120 lbs which aside from the loose skin, I am very happy about. I was fat since I was 5 & I'm 50 now. I'm not the invisible fat person anymore, can wear any clothes I want and people arent rude to me like they used to be. I love all of this. I hate the pain (lower left side) that I am in everyday. I have to tke pain pills daily to eat. I also developed RA which they think was partially brought on by all the traumas to my body. I agree with all of u that said u hate watching what it does to your family members. They have the burden of watching me in pain on a daily basis and I never know when I am going to have to leave dinner or an outing early (thank God for Uber!). I hope someone has success in curing this problem soon for all of us. I will watch this board.
    Everyone take care????

  • Thank you for providing this venue & sharing your story.
    So…, from what I read through here & my personal observation that "EVERY" person I know that had gastric Bypass Surgery ended up basically sick for the rest of their lives. I'm really not seeing an up-side to this procedure.

  • No, not "EVERY" person is sick for the rest of their lives. I know of many, many people who have had the surgery and gone on with their lives. And the upside to the procedure is that they actually HAVE lives to go on with.

  • Wow. I am so surprised to read a lot of these comments. I had my GBS surgery 10 years ago, and while I still occasionally have a problem if I eat the wrong foods (nausea and vomiting) my surgery was quite successful, without complications. The doctor who did the surgery put me on a vitamin/calcium/anti-reflux regimen from day one, and I understood this was a lifelong thing. I lost 140 pounds, from 280 to 140. I gained back about 50 pounds, but, with more restraint on my diet, I lost it back. The people I know who have had the procedure, and there have been quite a few, including my husband, have not had the complications that are described here. Maybe it's the doctor, the follow-up, or the procedure itself, but there has to be something that is causing such a problem.

  • Hi my name is Christy I'm on my third year after my bypass my gastric bypass and I'm continuously losing weight I used to weigh 420 pounds now I'm down to 138 pounds and still losing food hurts my stomach really bad although I keep eating cuz I know I have to to live and my sugar levels are way way low I went from type 2 diabetes to hypoglycemic and now I really don't know what to do I'm tired all the time very fatigued I have no energy whatsoever I'm sick all the time I catch everything that comes along every flu every cold every illness I just don't know what to do anymore I read your tutorial and I do wish you luck I need to find a doctor that a listen to what I have to say because I feel like it's my last I just feel like I'm dying and I'm wasting away everybody who looks at me no longer tells me how great I look they tell me that I need to gain a few pounds I just I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired

  • I had the original bypass in 1975. I was 350 lbs and now at 70 yrs. Old I weigh 145 lbs. My only problem no after 40 yrs. They think my liver is fatty possibly cause my Ephesus to now have swallowing problems.For 40 years nothing major now this also I have not had an alcoholic drink in over 30 years. Any suggestions?

  • Here comes another positive post ��. I also had my surgery 9/17/07. I achieved my 100lbs. Loss and am doing great. I use the tool as it was instructed. Sure I have slipped and had to much sugar or carbs and experienced the loveliness of dumping syndrome. However I know this was by choice and that I should not have deviated. Deviation will cause those of us that took this route to slip right back to the way of life that caused us to turn to surgery in the first place.
    I am sad for anyone that has indured complications but so happy you are still here and that you achieved what you choose to accomplish. Way to go.
    Positive attitude brings positive results no matter if the size of the mountain we climb.

  • thank you for sharing , I am very sorry that you suffered the loss of your daughter due to this surgery , I am 53yrs old and a gastric bypass patient 10 yrs post op . At this point in my life I have become a daily all day drinker , It has been a struggle for me to get solber I have been trying for three yrs . I have just returned to a twelve step program, although I know this is what I need to do I think about the booze all the time. this was not the case before surgery . I had a intestinal blockage 3 yrs out and I suffer with anemia and cant get a dr. in this area to give intravenous iron . because the drinking relaxes the stoma I have regained 50 lbs . and am experiencing a great deal of stomach pain after meals … hoping things will get better now that I am back in the 12 step program .again thank you for sharing your story I will use it as a reminder that this could very possibly be my path in life if don't fight this with all my might ..

  • All of these posts are terrifying me. I have been fat for my entire adult life. Now, at age 45, I weight over 300#. I am borderline diabetic and I have pseudo tumor cerebrai, which is fluid in my brain – that can cause eventual blindness. As I get older, it is harder to be fat. I am tired, depressed and I always hurt. My feet and back always hurt. I don't do half the things I want to do – because I am just too fat and tired to do it. My husband will not leave the house with me – he is so embarrassed of how I look. I hide if I see people I used to know from high school because I am ashamed of the way I look. It is no life – there is no quality of life. My only comfort is food – which is also my enemy. For the last 7 months, I have been prepping for RNY surgery. I have taken classes, been to a nutritionist, been to a bariatric doctor and a surgeon. My paperwork has all been submitted and I should get an approval any day. Up until I read these posts, my biggest fear was hair loss and possible tooth issues. And for those, I have been taking extra precautions. My docs all tell me that this is a tool – and that I must follow all of their guidelines for the rest of my life. Multi vitamins, iron and calcium supplements – all daily. I am already taking biotin for the hair loss. My dentist has me on special toothpaste and fluoride trays. But now I am terrified. Absolutely terrified. I don't want to be sick the rest of my life. I am trying to get back the life that I never got to have. I want to lose weight so I can exercise – and enjoy the outside and feel confidant. I have no idea what I am going to do now. Please – Post some positive stories! I feel completely lost.

  • I am riding a similar wave. One thing that has help stabalize my iron a bit and made it so I have to have infusions less often is cell salts. You can purchase them at the health food store or at amazon. I take the but you can also take if you are only have problems with your iron.

    The one factor to remember is you can not take it within an hour of anything minty including toothpaste

    good luck

  • I am riding a similar wave. One thing that has help stabalize my iron a bit and made it so I have to have infusions less often is cell salts. You can purchase them at the health food store or at amazon. I take the but you can also take if you are only have problems with your iron.

    The one factor to remember is you can not take it within an hour of anything minty including toothpaste

    good luck

  • I too am suffering after gastric bypass in 2009. last night I was down to 32 again and for no apparent reason. I have been tracking my food and activity trying to pinpoint triggers and there are no patterns at all . A friend last night suggested seeing if the lows correlate to menstrual cycle, ovulations ect… My docs have said there is nothing they can do at all. Recommend I eat every two hours. although this may help me from going low, I am never hungry and gaining so much weight.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. So many people think it's just so easy to get gastric surgery and never worry about anything again.

    For myself, I won't consider it, as my auto-immune system stinks and anything and everything that could go wrong would go wrong with me.

  • i had the gastric by pass and i been dealing with low sugars its been a nightmare i wish i never had this surgery i had this surgery in 2008 wieghts been off but have had siezures,non diabetic comma and have alot of expiemental medicine nothing works

  • I had gastric by pass surgery, January 2012, I weighed 410 pounds after surgery i lost 110 ibs, then my legs started to swell, and became very red and painful. I was sent to a vein specialist and she told me that my veins were not bad , that I had Lymphedema in which my body does not get rid of fluids like it should, and builds up under the tissue of my skin which causes it to swell and become very pain ,this occurs in both my legs and right arm . I have had to have special compression wraps on my limbs to keep the swelling and pain down . I am on 3 narcotics and some days even the do not control my level of pain. I walk with crutches or I am in a wheel chair. I can no longer live alone. I too suffer from low iron and very low blood sugar,I am tired, dizzy and neasued on a daily basis. This is what I donot understand, while I and my support person were attending all the classes the made the surgery sound so postive, though at times they would say there are at times complications , though they had more of a sucess rate then side effects from having the surgery done . That I would be the tool they are giving us to make a great radical change in our lives. If only this was the case, what if this had been one of their family members . It is very scary to pass out from low blood sugar and not remember, then coming to and being very confused. Also my family is in a constant state of worry because they do not know what to expect next. Thanx for ALL the facts weight loss clinic. Sick everyday and so wish I wasn't. At times hopeful that one day I will feel better than I do now .

  • I just went and saw a bariatric surgeon because i am sick everyday and i was not getting anywhere with the surgeon that did my surgery. They did an upper GI, something the surgeon that did my surgery didnt ever do. The specialist found out i was left with NO pouch! That is why i am nauseated all the time. The specialist said there is nothing that can be done so i will be sick forever. I have some good advice for people contemplating a bypass and that is "JUST DONT DO IT!!" Unless you want to be disabled the rest of your life.

  • I am a 5 year post op. I take Heme iron (Proferrin). It's not cheap (I think I average $60 for 90 pills) but it's HIGHLY absorbable and does not conflict with other vitamins (for instance, some OTC iron will compete with calcium if taken at the same time and calcium will always win). The only time my iron goes down is when I get lax about taking it. Hope this helps some of you.

  • You sneeze too? Thought I was the only one! Just that one extra bite and I go off, and it's not a lady like ahh choo….

  • Can't believe I came across these postings this morning! I'm hearing my story over and over. I am 59 and had gastric bypass surgery in 2005. Horribly nauseous weeks after surgery, had ulcer. Once off Nexium had a fairly easy time of losing 100 lbs. After attending a wedding reception and enjoying just one glass of champagne with no ill effect thought I had it made. Now 10 years later I drink daily, wine mostly, 2 bottles after work is my usual. On the weekend I start with Vodka & OJ, hey it's orange juice, thinking I can handle it pretty well, while my house, finances, and personal relationships suffer. The buzz of one drink has gotten harder to accomplish so I am always shocked the next morning to how much I actually drank the night before. I have no ill effects of a "hangover" guess it does leave my system quickly. Showed low iron at last physical, thinning hair, dry/pale skin, black eyes, fatigue, always cold. Every morning I swear off alcohol, 2:00 I'm surveying my alcohol supply at home in my mind. I may have drank one alcoholic drink once or twice a month before surgery, truthfully it wasn't a problem when seeing psychologist pre-op. Trying to overcome stigma of an A A meeting…

  • I found this site a little over a week ago and since stumbling across it, I haven't been able to get all of the stories out of my head. Maybe it is because I found so much of myself in so many of you. In 9 days I will be 11 years post op, and there is not a day that goes by that I do not wonder what my life might be like had I not walked into the OR that day. I am 30 years old and yet I feel like I am 75. Like so many of you, I too suffer through rounds of Iron Infusions, I have hypoglycemia that have caused seizures, I had to have my thyroid removed from cancer( prior to GB I never once had thyroid issues), at night my joints are red hot and swollen,and I am always tired. Currently, I am having issues eating and tomorrow I am having an upper GI. I am sure it is an ulcer but I am still nervous. This site, and all of your stories helped me to feel vindicated. So many times I have been told that my symptoms were psychological and maybe I have chronic fatigue syndrome or was depressed. The hardest part for me is that, 3 yrs ago my father in-law had GB done by the same surgeon that did mine. Unfortunately, a stitch was missed during his procedure, one thing led to another, and his conditioned snowballed out of control. This past August he passed away.i have never felt so much guilt, shame, and anger EVER then I did after hearing the horrific news. I do not want nor am I looking for sympathy BUT I do feel that we all have a voice and we deserve to be acknowledged. physicians are unsure how to treat us or have any knowledge of the long term complications because everyone in the medical field is turning their heads. We have a right to receive adequate LONG-term care and individualized attention. i am not sure if our surgeons will even take responsibilities the same way that we all have to EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES. BUT…We can show the medical field that we do have a voice, that we deserve answers, and that just because we lost weight does not mean our quality of life has improved! Other countries are putting money into studies and medical trials and working towards developing solutions. WHY ISN'T THE US? I just want to fight and I guess I am looking to see if others feel the same way as I. Thank you all for sharing and from the bottom of my heart, thanks listening. If you are thinking about having this procedure, please do your homework and be brutally honest with yourself. I wish I would have.
    Be blessed my dear friends!

  • It is comforting that at least we know we aren't the crazy ones. I have been sick since my GB in 2007. The surgeon that I had would pretty much "poo poo" all of my issues. I finally had enough and went to a specialist and he did an upper GI, which the surgeon never thought of. Well I found out my nausea weakness and all the other issues I'm having is because the surgeon that did my GB didn't leave me ANY pouch!! The food is going down and coming up just as fast. The specialist told me there was nothing that could be done to help me, I will be sick the rest of my life. Pretty sad. How could he not leave a pouch?? Of course, it is to late to sue. If I would have known this sooner I would have. As you said please think long and hard before you have the surgery. I am now disabled and have been since the surgery in 2007. It is not worth it!!

  • Wow Anonymous, I finally found someone livn
    ing in 2016…haha, all the blogs I find through google are so outdated. I had gastric bypass in June of 2014. I had a couple of problems after surgery, bleeding from the incisions, but, tht was taken care of. I didn't lose weight fast as most people do after the surgery, I had roughly 100lbs to lose. The doctors office questioned why I wasn't losing more, I couldn't answer that with anything except, I don't know,I'm surely not eating anything. They made me feel bad, so, I never went back. As of late, I'm getting nauseated when I try to eat and I can only eat 3 or 4 bites and have to stop, but, I'm not losing weight the way someone should eating so little. I have been extremely dizzy and cold. I'll get my GP to check my iron, etc next visit. Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble and hope you improve.

  • Hi. All. I've had these same experiences like everyone. My bypass surgery was July 2003. I lost 104 pounds and got a down to 142. My smallest! I now weigh 194 and have gained more lately. I cannot seem to lose and I stay constipated. Any ideas. I have joined weight watchers but I need to talk to others who have experiences like mine.

  • I had my open RNY on October 22,2003. I can't tell you how much of your story is my own over the years. I can only say, "Thank you!" for getting your experience out there for me to find, to know that I am not alone.

  • So glade to read these story's I would never consider this op now never in my life rather eat small portions and excercise more

  • I had my bypass in 2007. I have been sick since then. Nausea and vomiting, weak like I feel I have the stomach flu. For years I went to the surgeon that did my bypass hoping for help. He would do a scope and look down into my pouch. I would come out of anesthesia he would say "everything looks good if you don't get better come back". For years I went back to him looking for help. I became disabled in 2007 after this horrible surgery and I am to this day. I finally got smart and went to a bariatric surgeon specialist and found out that the original doctor that did my surgery did not leave me with ANY pouch!! How could he leave me with no pouch!!
    I would have sued but the statute of limitation on medical malpractice is 4 years. The specialist told me there was nothing he could do because I am such a mess in my abdominal cavity he said I may come out of the surgery even worse than i went in. Anyone contemplating surgery please DON'T DO IT!!

  • I'm so glade I've read all these story's I wouldn't have this op I would rather loose weight by eating smaller portions and excercise more sorry to you all that feel very unwell my FREINDS just had this done I'm hoping she will be fine

  • Hey I read your story it was great just to know some of the things it's happening to me I just had an Iron Infusion Fusion for the first time I am still I started feeling better now I'm back to being sick one month later throwing up staying tired I just called the doctor today to see what my levels were this round of course I have not received a call yet mine has been almost 15 years I am terrified I'm supposed to go under May 12th they're going to take the lights down take a look in my stomach and the other end also which really worries me if they know hope they know what they're doing when they take the lights down last time it was done it was done by my specialist that I had also done my surgery which of course my luck he is retired now he also saved my life five years after the surgery I had a bowel obstruction almost died doctors kept telling me I was just wanted pain medicine that was not so at all it was awful almost 3 months into being sick everyday they found out my a specialist that it did my surgery said get to the hospital you're going in for emergency surgery is bowel obstruction sure enough it was but now that appointing you not know what to do either staying in bed sleeping a lot staying sick I make tutus for a lady at lady her daughter's in pageants cause she has to tell me why I had a time to give me time to make it at my own pace for my sickness so I'm glad to hear other stories but I'm not alone but it does get her into being sick all the time I'm talking about my sugar bottoms out for no reason so I never know if I'm in the car and maybe feeling good one minute can check my sugar to be 40 I have to carry bananas and peanut butter with me at all times horse in the summer the name of kid looking bad in the car with the heat if you're out for any length of time so anyway again I'm glad to hear other people's story but I am no one

  • Hello. I'm thinking about looking into a reversal. I had RNY gastric bypass in 2002. I have lost so much weight, though I was considered a light weight when I had the surgery. Am 5'1 and weighed 278. I still cannot eat much more than I did 2 months out. Literally, i can eat less than a 1/4 of a sandwich (2 pieces of bread with some sort of filling)…1/4 of that is all i can eat. I weigh between 98-102 lbs. I hate it. I look like a crack addict or anorexic. I try to eat often, like six "meals" a day (remember I can't eat much), I can't seem to gain any weight. I rarely get in 450-600 calories a day. I try to eat high calorie items, even stuff like having a milk shake everyday. Anyone here having the same problem of have heard of anyone with this issue? THOUGHTS please.

  • oh my god I never thought anyone else was suffering like me but Ihad severe complications 2wks out iI had leak and infection my stomach contents were spilling out into my bloodstream septic shock then 6 mths later I had a blood clot that went to my lung then 3 wks ago I had an ulcer that perforated my small intestine septic shock again now iit's been 12 yrs since my original surgery i was 25 and weighed 279 now my bariatric surgeon is retired and no where to be found iI'm also hypoglycemic and can't eat I'mscared iI'm going die like this

  • I went to a bariatric surgeon specialist yesterday because of constant nausea. He did a EGD and told me the surgeon that did my surgery did not leave me with a poućh. How can an experienced bariatric surgeon not leave you with a pouch?? The specialist told me yesterday that there is no way to fix it and I would more than not be sick the rest of my life. I live on disability from the surgery but my measly check doesn't even cover my living expenses. I can't get a job because I am so sick all the time. Please anyone contemplating surgery just don't do it. You never know what can go wrong and you can i end up like me sick and tired and broke. 🙁

  • I sneeze too……all the time…I forgot to add this weird occurrence to my rant I just posted….2 years ago….without prejudice. …I will start sneezing!!! Like an allergy….eyes full up….nose gets congested and I sneeze about 10 to 30 sneezes for 10 minutes. Than BAM! return back to normal. I'm so glad ( yet sad too) that someone else has this strange symptom….. any ideas why? I have done research….and low levels of zinc….can turn your body into pure histamine. …next week…I'm having my zinc amongst other blood draws…..but I made my hemotologist add zinc test to my normal CBC.

  • I had my surgery RNY in 2008. If I could turn back time…..I'd never have had that wretched. …deliberating surgery. They don't tell you all the after effects of the surgery. I've had over 40 rounds of iron infusions…..I now have one every 3 weeks for life. Pancreatic problems……severe abdominal pain….bad blood…had 7 blood/iron transfusions to add to the list. Hair loss ( still) you name it…..I have it! Not to mention the strange and odd craving for wine. It seems to be the common denomination in post gastric bypass patients. I wonder if it's because it tastes like grape juice? It does for me. I have no calcium or Vit. D IN MY body…..I can't retain any iron storage. platelet counts drop and my WBC RISES while my body is fueled up with IRON. Weird huh? Typical now for me. If anyone is considering this surgery… not… ruined my life and my health….I'd rather be fat and sane and overall happy and healthy…..than to look good and feel lousy and depressed everyday. Rethink your options….I beg of you….PLEASE! I'm 42….too young to have all these health issues….I'm 8 years post op. ….OH…..and to add insult to injury… biatric doctor had his license to practice pulled 3 years ago…..TO ENDANGERING patients lives and patient neglect and risk. I would complain of symptoms only for my doctor to ignore, dismiss, and one odd thing…I never got the sensation of hunger….my doctors comment…..don't complain…you're one of the lucky ones!! I originally wanted lap band…not gastric bypass…my doctor kind of bullied me into the RNY. …stating….why not the RNY? I said…it's more risky…he replied what, you don't have an extra 20 minutes to spare? I have impeccable survival rate! So, I had it. Wished I looked more into it…it ruined my life…. and then he lost his license…..great doctor huh? WONDERFUL! !! Story of my life!

  • I also want to add….B12 deficiency. …have to have mon they B12 injections. I can't keep iron storage despite infusions. I get these weird sneezing episodes after I eat….my eyes swell up, stuffy nose and violent 20 to 30 sneezes. ..last 10 minutes. Severe abdominal and lower back pain. Throw up bile after eating. And it feels like I have air pockets that travel in my chest cavity. Like ping pong air ….I call girggles.'s the strangest feeling and drives me nuts. I can't eat more than 4 bites of food. I get sick everytime I eat. ..with the exception of my hungry horror day of grace I call it….one day every 6 weeks or so…I can eat a full plate of food without any consequences. ….my happy day!! I can't eat meat…dairy…rice…bread or pasta. I basically live off dry foods like crackers…I can have cheese…ONLY dairy food I can eat. I can't eat fruit. My teeth went down hill due to malapsorbtion. …uuggg…the list goes on 🙁

  • I had my surgery in 2002, great for a while, now I have severe leg and hand cramps so bad I have to go to the hospital this used to be about once every 2 years then 1 a year now every day, I live on Ativan, basically it calms my muscles down but it is also addictive, started out with 1 a day now up to 3 and all I do is sleep most of the time, can't drive can't go anywhere without someone with me, really really sucks! Oh and I also drink 72 oz of liquid and gained 40 lbs from quitting smoking and can't get it off, so mine was basically for nothing!

  • Thank you all for sharing your stories. Gives me a lot to think about regarding the surgery. I'm sorry you have suffered so much that you'd rather be morbidly obese again than thin with these complications. Wishing you all the best.

  • I had my bypass in 2007. I have gained all my weight back even with constant nausea every day. I had a upper GI and and found out the first surgeon didn't leave me ANY pouch! I went to a bariatric surgeon specialist and he said I will be sick the rest of my life! My bypass was a total mistake and I regret it ever day.

  • I agree with you…I had the surgery 14 years ago. I lost 150 pounds and over the last couple years have gained back about 30. This weight gain is due to my own eating habits and lack of physical activity. I also suffer from iron deficient anemia and require iron infusions every 6 months or so. In saying all this, these are side affects that were all possibilities that I knew may happen to me. Think back everyone…when you got the OK for surgery…that was the beginning of your new life. We have to take responsibility for our health where and when we can. Eating right…exercising…vitamins…please don't get me wrong…my heart goes out to those that have had surgical complications…some things we can not control. I guess I'm still grateful that I was able to even get the surgery 14 years ago. Even with the hair loss..vitamin deficiency..iron still was worth it..those were things I was willing to be ok with if they happened to me. I pray you all have good health…

  • Hi Everyone,wow reading these posts I thought I was the only one.. I have next to nil vitamin levels, severely anemic, vomit every day..oh I had my surgery June2013 a day before my birthday. I had one iron fusion as it was barbaric a d will never have it again. Both arms were swolta d black and blue. They couldn't get the iv in I was in tears. I have the absorption problem as well, it having the fusioiis out of the question now. I have lost 140 pours d continue to lose as I. An barely eat, and what I do I throw up…sexy!
    Thank you for sharing your stories.

  • I had the gastric bypass (rue n y) in 2004..I had the same as you.,stomach burning, low iron, I was allergic to the solution, and had to get a pint of benadryl before I got the iron infusion. 3x a week for 6 weeks. 3x in 3 yrs. I lost 100 3 1/2 mos. Really fast. I never lost another pound. My body went into complete shock, lost hair, nails and now my teeth. My surgery took 12 hours. After they was almost finished my intestines kinked, so they had to go back in and reduce the intestine. 3 months later it ended up I had H-polori ..I was so sick for the 1st year. 3500 mg. Of antibiotics for almost 3 months. Update..this year 2016. All my bloodwork is great. I gained 16 lbs back., but the Dr. Said that's not bad. But they contribute that to my thyroid which is bad now. At first I wish I didn't have it..because how sick I was, but today I'm glad I did. I'm finally healthy.

  • I had the gastric bypass (rue n y) in 2004..I had the same as you.,stomach burning, low iron, I was allergic to the solution, and had to get a pint of benadryl before I got the iron infusion. 3x a week for 6 weeks. 3x in 3 yrs. I lost 100 3 1/2 mos. Really fast. I never lost another pound. My body went into complete shock, lost hair, nails and now my teeth. My surgery took 12 hours. After they was almost finished my intestines kinked, so they had to go back in and reduce the intestine. 3 months later it ended up I had H-polori ..I was so sick for the 1st year. 3500 mg. Of antibiotics for almost 3 months. Update..this year 2016. All my bloodwork is great. I gained 16 lbs back., but the Dr. Said that's not bad. But they contribute that to my thyroid which is bad now. At first I wish I didn't have it..because how sick I was, but today I'm glad I did. I'm finally healthy.

  • My sister had by-pass surgery in 1998. she then was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, (not the surgeries fault. My sister has had (nausea, heartburn, low iron and many of the other "feelings". But Jaquie, my reply is mostly for you. A few months ago she was doubled over in agonizing pain. She couldn't get out of bed, only to attempt to make her bowels move. She had no success. She was constipated for (2) two weeks. On her fourth trip to the ER they finally did an MRI and X-rays. The doctors words were exactly, " She's literally full of shit". The moaning, groaning and crying continued for two more days. After a weight loss stand still of approximately 15 years she finally lost about 35 more lbs. She is now skinnier than me. which makes it that much easier to push her aside!

  • Boy am I glad that my concern about not eating anything nor drinking more than a mouthful of liquid, then the salivating starts and lasts for hours. I appreciate reading posts from just a few days ago and I am going to be making a doctor appointment to address some of the iron issues, not so good lab rrport. I am old, 67 and STILL have the Diabetes II I had before the bypass. I was diagnosed in 2014 with Parkinson's Disease. Fortunately, the symptoms are minimal (at this point, but I think constantly of the csvaet thst this is. of course, a progressive illness) I am attributing too many of the symptoms I do have to old age (tired and losing any vitality I had before retiring). I am not depressed, I am participating in life, I have picked up many skills after retirement, dropped those things and situations that were not adding to my life. Etc. I am just so glad I was feeling sick (still) and used the internet forum to seek answers. Guess the ball is in my court….no easier, softer way. The solutions are going to be looked at from a new perspective and with a much more mindful approach.

  • Thank you for sharing your story, I had gastric sleeve four years ago and have problems with iron deficiencies to following this, though not as bad as you have experienced.
    I am glad that I had this done, lost just over 60kgs. I was hypertensive (still have this), diabetic amongst other health issues. Most have resolved but I still have medication for the hypertension and am also bradycardic (slow pulse rate) I am active in sports, gym, walking. And am still working on losing the last 10 – 15kgs. Currently aged 60 years young, I am currently having issue with dizziness, This week I had unconscious collapse and ended up in hospital. I have reflux from the sleeve, they have not found any reason for collapse at this stage. I am due to see my doctor and cardiologist next week. Question is would the sleeve have anything to do with this four years on. I would be interested to hear what others thing, or of their experiences. Wishing everyone good health.

  • Hi I had the same surgery 3yrs ago almost and aside from dumping syndrome I'm always hungry usually at night I can't seem to eat much during the day but I've begun getting crippling pains in my stomach which hurt worse than child birth at times… I had a hernia repair a week before my bypass and a lot of the time I get excruciating pain in the area that was repaired. I definitely have food allergies now but I monitor that ie I can't eat eggs or a lot of dairy and sweets are a huge no go into average around 5kg gain only to get dumping syndrome and off it comes again. Basically I want to know if anyone else has had similar pains and if so what did you do.

  • Hi I had the same surgery 3yrs ago almost and aside from dumping syndrome I'm always hungry usually at night I can't seem to eat much during the day but I've begun getting crippling pains in my stomach which hurt worse than child birth at times… I had a hernia repair a week before my bypass and a lot of the time I get excruciating pain in the area that was repaired. I definitely have food allergies now but I monitor that ie I can't eat eggs or a lot of dairy and sweets are a huge no go into average around 5kg gain only to get dumping syndrome and off it comes again. Basically I want to know if anyone else has had similar pains and if so what did you do.

  • Scheduled to do this myself…scared after reading some of these! Will you be kind enough to be honest and tell me/us how your friend is coming along? Thank you!

  • If you don't mind me asking, roughly where are you located? I'm so sorry to hear all these bad stories. Your last six words have my attention, yet I'm so desperate. Please help…

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I will be 6 years post gastric bypass in October of 2016. I lost from 276# down to 157# and then I decided it was to much weight off so I gained back up to 170# over the next 2 years. Now I weight 185# and I love me just like I am. I could stand to lose 10 to 15 # but it is not a priority at this time. I was just diagnosis with Microcytic Hypochondria Anemia and now taking I-Care-C oral once a day and I don't think it is working. I have my blood rechecked in one month and then if I'm not absorbing the IRON then the Hematologist is talking about IV Iron. Thanks for sharing your story. Now I know I'm not the only one dealing with this problem. How are you doing Now?

  • Ice plus tired is an iron deficency. I was so low on iron storage late in my second pregnancy I literally would wake up put half my clothes on and need a nap.I was see through pale. Received an iron infusion and I watched as my skin turned tan and felt better very quickly. Go get your blood tested and start living again.

  • They say I have to have a positive attitude. How when I am sick morning to night? I just found out that the surgeon that did my first surgery did not leave me with a pouch so my food backs up into my esophagus and that is what is making me constantly nauseated. It has also caused me to start choking.the food rises up far enough that it triggers my "cough center". Last night I had a very scary choking episode. I have been to all the bariatric surgeons around and they say they can't help me. I have been advised to go back to the original surgeon and I'm thinking why he is the one that messed up in the first place! So I called to make an appt with him and he told me he can't see me because my case is too complicated! Somehow in all this i have managed to put back on all the weight! Because of no pouch the food is sitting in my esophagus which has caused it to stretch and now it won't function (normally it squeezes food from top to into your small intestines). I just don't know what to do, I take 2 different anti nausea meds and they make me feel like a zombie. This surgery is my worst nightmare. I'm sorry that all I did was complain but I don't have much to be happy about anymore.

  • I ate chicken fettuchini alfredo today at work, and thought I did ok but the pasta started swelling and I ended up throwing up. There was blood in it bright red blood. I'm worried. I have been taking aleve and ibuprofen occasionally for pain but I know I shouldnt… is there anything I can take for pain? what should I do?

  • When did you have your surgery? You shouldn't be throwing up red. I only take Tylenol otherwise we can end up with ulcers and ect. I would call your surgeon. Hope everything is ok.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about the problems after RNY. My daughter had the procedure 2 years ago. She has lost a ton of weight but like others here, learned she does not absorb iron. They don't tell you that in the info sessions. She had 10 iron infusions and her hematologist said that she won't need another for awhile but she'll have to monitor that forever. The infusions made an enormous difference though. She has more energy, better color, and isn't cold all the time. She also has made a big change in her diet, attempting to eliminate all sugar and avoids all grains. She had leg swelling and the elimination of sugar and grains has worked wonders. I'm happy that this seems to have resolved her issues and hope this info is helpful. Take care and best wishes to all.

  • Hi all I had Roux en y surgery in 2009 totally ruined my life my bones are falling to bits.My abdo region is a mess.Severe anaemia I have had infusions with no problems.I don't absorb nutrients. I am suffering I could ho on. I am on twitter.

  • I had my gastric bypass in 2007. Almost died 4 weeks later, due to Doctor knowing I had Latex Allergies. He put the big feeding tube in my old stomach, it was there policy because they had been sued to many times with patients being dehydrated. So I agreed to it. I had a hard tube latex free, while the other group of patients had the soft rubber tube. Everyone in my group was up and walking that day, when I could hardley move. I was embarrassed. Well, after getting home, I told my husband, somethings wrong. So we went back to my doctor, that was 2 hours away. He looked me over, checked my staples, says I'm fine, gave me liquid pain medicine. I kept telling him, my stomach hurt where the huge tube was going into my old stomach. He just said, you will be fine. Not!!! Things got worse. The area around the tube started to smell, we went BACK to the doctor. Guess what he said? Your not cleaning well enough. Omg. So off to home again in sever pain. I made an appointment with my primary physician, he said, what???? He looked in the hole that was around my tube, it was rotting. He gave me local and cut out the NYLON STITCHES OFF THE TUBE, that held it in my stomach. NYLON STITCHES are get this, LATEX!!!!!! Really???? Are you kidding me? After IV antibiotics, and my primary doctor calling my gastric sergion, ripping him a new butt hole, my sergion called me in to come see him. He appoligized. Omg… Ugggggg. Then said I could get put under General anesthetic, and get the tube pulled out, as it had grown into my old stomach, because of the infection caused by the LATEX STITCHES. Has it done. 1 year later I had sever pain, went to get CT SCAN, emergency Herniated intestine surgery, caused by the doctor that just PULLED OUT THE TUBE. OMG… I remember being under, and all of a sudden sitting up on the table, and breathing heavy. Then it hit me, my body was feeling the pain from the tube being pulled out of me, but when I woke up, it was just a memory. Pure HELL…. Now 2016, and 30 iron infusions later, I can't eat without throwing up, I go 9 days no bowel movements. Had CT CONTRAST SCAN, now I have incurable gatroperisis. The surgery I had to save my life, is now a slow, suffering painful til death. Whomever is reading this, and thinking of having this surgery, please, I beg you, DONT DO IT. I might be 90 pounds less now, but I feel like death everyday. And being there lightweight as they called me in our group, at 5'7 and 255, I should probably have never been given the surgery. I suffer everyday. I can only eat mashed up foods. No meats, no pastas, no rice, no bread, no hard vegetables, I basically live off of crackers, pretzels, chips, and cottage cheese. Pure and utter hell. I pray there is a Buffett in HEAVEN…

  • I had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in 2005. I was extremely nauseous after surgery but that was my fault. I did not take Nexium as prescribed. Apparently my liver was sending the same amount of bile into my stomach as when I had a larger stomach. Since there was a lot less food I was getting an ulcer. I take Famotadine 20mg daily. I went from 325 to about 210 and that took 9 months. My appetite came back with a vengeance. Since my stomach is smaller I would have to vomit. I have had one or two episodes of iron deficiency. This past year, 10 years later,I started almost fainting issues. My iron levels were anemic.I took Iron tablets for a month and started consuming large quantities of spinach and Kale daily , usually in some kind of shake with fresh ginger, plain yogurt, tofu, and some kind of frozen fruit and a scoop of Andrew Lessman protein powder. ……….food with sugar and high fat content makes me very ill. That doesn't stop me from eating it but I have to vomit it out or suffer the consequences of intestinal pain and cramps. There is food I cannot eat any longer like peanut butter and cream cheese,butter, and I can no longer digest meat. Before I had my surgery I was in so much pain from all the weight on my joints that at my age I realized I had eaten everything I had ever wanted and needed to get rid of the pain. So at 61 I am around 230 instead of 325. Life is better than it was and I consider my surgery a success. Social eating and parties are avoided because I usually overeat and then have to vomit. If you have not been successful at losing weight without surgery and your health is on the line this surgery will change the way you eat. If you think it is a miracle cure then read all the posts again. Gastric Bypass is no picnic but if you can control yourself and follow doctor orders and get plenty of iron it will probably save your life. At 61 my blood pressure is low to normal and I am more active. Oh , I forgot, you will probably loose a lot of hair from lack of normal amounts of protein. It does grow back. Mine did after I started eating lots of yogurt and tofu,kale and spinach.

  • My Story is below. I had my surgery in 2005. I don't eat eggs anymore. They make me sick and for some reason they make me want to binge eat. It sounds crazy.I do drink a lot of milk and make my own yogurt. I mostly drink the nutritious foods that I want to keep in my body. Plain water makes me sick to the stomach? I drink Wylers with artificial sweetener. I try not to drink too much. The pains might be from too much acid in your stomach and not enough food to absorb it. I take Famotodine 20mg daily.For me, one piece of plain oatmeal bread without butter absorbs the acid. Hope that helps.

  • I had my first gastric bypass in the 1970's but the pouch was not small enough. So I had another one in January 1982 and in March 1983,I gave birth to a 1 lb. 2 oz baby. He is now 33 years old and has given me a grandson. No one is sure why he was born so early but I am convinced it had something to do with losing weight so fast. I have had one iron IV infusion but had such a terrible reaction that the rest were canceled. Having a hysterectomy solved that problem. About 20 years post-op, I thought I was dying but finally found that it was pernicious anemia (B12 deficiency) despite eating things with B12 and taking supplements. I had no Intrinsic Factor so could not absorb the B12. I think that was because of the surgery. I have been giving myself a B12 injection every 2 weeks for more than 15 years. Small price to pay to be able to walk, think and see. I weighed 325 when I had the surgery and have lost almost all I wanted to. I'd like to lose about 25 more but I feel good and am able to play with my grandson. But if I had it to do over, I don't think I would do it again.

  • Hi, I am so sorry that you are going through this. Your first doctor should be taking care of you and you really should talk to an attorney if it is not too late. Why didn't he leave a pouch for you? I am having a similar problem except that I have my stomach. I had the sleeve. I'm having trouble getting food down and when I do, it just comes back up. My esophageal sphincter is too loose or something. And, now they want to do gastric bypass to "fix it" supposedly. No other doctors will talk to me either or help me…they don't want to be involved because they are afraid of being sued. They all cover each other's backs I am told. Can you get an opinion out of state? I know you posted a while ago, but, please let us know how you are doing or message me on here if that is possible. I am new to blogger, sorry. I hope you got well and found a solution. Peace.

  • No I haven't found any answers. I want to get it reversed but no one will do it. My surgeon that did it and messed up said my case is too "complicated". Geez thanks that helps me a bunch. I feel like i have the stomach flu 24/7. I'm on 2 different nausea meds but they only take the edge off and they aren't supposed to be taken for long periods of time. I have no life. I can't go anywhere, I don't remember how to have fun. This surgery ruined my life. I really just want to die but I'm not in control of that. I'm sorry this post is so negative but there isn't much in my life that is positive right now.

  • Please make sure that the “sugar” tablets your sister is taking aren’t just sugar cubes or something similar. She should be taking what’s called glucose tablets, to raise her blood glucose(blood sugar). Also, these should only be taken when her blood sugar is low. She should talk with her primary physician about this. They should be able to give her better guidance.

  • The first month after my GB surgery I too could not hold anything down. The Dr. had to go back in and found a sizable adhesion (scarring) that was causing an obstruction. Once removed, everything worked out fine.

  • I have never been a big eater. Food has never been my friend. My issue was candy. Since my surgery I have limited my candy intake to very little. However eating the proper food was never a issue for me as I stated food was not my issue. However, now that I have had the surgery, food is a true enemy of mines because I can’t eat at all. It is very frustrating my calorie intake is less than 500 a day. I eat less than a salad plate of food and I’m full as soon as I eat as little as one chicken wing. It has 9 years since my surgery my body is in constant starvation mode. I have gain all the weight back and some. I cant say I’m having any health issues I just can’t eat. I don’t feel bad and I’m never hungry, and that doesn’t help. I can’t say I regret having the surgery because I don’t, but to see the weight come back and I know its not from eating the wrong things it because I am starving because I can’t eat. If I force myself to over eat I have to regurgitate because my stomach hurts so bad.
    Just a side note: I feel if you have a slow metabolism the surgery is going to be a failure no matter what you do. My Dr. advised me before I had the surgery I was not a good candidate because I already had a eating disorder but due to me being on steroids for my asthma I had gain a tremendous amount of weight tipping the scale at 309. I only loss 80 pounds after the surgery it took 3 years.

  • I to am 13 years out, we deal with so much and although I have not gained back, I suffer with vitamin deficiency, lost all my teeth, iron low, b12 low, cold, dizy, confusion, can’t consintrate,can’t see, my joints hurt terriably, no energy, dumping sysdrom which I think is worse then diabetes. Restless leg is off the charts. I could do on. With the health care cost today it’s a death sentence. I was 40 when I had it now 53. I think to myself was it worth it to be skinny for a few years. It was suppose to extend my life and get back to being active and healthy. Yea right.

  • I am approaching my 11 yr RnY gastric bypass anniversary. Drinking water will not as easily “feel” like it goes down that soon post-surgery, or for some patients ever. It took me yrs before I could actually “drink” vs sip more than a couple consecutive in a row. Try the GreatValue or Crystal light brands Apple “koolaid”. Has nice, lite flavor which your new taste buds may prefer. Also suggest try the Orange. Tastes like OJ to me. Above all, give yourself a chance to adjust to all the changes ur body’s undergoing and give yourself a break. Focus on staying hydrated with gently balanced electrolytes vs just water. The pH-enhanced waters may be more easily also. Those weren’t really available when I was newly a gastric bypass pt. Hope helps & enjoy!

  • I had gastric bypass 3 years ago. I too have had some complications and currently am very frustrated. My bypass was in December 2013. In November 2014, I had emergency surgery for an ulcer that had me on the verge of becoming septic. I recovered from that but still didn’t feel 100%. In March of 2015, I had more abdominal pain which led my surgeon to send me for another Ct scan. Showed I had twisted bowels and surgery…again. Doc went in also had adhesions so that was fixed as well. I recouped well from that and finally started to feel somewhat better. Not for long though. From September 2015 through probably may 2016 I had on and off abdomen pain. I had bouts of SEVERE abdomen spasming and cramping and bad bad pain. Several rounds of this. Nothing helped. It was so painful. Wasn’t sure what was going on. Finally went back to doctor, and they did yet another ct scan. Surprise! You have intusucception. I found that out in August of 2016. Surgery was in September 2016. Rough recovery and haven’t felt right since. Went to see a gastro specialist. He is amazing. Helps me through a lot. Tested for celiac negative. Put me on librax and is somewhat helping. My primary gave me bentyl for in between spasming. Which by the way….still having. I have breakthrough often. Nausea often. I live with a heating bad. I am able to tolerate food, but everything seems to bother me lately. December 2016….had diarrhea for 10 days. Finally went to er for severe dehydration and they hooked me up. Potassium was low. Did ct scan….and intusucception was back. They admitted me with iv fluids for 5 days. Found out I had an infection. Put me on cipro. Diarrhea stopped. Repeated Ct scan 24 hours later, one spot of intusucception resolved but now have another. Doc sent me home. Haven’t felt right since. They didn’t want to do surgery so quickly again. My gastro doc seems to think I have adhesions on my loop. My surgeon doesn’t think surgery will help. Wants me to try altering my diet. And go from there. Stay active yada yada. Same thing I have been dealing with. I’m at a loss and don’t know what to do. Has anybody else has this experience or have any advice. I’m so frustrated and don’t really know what to do or say anymore. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

  • I also has gastric bypass 11 years ago and to date I have not had any side effect. I am so sorry some people have to go through terrible side effects. I lost 150 pounds and am my goal weight of 145 pounds. I do however have to take vitamin B12 injections monthly. I take prescription ferocon for iron and folic acid and have done so for 11 years. My labs are right on as my doctor checks them twice a year. I pray that anyone suffering from side effect finds solutions. I have never regretted the surgery and may be one of the lucky ones. I turn 50 this year and it’s the best thing I’ve done for my health. Good luck everyone.

  • I’m great that yours worked out for you. As for me this October will be 7 years. I’ve lost 175 lbs and unfortunately I had 2 surgeries in which the first one in 2013 I could have died from a severe strangulation of my intestines in which 6 feet were removed and what should have been a 4 day hospitalization turned into a 23 day stay and 34 pounds lost. I was simply skin and bones and I went from a size 28 big mama to a size 1. The Blessed part of my story was that it taught me to value and love myself more and that life can be taken for granted so embrace it!

  • Hello I as well am having the same problems. I am malnourished look terrible at 139 lbs at 5’10”. I can not eat more than 3 spoons if food. I am dying.

  • I am also having over reaction to foods. I am now 140 lbs @ 5′ 10″. I look like walking falls on deaf ears at the dr office. I am not able to remember things pass out and sleep anywhere.

  • Oh my!! I am having the same issue… it will wake me up at night when I roll over it feels like I am laying on a golf ball….. Im getting that sick feeling after eating anything and my by pass was Jan 2007…. not sure if i need to call the doctor who preformed my surgery or a gastro doctor…..

  • Hi,
    I had my rou en y gastric bypass 10 years ago. Knowingly previous low iron so am on B12 injections & foliate tablets. To the point I was 136kg & went down to 70kg & kept it off for 4 years. Then after a nervous breakdown I’m on lifelong medications for which have left me with metabolic syndrome. Well, this sucks & was wondering even if you don’t have the understanding of metabolic syndrome….how do I loose the 30kg that I have stuck back on. I already feel horrible due to depression so how does one loose the stubborn weight. Fluid diets don’t work with me. High protein low carb used to work but now my body just will not budge! Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • I had my gastric by pass surgery 20 years ago and I have been suffering every since.
    The surgeon never told me any of the complications I would get from the surgery.. it took me 10 years of eating soft foods mashed potatoes and stove top stuffing are the only things I could keep down till my stomach would allow me to eat again.. I gained all but 25 pounds back..
    My surgeon got suspended a month after my surgery and was given to somebody else to take care of me who didn’t give a s*** so I stopped seeing the surgeons..
    It took me 18 years to stop vomiting with every spoon for food I would vomit for 30 minutes afterwards

  • Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I
    provide credit and sources back to your blog?
    My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my users would really
    benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this okay with you.

    Thank you!

  • Your comment is not helpful Criticizing people that express how they have dealt with their surgeries is unkind. No one here didn’t research no one hear was not informed. Most if you notice are several years out and I suspect doctors haven’t got a clue how the body deals with this long term. I went to a seminar did everything right lost 200# was asked to speak at the seminar in behalf of the surgery. Now 8yrs out I’m sick. I won’t BORE you with details but it’s quite obvious the medical community doesn’t do follow up as well as they should and doesn’t address the issues that occur in patients long years out from the surgery.

  • I am glad to hear I’m not alone. I feel helpless. I’m 17 years post op and a single mother of a 2 and 14 year old. I have vitamin deficiency, anemia, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. I’m only 37 years old and feel like under be in a retirement home. I can’t find a dr that will even try and find out the true cause or repair of any of my issues. All they do is refer me to gastrointestinalists for another endoscopy that appears fine , blood work with the same results and load me up on high doses of vitamins. I just feel like giving up and for my kids, I can’t. I’m so lost!

  • Sorry, to say. But keep an eye on that pain on the left side. I had my bypass in 2005. Many side affects ive had besides the usual vomitting, diaerr5, blood transfusions, iron infusions, hair loss,weaknedd, depression. This past week after having pain so excruciating. My gallbladder, which wad full of stoned, was diseased and i immediate neef of removal, the intestines inside me were not attached anywhere in the stomache
    Causing pain like id NEVER NEW EXISTED. THEY ALSO FOUND A

  • I craved ice until I got iron by iv……all went great now you body just has spells about every 2 or 3 weeks. That it hurts all over for about 5. Days. They say it’s fibromyalgia..but I have my doubts. Cause nothing helps

  • I totally can relate i have now after 4 yrs of gastric low blood sugar ,rapid heart palpation, pain in uppr stomach which i loose my breath , hair all fried skin looks like a aligator skin. Depressed afraid to go outside due to passing out into a seizure been to alot of dr thy say no seizures ,no heart problems hypoglycemia none of these drs even gave a rats $@@ on my symptoms

  • I totally can relate i have now after 4 yrs of gastric low blood sugar ,rapid heart palpation, pain in uppr stomach which i loose my breath , hair all fried skin looks like a aligator skin. Depressed afraid to go outside due to passing out into a seizure been to alot of dr thy say no seizures ,no heart problems hypoglycemia none of these drs even gave a rats $@@ on my symptoms ..staying cold constantly..what is the purple pill

  • I am 2 yrs out from gastric sleeve surgery and 6mns from a roueny just found out that I’m low on iron and b12 because of surgeries. I’m 42 and getting ready to have a hesterectomy. Cause of all this crap.

  • No it is true most but not all become alcoholics or start doing drugs. I had the gastric bypass but my weight gain wasn’t caused from eating to much. It was caused from 13 back surgeries. My doctor said when he went in my stomach was was already small. So he only took a little off. I am now a recovering alcoholic. My sister is fighting a drug addiction. And i wasn’t even a drinker at the time. It was a craving.

  • What a shame. ETOH (alcohol) abuse is common among all of the population and our genes can make us prone to it also. This sham operation has irreparably broken people who had a fighting chance. Do some research. Oh that right. It’s hard to find when weight loss is such a lucrative biz. May God be with anyone who may choose or have chosen this path. We are brave and adventure in the unknown. The demented people who decided shaming fat persons to eventually make money from their filthiness will pay to God for messing with His design but to judge so harshly ‘anonamous’ is crappy. Shame on you. Try having an open mind, getting educated, having some grace, and getting off your high horse. I am personally 9 yrs out from surgery with multiple complications that were known but unpublished at time of surgery. Believe me I have kicked my own butt more than I care to admit. Whatever you do. Whoever you love. Love them as they are. Never have this surgery. EVER!

  • I think the issue here is that for some of us who are out farther are able to give insight where we had none. True good data is now being presented. Had the data that is available now been available to me then, I would have not had this surgery.

  • if you don’t drink alcohol, and you stay in full contact with your support team your chances of having any complications are very low. I have a great team that stays on top of every problem. I had a elevated potassium level and got a call the same day with medicine to correct the problem. i have lost my weigh on schedule and now have only 20 to go in the next 6 months. I watch all that I eat and take the correct vitiams and minerals. my family is a terrific support system with food and excersise. I did have thining hair but my stylest cut it and helped me with regrowth. Protein shakes with “extras” in it is the easiest way to get enough protein and they taste good. I snack on just about everything, as long as it is on my required food list. Remember No Bread, pasta, fried foods, soda or “bars”! soft, semi soft, easiely digestable! I do eat a handful of m & m’s every now and then. I walk 30 minutes everyday and do resistant bands. I had my gastric bypass sleeve 11/02/2016. So happy with the results! Do your research!

  • Thank you for your success story. I have just begun the process of getting my surgery and a lot of these stories we’re making me second guess.

  • i have had great results with mine up until about 2 years ago and now just about everything gives me diaria and mine was done about 40 yrs ago if it wasnt for the diaria it would be perfect

  • I had gastric bypass surgery 13 years ago.i continue to have eating problems- milk, ice cream, meat,vegetables, eggs, fruit. I often vomit after eating. I’ve had iron infusion and have developed Calcium kidney stones. I see my urologist every four months for stone development. I’ve had the stones blasted five times in four years. Now I have osteoporosis and receive injections twice a year, and take 4 calcium citrate tablets each day. I initially lost 83 lbs.- not a lot- and have gained back 40. I feel better if I eat cold food instead of hot. Peanut butter on Toast, cookies, mashed potatoes,canned peas are my go to foods most of the time.Also, Diet Coke which is the worst thing for my kidney stones. My social life was usually eating out with a movie, play, concert. Eating out now is a joke! I never really wanted the surgery but was talked into it by my doctor, and friends who had had the surgery. None of them have had post op problems. I’d never do it again! Oh, and my diabetes that disappeared after surgery is returning as my A1C is starting to climb.

  • Go to DR immediately either a hematologist or the ER I am 20 years out and ice was all I used to eat when I finally went to the ER for just feeling like couldn’t stand anymore I had to get my first blood transfusion which then started my rounds of iron and blood please get this checked out it is very dangerous most doctors will not check for your iron you have to ask for your iron and your B12 it is the only one with a yellow top most doctors say they checked everything and they’ll have all sorts of different colored tops purple is your CBC Etc Brown orange you have all sorts of different color tops but yellow is the only one that checks for iron so please please please get it checked out before it’s too late my prayers are with you

  • I hope what I am going to tell everyone is helpful. I had gastric bypass in September of 2004. I went from 285 to 132 and stayed there for years. I knew at that time that I had Hypothyroidism. I then got pregnant and gave birth in 2009. It took me 18 months to recover. I so did not understand what was going on with me. Let me start with this. I didn’t just have Hypothyroidism, I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder. Hypothyroidism is a symptom, not the disease. Levothyroxine was not working. My hair w a small falling out and I felt like 8 was going to have a nervous breakdown. I started doing research and switched to Armor thyroid. I then switched to Nature Throid and an now on WP THROID. It has natural fillers, so it does not cause an allergic reaction. Another thing they do not tell you is that your Throid and ferritin (stored iron, not iron in the blood) go hand in hand. I kept losing my hair on and off. I did more research and realized this. I went as organic on iron supplements as I could and slowly but surely, both levels started coming up. They are not where they need to be, but it is going to take some time. There is so much more I have found in my research, but first step is getting a Thyroid panel along with B12 and ferritin levels, and then take it from there. If your doctor only wants b to do a TSH test only, time to find a new doctor.

  • The cause of Hashimoto Disease is unknown but most have family members who have a thyroid disorder leading researchers to suggest a genetic link. Also, Hashimoto Disease affects about seven times as many women as men, suggesting that sex hormones may play a role. Furthermore, some women have thyroid problems during the first year after having a baby. Although the problem usually goes away, as many as 20% of these women develop Hashimoto’s years later.

  • Phyllis, it’s great that you are having such amazing results with our surgery. Please understand that everyone has different results so lecturing based on your own personal experience is inappropriate. Additionally, there is a huge difference between being less than a year out from surgery and being 8-10 years out from surgery. There is also a difference between the Gastric Sleeve and the Roux-en-Y Bypass.

    To share two quick stories:
    (1) I had my surgery on 4/11/2007. I started at 474 lbs and at one point went down to 207 lbs. Every respectable surgeon will tell you that everyone gains about 20% of the lost weight back and I was no exception. My surgeon actually told me I wouldn’t end up under 250. He was right. My body settled around 270. In 2016, both my parents died and I became depressed, my old friend (food) crept back in and my lack of energy kept me from doing much. One day I noticed that I had a distended upper abdomen and pain in my lower abdomen. The lower is a small umbilical hernia from my loose skin removal, not sure yet about the upper. I am currently at 325 lbs. That’s 50-60 in less than a year. yikes!
    (2) My friend Patricia had her surgery in 2008. She couldn’t stop losing weight. She went under 100 lbs and they were force feeding her every high caloric food possible to keep her from disappearing. It was a legit concern. She made it through and is doing much better now only she was so emaciated, for so long, that became the norm for her. Now that she’s a more respectable 145 lbs (she’s 5’8″), she believes she’s fat.

    As I said.. it’s different for everyone so don’t judge, don’t preach.. support.

  • I find this post most interesting. Your partner was 17 when she had gastric bypass which means she was either emancipated or had her parent’s permission. At 17 she would also not qualify for her own medical insurance unless emancipated but most likely was under her parent’s insurance. She was able to stay on her parent’s insurance until age 26 so I have to assume that either she moved to your insurance? or her parent’s lost their insurance? or her parents decided to drop her from their policy. I am sorry for what she is going through.

  • Medical Plans have Limitations & Exclusions like anything else (warranties, any type insurance policy, etc.). Health Insurance companies do not generally cover gastric bypass surgery even with medical necessity unless the employer is large enough they have a self-funded group and decide to add the morbid obesity rider to the plan. With that said, if your medical plan would not cover the surgery in the first place, it is also not going to cover any complications that come from having this elective surgery. One option (not sure if this is possible) would be to find an employer who has a plan that will provide you some of these benefits. I work for a large health insurance company and they do have a rider that provides for some benefits in this area.

  • I would think they’d do additional imaging such as having you swallow a camera scope, an ultrasound or perhaps a CT scan. Your pain could be due to a twisted intestine, it could be due to slow moving (backed up) bowels. It’s important to note that even if you are having bowel movements, you can still be backed up. Apart from that it could also be a Petersen’s Hernia (which is why I bring up the imaging aspect – an xray is not going to show that).

  • I am sorry to hear that you are having so many issues. I am not sure if your physicians have done this but if they have not done any imaging (CT scan), please ask them to do so. The “ghost” abdominal pains often do not show up during scopes, etc., because they are are caused by hernias (Peterson’s, umbilical, etc)

  • I was unable to get through all the posts but thank you everyone for leaving them. I’m leaving my own post along with some things to think about.

    – Always have your B1, B12, D and Iron checked and supplement as needed (water soluable, sublingual/liquid if possible). Those are the most common to get low and cause you issues. Sadly you can’t check your Calcium but if you are not drinking enough water to talk calcium citrate… you need to get there. Calcium checks are done through bone density scans.

    – For those of us who have a relatively successful experience (for years) but have or are gaining weight.. if you’d like to form a support group, please let me know.

  • Most doctors DO check iron levels they just are not trained to do an in-depth iron test including all four levels. The main one is the SERUM FERRETIN. It should be at a minimum of 50, 100-200 is good.
    After 4 years of trying to figure out what was wrong with me, my GI doctor checked my serum ferritin level and it is at a 9. I just had my first two iron infusion; next month I’ll find out and hopefully the numbers will be higher.

  • I had my surgery 13 years ago, I have kept off all but 12 lbs due to always fighting my way back to the gym, I have 5 ruptured discs,spinal stenosis, scoliosis, arthritis and to beat all I’m menopausalhave hypothyroidism. you see all of this has happened over the past 2 yrs, I am a preschool teacher and a first time grandma,I have to pray each day for strength to be able to get up and to walk up right and to have strength for the day and for patience to teach and not to drink that Pepsi I so want and to eat something that’s not good for me but thats when I remember that GOD is a forgiving GOD! Now don’t get me wrong that does not give me permission to feel sorry for myself but to keep things into perspective. I’ll pray for u and all those that are out there in need because we all are!!!!

  • I am just how now seeing this post today. I hope you are feeling better by now; however, if not I am sure your iron is too low aka ice eating, and you are probably having issues with your parathyroid due to vitamin deficiency. This is what happened to me.

  • Same here – RnY May 2015 and I’m in great shape! I don’t regret doing this. I’m sorry others are having such a terrible time.

  • Hello my name is Audrey and I had surgery in 2012 then a revision in feb 2017, had complications so I had a revision to my revision in June 2017, I’m a anemic and I had to have a blood transfusion still don’t feel good, I’m still tired. I’m not eating because all I do is spit daily from the time I get up until I go to sleep. I’m constipated n bloated, food is not digesting. Any and all advice is appreciated. I’m on my way to ER now cause I’m hurting n tired

  • Really tell us how it goes after 10 year, after 2 years u will be wondering. If u had lap, thin u just don’t

  • If your taking pain mess, you will feel constipated and are as well as bloated. I go to bed with a plate usually softer foods that I love and every time a turn over I get a bite. It’s how I survive.

  • im glad to read your post. I’ve also started proceedings to have a gastric sleeve done and these posts are scaring the crap out of me. i am little concerned about the vitamin deficiency but i think you have to weigh out the positives for the procedure. it will hopefully enchance your life in the future,blood pressure and helping in not developing diabetes. i was not aware of the siezure situation and that it what i was trying to read up on.

  • I need to talk to you. I am 55, and had my gastric bypass in June of 1998.

    First 10 years I was good… now? I feel 80 years old, no energy, mentally defeated. I have been taking multi vitamin, 40,000 ius of d3, b complex everyday, calcium everyday because I am lactose intolerant. I feel miserable, depressed, and most days feel like never leaving the house. This is not me!!! Advice on supplements, etc…

  • I will be 7yrs.RXY Aug.16th.I wieghed 287 going in Im at 155 5’6 and been this same weight for the last 4 yrs.
    No problems so far,dumping syndom afew times,
    Im 59 yrs.old and would do it all over again if needed to?
    I hate to hear bad stories about this surgery,
    but not 1 person is the same

  • I had my gastric bypass done + 2010 after fighting my weight for years because of having polycystic ovarian syndrome in other words PCOS. my body had begun to shut down and it was thinking it was starving all the time so I continue to hold the weight and going from a a job where is constantly moving to a sit-down job I put on 100 pounds in less than a year. I did nothing but cry all the time could not understand why this was happening to me and hated the fact that people judged me always saying oh she must stuff her face. one time I turn around and yelled at a person I eat less than you probably do on a daily basis let’s compare. My primary tried so hard to convince me to do the gastric bypass but I kept saying no I want to lose it the right way. I had already had two children by previous marriage so when I married my husband in my second marriage we decided after 9 years of try to have a child to just give up. I then developed the kidney stones all the time I was constantly in and out of the hospital having them removed. After my last removal we found out I was 8 weeks pregnant. my pregnancy was hard as my weight level went up even more. by this time I was at almost 300 pounds a year later I gave birth to our second child I was at the highest weight of 334 pounds. At that point I could not take it so I gave in and had the gastric done. At first I was in heaven watching the weight down off of me I got all the way down to 190. but because my skin was so stretched out I now have all this excess skin hanging from my arms and from my sides and stomach. which just put me in more of a depressive state. But I would tell myself everyday it could always be worse I could still weight the 334 pounds. The first three years I had no problems stuck to my schedule did everything I needed to do kept the weight off life was good. Then one day I started getting these ungodly pains in my stomach to the point where I would be on the floor hysterical in tears. A year-and-a-half of this pain being rushed to the hospitals only for them to look at me like I was crazy or a drug addict it would get to the point where I would scream at them I don’t want any drugs or anything I just need to figure out what is causing us and why. I went to another gastric doctor Who went further into your intestines. We thought the problem was I had an infection in my large intestine that was diagnosed by me doing a breath test and measuring gas in me. But two months later the pain again so my gastric doctor decided to do exploratory surgery only to find out that my large intestine was being smashed up against my wall by the scar tissue which was causing everything to backup until it couldn’t anymore and then it would push through causing horrible pain. Since that I have become anemic I don’t hold my vitamin D anymore to the point where I have to take 50,000 mg a day. still can’t get the surgery to remove the fat because of my stupid Insurance Company I have now developed sores all over my arms back hips thighs and now on my scalp. they have both me and prodded me and ran every test and giving me every drug that we could possibly think of and steroids and nothing has worked no one can figure out what it is four biopsies later still no answers I feel like an absolute freak don’t want to go out he going to work anymore it’s embarrassing because of the steroids I have now put 40 pounds back on and I still have no answers on what is causing my body to do this I am writing this it hopes that someone will read it and can possibly tell me one God’s name is causing this to give me some hope that maybe someone else has experienced it diagnosed and treated. Please reach out to me.

  • […] Gastric Bypass Surgery: Gastric Bypass Problems Years … – It’s been years since my gastric bypass surgery, I have had to deal with many gastric bypass complications years later. I’ve had to deal with gatric bypass side … […]

  • I had my surgery in 1997. I kept over 80 pounds off until I had another child in 2001. Now I am only 30 pounds lighter and it’s a struggle to keep it from going up more. From the day I had the surgery I have never recovered my energy levels. I have always taken supplements as directed but doesn’t matter. I’m 51 now and I have no energy. My doctor say my blood work is perfect, but I have no energy. I get a lot of abdominal pain lately and when they did an MRI they said I have a little intestinal prolapse which is supposedly normal with bypasses done so long ago, but I experience a lot of discomfort most of the time and often when I eat anything I will break into a horrible sweat. It drenches me and started happening right after the surgery. As time goes on it gets worse and worse. I really want my surgery reversed, but I am afraid the complications from that could be worse than what I already suffer. Anyone have any experience going through a reversal that might have some advice?

  • I too had gastric bypass 12 years ago & have been anemic, had throwing up issues…etc. After gaining some weight back then losing it again I finally figured out that I have to eat as healthy as I can. By doing this and incorporating the right vitamin & herb supplements I feel so much better…I know I’m heading in the right direction now. I like to research nutrition & healing herbs & I found most of my help in a book called “Medical Medium. I hope this helps you!

  • hi audrey, i feel the same! its frustrating and depressing and today at work EMBARRASING! im so sick of the foamies after i eat and the pain all day. and the constant need to eat something anything to calm my esophagus . oh it goes on and on. ive already had iron infusions b12 injections … rny in 2007 … so i guess im on track for failure. ugh
    good luck to you! Next week i will be looking for a specialist, HAD ENOUGH!

  • GOOD LUCK! I am 11 yrs out with many of the same comments as all of us on here. even yours dearheart! stay on top !

  • Hi. I’m Missy. I had gastric bypass 11 years ago. I have been overweight my whole life. I went through the surgery and everything went well. Yeah right. The drs told me.after my first follow ups I was eating too much. Not. I ate very little and healthy. Didn’t lose enough. Though I didn’t lose enough I still lost and the drs weren’t happy. I guess that put me off and I still ate little and healthy but maybe not more. I am very tired and iron levels low. Still taking meds but deveoped pains across my chess feeling like heart attack or a heart related issue. Ddint even think of it being scar tissue. Still it is painful but now I am trying to do what I can.
    I gained a lot. But I’m still greatful to have lost the weight and saved myself from all other health issues

  • Hello
    I’m also having problems 5 years after gastric bypass. Actually biggest mistake I’ve ever made. 3 years after surgery I noticed my antidepressant wasn’t working. I was waking up 2-3 times a night with severe panic attacks. I told my doc and she said that was weird and basically said she didn’t know what to do for me. Seriously that’s what she said. So I kinda just walked out. Absolutely terrified and lost. So after months of being off my meds (except ativan) I started losing weight fast and everytime I ate, my anxiety would go through the roof?? Yeah didn’t understand that. Depression set in badly and so did the attacks of panic. Went to E.R. 3 times. Finally they hooked me up in a CBT program. There was a med doc in program who told me my antidepressants were not being absorbed. So he told me to crush the pill and our it in pudding. That didn’t seem to work so I went on a liquid anti. After 4 weeks I still was feeling the same way. Found a new med doc and he didn’t believe the not absorbing thing and neither did the gastro surgeon. So I was put on zoloft, Olizapine. 2 weight gainers but thought I was safe. Here I am and I’ve gained the weight back?? Gastro surgeon said it was because of meds??? I’m so confused. They knew I was on anti’s when I had surgery. Now it’s been 5 years and I’m overweight and having really bad stomach pains. Top of belly. One side kinda swells up after I eat. Feels right, can’t breath cause of discomfort. Taking gas x, pep to and using heating pad. Now I can’t eat cause it hurts. Losing my mind here! ??

  • I had my gastric bypass 9/24/2001. Yea first five yrs were great. But so many problems with digestion, gas, pain. I just finally had my doctor me my I’m extremely anemic. But also my blood levels are so low 7.4l that I’ll a transfusion. But its only been the past 5months that I’ve lost a third of my blood. It sounds like i have the same issues as most ppl here but doctor thinks must be bleeding internally to have lost so much blood. Wondering if anyone here was bleeding iternally and thats why you needed a transfusion? I guess i am hoping its just my iron levels not making blood vs internal bleeding. Anyone know? I an going to a GI SPECIALIST next week. But this is crazy. Plus ive gained 80pd back, though i barely eat and either throw up or diahera all the time. Crazy ive. gained weight back. U can email me if u want to chat. Im 39 feel like 89

  • I had GB in 2003. I almost died from internal bleeding from it. I was to be up walking after but thankfully I am allergic to anesthesia. Thankfully my Dr. blew off my suggestion that since my brother is that I might be too. Had I been up and walking I would have died that day. Transfusions kept me going for yrs. No dr in KS, where I had surgery, or TX, where I had moved to 4 yrs later, ever considered anything but transfusions to bring up my CBC. They checked nothing. My surgeon left the office in Topeka so they did nothing to help. I moved to TN 2.5 yrs ago. Last Christmas my kids had had enough of my being winded from just walking 10 ft. and being so pale. My hair was incredibly thin. My nails had peeled away without pain or bleeding from my fingers. I had a CBC of 4.8. My feritin was a 3. I also had Flu type B. I was dying from it all because my body couldn’t beat it. I was put in hospital at UT the day after Christmas. Transfusions and tamiflu let me leave a couple days later. Drs in hospital thought leukemia for sure. Hemotologist was contacted to begin the hip drill…but he wanted to see what happened if IV iton infusion helped. I had 4 and things improved some. My body makes some blood. It has tanked again…quickly, so back for more infusions last week and this week. Today I am bleeding internally. No one but my coworker knows. I have eaten nothing but every hr I lose more black diarrhea. I have been out of nexium for a month and the acid pain has been horrible. My primary, who is over 3 hrs away in GA, refuses to renew any of my scripts til I lose a complete day of work for a 7 hr round trip drive there so she can not even listen to my heart beat just to put my scripts for nexium and my allergy and asthma meds in. I am to go for iron infusion again tomorrow. I should call my primary but she will just say i have to be seen. I am beyond disgusted. I wish I had never heard of this damn surgery. I have gained it all back despite not eating near as much as others around me. I have terrible insomnia. I hate this.

  • Wow, that’s wonderful! Reading all of these story have me very afraid. I’m scheduled to do my revision from the sleeve to the rny on 12/04/17. All these horrible story makes me want to change my mind. Thank you for sharing your experience. If possible would you please email me your regimen so I can succeed such as yourself?

  • I know you posted this a while ago, but my friend’s hubby went through the same thing. He is diabetic, had GB in part to get it under control, now several years out his sugar is sky high again even though he is eating healthy and following dr’s orders. Before surgery he was working full time on his feet, little pain or neuropathy issues, etc, and now is permanently disabled and can barely walk and can’t be left alone at all because he falls a lot, his diabetic symptoms just accelerated after surgery. My dr is suggesting GB for me and I said absolutely not, I’ll find some way to get this weight off.

  • thank you Phillis, just getting ready for my surgery. At least yours is the first positive story I have read. I feel my team are very supportive. And need to get healthy to be able to care for husband of 44 plus yrs.

  • Hi my name is Pennie. I had my by pass the one that they only leave a small amount of your intestines. About 40 years ago. You know the one that gives you diarrhea all the time. This has been a night mare. I lost weight fast. I have had kidney stones due to the surgery. Gas, bloating, you would not believe. Don’t like to be around people due to the gas. 2 years ago I had to have a kidney transplant. Due to the surgery. I am so sorry that I had this done. I think living with the weight would have been better. AND yes they did tell me that 50% of the people would have kidney stones.

  • I had the bypass in 2010, I’m doing fine, B12 supplements and multi vitamins have kept me in normal range for all nutrients including iron, I do still have problems with fiber, I miss my salads, but my body won’t tolerate the raw veggies, also no ice cream for me I loved ice cream but to this day I can’t eat it, but cheese and other dairy doesn’t seem to bother me…I’m sure it’s the sugar but even sugar free ice cream doesn’t stay long. My biggest problem is low blood sugar because I forget to eat, I find grazing (most DR’s frown on that practice) on small amounts of protein (nuts,chicken,salmon or beef jerky, cheese, edamame) works for me and keeps my blood sugar levels up (i know when my sugar is low because I get agitated and mean) I can’t eat large quantities anymore and I find just a handful of nuts or a piece of cheese satisfies my appetite for a several hours…hope this helps

  • had my surgery 2010 try more protein, nuts, jerky (fish, beef or chicken), edamame, cheese sticks or cottage cheese, I found that works especially for hair loss and and joint pain (don’t know why but it works for me) 75 grams protein a day I know it’s a lot but get as much as you can it will also help with the diarrhea….hope this helps

  • I had gastric bypass in 1997, 20 yes. Ago. I’ve lost 140 lbs & kept it off. 3 yrs. ago I too had low Iron & had infusions but after 6 weeks, it’s been fine..I am happy with my surgery.

  • Inga, Im in the same situation 13 yrs out from surgery,same depression but but last 5 yrs. but I am also on opioid pain patches 14 yrs.because my lower back has a lot if damage. I cant get out from under things, I want used to be the last one to bed, house spotless, well pretty much, Lol. I’m by my self now and 59, I have tried to address issues with doctors,and they only want to put me iin antidepressants which agitate my nerve damage, give me false urinary infection pain,why there dont I know, but they don’t help much and could you live with feeling like you need to go like yesterday? No. I don’t like meds. I know my pain med. Is part if my depression, are you on any? I dont take calcium, I use half & half in my coffee,and put cheese on God’s a lot, and my calcium levels are ok. P.s. I can’t drink a half glass of milk, eat ice cream, and I use raw sugar in coffee, stay away from processed sugar & things with alcohol sugar. I can eat reasonable amounts of chocolate, if, it is beigan, more eccpensive choc. Doesnt have sugar alcohol like cheap stuff like hersheys bars, etc. Check your diet, sugars can drain you, make you feel ugly,check your diet, drop sodium, dont eat prepackaged frozen or otherwise, and eat lots of green vegetables. If you find a reason for your depression, medically, please let me know, and I will get back if I find anything…GodBless, you are not alone in your depression, maybe we could talk, email me, I live alone w my cat, Lol, and I am not I if an older mindset, dont fit in with neighbors my age, it blows my mind I am 60 next yr? Ever wasntbbtyo talk , message me email is., Take care, Ellen

  • Katana, Dont let these stories scare you! Remember Gastric bypass is as individual a journey as people are. Every(body) responds differently. And its generally attributed to pre existing conditions or conditions that were fated to happen due to your own body and GBYP can cause certain issues to be much more enhanced because of the changes the body goes thru. And yes some are from complications from the surgery. However, if you get rest, sleep good hours, eat healthy, (not pre-packaged food, cut out salt, and foods high in sodium,reduce sugar intake to minimum, raw sugar in coffee,use Splenda and Splenda made food products,eat lots of green vegies,fruit in small does that isn’t full of citric acids,eat protein, cheese, nuts, peanut butter,leave beef alone,) dont ear fried food, and listen to your body,after bypass your body talks to you as if it never did before, but now your paying attention, get sick from eating what isnt good for your body and you understand fast! Drink fluids frequently, take vitamins. You will be fine, it has a lot to do with your mind set too! Do what your supposed to as best you can,and you will be ok! Anyone ever want to talk, I am a (young)59, I was 269lbs. Now I am 13yrs.out from my surgery, 5’6″ 140lbs. I only eat 1 meal at Nite,food makes me lithargic, so I dont eat during the day, my stomach never says hungry,but my mind can start bugging me to eat, started after 5yrs. Out.I take vitamins ,I typically pass out after eating, wake up an hr later, and have a snack, my vitamin levels are good,so think I am doing what my body asks for.but sometimes I get shaky at Nite, maybe every 2 mos. or so. I think it may be blood sugar? I grab something to eat and it will gradually go away, but I am not sure what’s causing it, not big on docyors, Lol, but thats another story…Godbless you Katana, your surgery will be fine! You will do great! Everytime I think I havevissues, I read or hear someone with problems I would never want, and I am thankful, It helps me realize my issues are tiny! Wanna talk, drop me an email, Godbless Everyone, Ellen

  • I am glad I read your article, I lost 147lbs now I am back up to 150 and every day I have leg and feet cramps I am on 4 different muscle relaxers and all I do is sleep, I have had all kinds of blood test, MRI Ct scans and everything is fine! Don’t get it but I am in pain or a sleep all day long!

  • Find was told by a Rheumatologist that arthritis often occurs with Gastric Bypass patients, years after the surgery.

    I don’t believe my PCP really understands what lab tests should be performed. I had my bypass in 2001. I got pregnant in 2005 and ended gaining all my weight back after I had my son.

    I recently lost about 70 lbs and have no explanation of how I did.

    Since my PCP is not testing for any of the aforementioned vitamins and minerals, what kind of specialist should I seek that can help me with all the new health concerns that began about 10 years after the bypass?

    I now have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, malabsorption of all vitamins, hypothyroidism, fatigue, dizziness, cold all the time, sick ALL the time, etc. Are there any resources for long-term affects from the gastric bypass?

  • When I was reading your text it was just like I wrote it. That is me exactly. If you get any real help please share it with me. I often say to anyone that I feel don’t really believe the way I feel is, I wish that they could be in my body for one day,just one day and then they would change the way that think of me.I used to be very active even I was 283 pounds. Over 10 years later, I weigh between 135 to 145 always up and down between that.I am 48 years old but feel over 80 but I don’t know what to do. Diannia Morsi.

  • Your another text that I feel I wrote it about myself.I have had every test known to mankind. Except on the low side for b12 and iron the doctor says I am fine. How can I be 48 going on 80 and be fine. I have 6 children but I had 4 before the surgery and 2 after. My oldest is in college and she is 20 and my youngest is 10. All are still living at home so tell me I can sleep all day. Believe me I want to. I have a my spine is crumbling away and I got pain meds from my Dr and they helped but my husband fights with me when I take them and called me a drug head. Now I am having trouble with my hip joints. So I stopped the pain meds so I just want to sleep to get out of pain. I wished I had more energy and less pain. What kind of life is this? Not much of one let me tell you!! If you got any help from anywhere please share it with me. Diannia Morsi

  • I was pretty healthy before the surgery except for being overweight.
    Gallbladder removed, hernia, complications with both surgeries,iron infusions after seeking a specialist, severe acid reflex, ulcer ( attacks that were worse than labor pains, hair loss, alcoholism (never a prior proble) Severe dumping, Bone loss, The last month’s started with a mid back pain. I have a high tolerance for pain.The nausea and cramping came with it. I finally gave in and went to ER. I was given something for the nausea, steroid liquid, light pain medication and something else. My blood pressure was high but came down. The next night the same severe attacks started over. Time to seek another specialist.
    Thankfully I have not had a glass of wine or any other alcohol for years by attending AA.
    I also have had seizures on occasion for 7 years.
    I looked great after surgery for 5 years. It’s now been a nightmare of hell for 10 years.

  • I can so relate to your experience. I had surgery for a bypass 30 some odd years ago. Ever since I cannot eat meat. If I eat just a little to fast everything comes back. I could not go to a restaurant or friends to eat. It was just so embarrassing. Even still I gained my weight back. My doctors told me the methods used today are much better than I had. OMG, if I knew the problems and pain I would be going through are unbelievable. My family doctor did not want me to have it but I was very reassured by my surgeon. I had the surgery Oct.19/2016. I had to go back into the OR. the next morning because they said they had a bleeder. After that surgery I remember nothing. I spent 3 weeks in ICU. and was put on life support. My left lung collapsed my husband was preparing for my funeral. My daughter (29 yrs) never left my side. I ended up with a heart specialist and had to have heart surgery. When they went in to stop the bleeder, they put drains on each side of my stomach. They would get emptied around 3-4 times a day till it drys up with nothing else excreting. My drain on the left dried up the right one just got worse. Back into surgery. They removed the right drain after this thinking everything was fine. Due to being in ICU for so long and not walking I lost all feeling in my legs and now use a wheelchair. 2 months later I had to go to emerg. because where the right drain was had swollen to the size of a large grapefruit. It burst in the waiting room. My husband had to take me to a washroom to clean me up it was everywhere. Back into surgery, to fix what was an abscess that developed where the right drain was. I ended up having 4 surgeries on that spot. Then I ended up with this heart problem.I was very healthy going in to this, my surgeons had checked everything. So now I have a heart problem, surgery needed on the heart. Take more medications now then anyone I know. 7 pills in the morning 5 in the afternoon, and 13 before bed. If I had know any part of this was going to happen I would never have done it. People ask me if I would recommend having it done. I would have to say NO. I still throw up all the time, and can only eat a little bit. Still no meat, or anything that gets stuck.
    Sorry I have rambled on just had to let everyone know.

  • I too sleep all day on a disability now because I can’t function at a job. I freeze so much they call me the Ice Queen. They took my licence away so I am no longer able to drive.

  • So sorry to hear of all the problem issues from weight loss surgery, I will pray for all and I hope I will not have the same issues as its planned for me to have the D. Switch in March or April 2018. I have never heard till now anyone having any regrets from weight loss surgery and I have heard a lot of positive stories, I hope & pray I will be one of them. Weight loss has helped so many getting the weight off and within time they are able to eat pretty normal, size in food but healthier. I do know you have to be prepared to take vitamins for the rest of your life and you have to have blood drawn to have your vitamins levels checked / watched.I am planning having my gallbladder removed when having this surgery to not have any issues in the coming years. I have hernia issues now, one sitting on top of the other have had surgery but I now have a small H. Hernia and one hernia that is larger causing issues on & off, my weight can also be causing some of this. Being over weight can head a person to many health issues & taking lots of meds. and having sleep apnea, which I have. I’m a diabetic, high blood pressure is controlled with meds. as well as thyroid, I’m already of vitamin B-12 & D because of it being low. I pray God will watch over me and I will have a successful journey to better health as I don’t have it now. I trust my surgeon as I know of others that have had the same surgeon and he cares, I will do my best to do my part although when it comes to eating I’m weak, I’m a nervous eater, I wake up all through the night, waiting to have 2 total knee replacements, one at a time as I can barely walk now, they are totally gone. Things can only go up now. I do know of a few people that have had weight loss surgery that has not taken their vitamins like they should and had issues and there are a couple side effects but these people have been able to get back on track with their surgeons help, not one has said they regret having their surgery and I hope I will be among them with no regrets. I do not drink, nor do I smoke, I hope this helps to make it better for me, things are not good now with me the way I am with meds. and grossly over weight, I can not lose this weight by myself and I pray this is a positive answer for me. I know all of you will be on your way to good health and life will be better soon, God Bless You All, please keep me in your prayers as we all never have enough of them.

  • I to have Fibromyalgia, off and on the joints and muscles are sore, swollen and it hurts to move or to the touch.I make my self move even when I don’t feel like it. When you feel bad always use caution getting yourself checked out. I have always loved eating crushed ice in my sugar-free, caffeine-free Lipton ice tea. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Wow, congratulations on your procedure and weight loss as well as getting help going to Over eater Anonymous, we all can only take one day at a time. I’m also thinking about going to over eaters for support, I think when have over eaten most of our lives and we were told to clean our plates that our brains need help in doing better / healthier and this is going to be tough for me because I love FOOD, that good old southern country eating. I was told if you have a bad graving for something to have a little and then get back on tract, if you don’t I was told you will really go off the healthy way of eating if you don’t help your crave out some. Take care & praying for your continued success!

  • Sorry to say this but there will be a time of complications. Gallbladder, hernias, ulcers, iron anemic , permanent hair loss,blockage,acid reflex,alcohol addiction,seizures etc. This surgery should be discontinued. I never had any health problems before this surgery. It is now a living nightmare.

  • I had surgery in 2006. I went from 279 to 158. I had to have my gallbladder removed and a bowel strangulation fixed when I was 4 years out. That was scary. I have had chronically low iron, so I take bimonthly B12 injections and 2 iron pills daily. I made the goal to never let myself weigh over 170. Everytime my weight begins to creep up, I rejoin Weight Watchers. Today I weigh 164. I am 5’8”. I work out at Crossfit 4-5 times weekly. The surgery changed my life!

  • What she said. Before surgery my iron just dropped. I thought I aged overnight. Thyriod was acting up momentarily and iron deficient. You need a blood panel. Low iron can make you think life is over. Women stop waiting for an easy test. Trust me. Now. I’m 15 months post bypass and thinking my iron is low. Depression from out of the blue, no desire to do much of anything.

  • Hey my Name is Brenda and i had gastric bypass April 2012. By 2015 I had starting gaining weight a
    Uncontrollably. First I had lost so much blood I needed 2 transfusions my blood count was 5 supposed to be like 11 or 12. Then an iron infusion I’m still anemic and cold all the time now i can barley eat anything one bite of food and that’s it but I’m still gaining weight. I throw up every thing liquid and i have pain in my stomach all the time. I had a hysterectomy 2017 and i need some help all these things happened but I was 310 pounds at my highest and i got to 180 wanted to be 150 and I never got there. I need some medical help and advice cause I’m scared. With me not eating and still gaining I dont know what to do

  • Wow!!! YEAH I felt that way also but you being a newbie you talking like we don’t know what we are saying. MY SISTER and Myself are avid researchers and she wouldn’t let me get the surgery until she could read EVERYTHING about it. Still took her a year to agree with me. I’m 6 years out and I eat healthy and trying to convert to plant based eating. I dont want to be a full vegan but the majority of my meals I wanna eat they way. I dont wish any bad luck on you and I do know people who has had no complications buy don’t sit up here and act like all these stories are made up it’s been years of agony for most of us and really someone 6 months out CAN’T TELL ME TO DO MY RESEARCH EVEN THOUGH HONESTLY have you done yours…..did you see this site before u had your procedure?

  • Has anyone taken the surgeons to court? My daughter is having all of the symptoms and now the doctors say she is throwing up all the time, its all in her head. She had an ulcer, the doctor said everything looked fine. Why didn’t he catch it? She suffered so much. In an out of hospital. The surgeon said it wasn’t his fault her body couldn’t handle the surgery. I would really like to know why isn’t there a class action court case for this?? The doctors shouldn’t be pushing people to get this type of surgery without posting all the problems which can occur.

  • I know we do something so drastic because our doctor says if we don’t we will become diabetic. Yes, I still have problems, but at least I can bend over and tie my own sneakers. Yes, I still have problems, but I can take long walks with out sounding like I was an old horse heaving because I can’t caught my breath. Yes, I still have to excersize, but now I can without being in therapy. I can walk without a cane. I’m so grateful for the tools my doctor gave me with gastric bypass. Yes, we ‘all’ have problems…

  • Eating ice, or ice craving, all time is a”major: symptom of anemia.
    I took iv iron 2-3 times, my dr always had me take 3 flinstone vitamins with iron daily.

    My iron issues most likely were exaccerbated about 45yr of age pre menapause, had robotic hysterectomy, great procedure, went to bb tourney all day after,
    No iron issues since.

    For chronic vomiters, have you had balloon endoscopies to strech scar tissue?

    I had 1st r n y 31yrs ago, have floated tween 14-18, im 5’10”. Ever since. And im very happy with that!

    My issues now are bladder and bowel leaks, especially bowel ones im not aware of till next rr trip.

    Also anyone know why we get those awful sharp knife like pain/spasms just a bit below boob area, like at top of rib cage? Also left sided sharp pains are now more frequent.

    I have had ulcer, recommend liquid carafate , pricy if no insurance. Thanks for all the sharing. Oh depends maximum absorp. Either active fit or new pads really work!

  • I to am a recovering alcoholic. We were told NOT to use alcohol per the reasons u listed. Im certain we did not all follow all our drs directives.
    In having weight loss surgery , our obesity is considered an addiction just as alcohol, post surgery the food addiction has to be replaced with another, like shopping, or hopefully a positive one like exercise etc.i am sorry for your loss. The surgery i would mot change it opened up many doors for my life. We post surgery folks must let the newbies know taking care of emotional health is crutical to success. My dr still has support group monthly, which his partner continues at medical city dallas. I know most bariatric docs also have them!
    Good luck to all!!!!

  • I had gastric bypass in 2005. I lost over 100 pounds and felt great, but hated the saggy skin. I went to three different plastic surgeons, but I couldn’t afford any of them. Fast forward 2013. I had a lot of stress, I started gaining fast because I was eating everything in site. Now I’m 50+ pounds up and can hardly walk, even after having four shots under my right knee cap. I feel 80 years old, and my fibromyalgia is out of control. I don’t sleep without meds, and I hurt all the time. I cannot lose weight at all! I’ve gone from eating everything to hardly anything, and no weight loss. My metabolism is so messed up, I guess I’m SOL. Now, when I drink cold liquids, I have extreme pain in my chest. I’m on GERD meds, but they aren’t helping. GERD started because I am taking sleep meds. I wake up with acid reflux. I feel like this surgery and it’s issues were all for nothing now. Neck, knee and back pain, depression, obesity again, GERD, fibromyalgia, and no sleep without meds. I need a team of doctors and don’t know where to start.

  • I feel like I am reading about myself in almost every entry! I had gastric bypass (GB) 11years ago I had back and joint pain that my surgeon said would go away once I loose the weight. Immediately after my surgery I felt worse…I coukdnt eat, had stomach cramps, very strong pain in my abdomen and more. I dropped 135 pounds in 9 months – not because the surgery worked, but because I was so sick I could not eat. After begging my surgeon to figure out what is wrong with me a half dozen or more times, he finally broke down and sent me for 4 of the worst tests that he could with the final test showing that my gallbladder was conpketely stuffed full of stones! My dr immediately apologized for thinking I was a hypochondriac and performed surgery to remove my gallbladder the next day.

    Slowly I healed, but still felt crappy and had trouble eating and food getting stuck above my esophagus.

    So my extra weight was gone, but I never learned to eat healthy nor did I start any sort of exercise regiment, like most successful GB patients do. A year later, after having skin removal surgery on my arms and my body, I started to gain weight. A horrific family tragedy happened and I ate my feelings. I was never taught how to deal with stress eating/emotional eating. 11 years later I am just shy (15lbs) of my pre-surgery weight. I bounce up and down 15-20lbs, but cannot seem to lose any more than that. I also gained some new health issues, as many others have, I am anemic and must have iron infusions, take B12 shots, need vitamin D supplements. I now have sleep apnea, so I’m tired all the time and feel narcoleptic at times! My Dr. gave me a RX which helps keep me awake, but I’m still very fatigued. There are many more health problems, including losing my teeth from dry mouth caused by prescription medication. There went our retirement fund ($60,000 for implants!)

    I would like to know if anyone has beat these health issues or if anyone has any advice for me regarding losing this extra weight. Has anyone had a second surgery because of weight re-gain?

  • Annette, It’s like hearing my own story. I had my gastric bypass in 1998. I can’t eat anything no meat even if I puree the meat.Hamburger is the worse. Fruit has to be cooked till the goodies are gone. I am going in June 18th for a endoscopy and colonoscopy. Wish me like I hope there’s something they can do. The acid has caused me to have my teeth pulled and have dentures.

  • The joys of weight loss surgery. I had mine in Feb a yr ago and now I am wondering what is going on. I feel like I have a lump in my throat and my tummy wants to stay sick feeling all the time. I was afraid it was acid reflux again since I have been off that med since surgery but I don’t have any burning, no heart burn..nothing except mine and every ones elses gas! Becoming concerned so I guess I will need to see what happens with that. I will say that I ran into an issue with my teeth. Someone that has always had great teeth…I got a sever case of gingivitis and had to have 5 fillings. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Im sorry you suffered,
    My mom had the surgey on November 4,2014. All seemed on November 14, 2014 she started feeling pain she came downstairs went in the ambulance to the hospital there was an infection correction surgery was done with all of the same complications as yourself she died On December 25,2014 at the again of 64.
    In toronto canada

  • That’s called Pica, another word for craving, in pregnant women, when they crave ice they immediately put them on iron supplements, it for some odd reason is a sign of anemia. It is so common that it is added to their prenatal regimen then their blood levels are tested 10 days after. At least this was the case 30 years ago when I was a student nurse.
    I had RNY 2001, my GP couldn’t be bothered reading the updates I printed out as time progressed and my surgeon was too far away to travel to his office. I was so low on vitamins I couldn’t hold my head up to email, I reached out to a fairly new bypass owned company and begged the owner for advice. She told me where to buy Bovine vet supplies, and to buy a giant bottle of B12, it came with like 10 other vitamins in it, she told me where to buy vet syringes, I bought 18 years worth, because I still have some. It’s no longer available by the vet company. Go to your doctor, insist on a vial of Rx , b12 unless you want to pay an office visit fee every 7 days. Buy a CHEWABLE prenatal vitamin with iron supplement, they are now available without a prescription. Find a nurse you know, and have her show you how to inject the muscle of your hip. this saved my life just one year after bypass, I was short of breath, cold, wiped out too much to clean or do anything for my family. My doctors did thousands in medical procedures and tests, no one thought to check my b12 once your fingers and toes are numb, like frostbite, feels when you shower, then it can become permenent. I DOMT CARE WHAT THE DATA SAYS< I WAS ON B12 SUBLINGUAL and we can not absorb it. We will die without it. Death comes in the form of a car accident or stepping off the sidewalk at the wrong time to cross the street. We become extremely clumsy absent minded, we just look confused. It’s a simple nutrient defientcy that’s deadly. I’ve watched it happen to the people from the same doctor around the same year 2001. He’s no longer doing weight loss surgery hmm…. I not giving medical advice as a professional but as a victim and uninformed patient. No one kept me posted of new findings, it’s part detective part chemist and above all, diligence. Do you realize we will be part of the elderly population at one point and they will have to give us a special needs menu and we will be a huge part of the population. IF we demand to be heard and stand up for ourselves now?

    I want to know who suffers from bariatric SCURVY and is having dental issues. Extreme vitamin c defiency teeth breaking down despite routine care. Dentists seem to have no clue.

  • Low levels of zinc can turn your body into pure histamine? Did you have allergies before? Am curious, because this is a new phenomenon for me. Every time I put food in my mouth or swallow any liquids, my nose runs like a faucet. Not just me, but my Grandmother, too. She has not had bariatric surgery. Mine was in 2001 – open DS/gastric bypass. I honestly feel like I have been declining over the last 17 years, and I came to this site to see what others are experiencing. My pre-surgery weight was 393, and I have remained steadily at 185. Wish I could lose that last 50, but do I want to deal with the skin? No.

  • I understand, I’m 32 and I had my surgery in 2011. I was completely healthy, hardly took meds only if I was on my period. I was just 100lbs over weight and had always struggled with my weight. After surgery, no sooner I came out of recovery my heart rate jumped passed 200. I’ve had heart palpitations ever since. I’m anemic and malnourished even though I take my vitamins. Depressed, I have fibromyalgia now, started having seizures etc.

  • I was told to not drink alcohol after gastric bypass. I had my surgery in 2005, and have had maybe 2 drinks in that time period. I noticed that you get buzzed really fast and it wears off fast, so you want another. I have been disciplined about not drinking, but I think if someone is going to have a problem with that, they should not get the surgery. My father had a tumor in his stomach in 1988. The surgery for that was very similar to gastric bypass, but they actually had to remove a portion of his stomach. The results were rapid weight loss. Again, very similar to gastric bypass, however it was not done for weight loss purposes, it was done to save his life. He lived another 15 years, into his early 80’s, but was never instructed not to drink after that surgery. He was not an alcoholic, but enjoyed a glass of wine with his dinner.
    I can’t warn you enough against drinking alcohol after gastric bypass. It will destroy your liver, and it’s a terrible way to go out.
    Please heed my warning, even if your Doctor doesn’t bring it up, be proactive and do your own research on this. Good Luck and Good Health to all of you!

  • Wow you sound just like very sorry I hope that you can find some answers! Have they ever checked your potassium levels and your kidneys I have an autodisnomic dysfunction disorder and now on top of everything else I’m down to 100pds I just keep losing ,cant drive anymore cause I pass out I feel like a bad mom cause I’m so sick just this year alone I have been in ICU 6 times and I just dont think I’ll make it much longer I’m so tired of fighting.

  • Could you let me know what to found out about your pain and your swollen problem as I am having the same problems?

  • Hi! I had my surgery about 15 years ago. Things have been pretty good over the years. However, over the past 3 months I’ve had some problems. Like a lot of you I had the iron transfusions, the B12 shots, and Vitamin D supplements. I’m only doing Vitamin D now but I think the VA doc I’m seeing now was wrong to say I no longer need the others. I also have zero energy and have been living on cereal and yogurt which is all I can keep down at the moment. I’m trying protein shakes again and gummy vitamins. I throw up every other kind of food I used to eat until recently. Sorry I’m writing a book……I’m trying to see a Bariatric VA doc so hopefully I’ll get “fixed!”.

  • Hi! I had my surgery about 15 years ago. Things have been pretty good over the years. However, over the past 3 months I’ve had some problems. Like a lot of you I had the iron transfusions, the B12 shots, and Vitamin D supplements. I’m only doing Vitamin D now but I think the VA doc I’m seeing now was wrong to say I no longer need the others. I also have zero energy and have been living on cereal and yogurt which is all I can keep down at the moment. I’m trying protein shakes again and gummy vitamins. I throw up every other kind of food I used to eat until recently. Sorry I’m writing a book……I’m trying to see a Bariatric VA doc so hopefully I’ll get “fixed!”.

  • Paula, you need to ask doc about the pain under ur boob area. However, I had those same pains and my problem was my gallbladder. I had to have it removed. Good luck

  • Yes, we all have problems…..over the past 4 months I can’t keep anything down except yogurt and certain cereals. NO EXAGGERATION!! I had my surgery 15 years ago and gained nothing back. Now all sudden I’m finding it may cause stomach cancer.

  • I have been so damn sick for weeks now. Had R-N-Y in 2008, went from 304 lbs to 140 lbs. But I throw up so much, scared to go to the doctor…. I am nibbling on toast as i type this praying it stays down. I made a wonderful looking turkey dinner, didn’t touch any of it…

  • Kim try the new Boost without or extreme low sugar, I believe the new one now is dairy free or no lactose.I just saw It advertised on TV last week.I wish you all the very best. I am on my 14th yr. out & eat only dinner, snack after, food knocks me out, I wake up an hr.or more later.I have many other issues but I seem to do ok with 1 meal, 5’6″ at 130lbs. & now I’m 60yrs.old. I caught Salamanila I was 149lbs at my 1yr. Mark and lost 40lbs. In 14 days. 108lbs.I went to my G.B. surgeons office, Dying,(Begging for help, had my 1yr.old preemie twins since day born & care for by myself)the G.B. Dr. Assistant,(she) said hosp. & Tine me, “I was a Trainwreck”for nutro.or I would die,then saw my labs, “you have a thyroid cond. (Really? This was known yrs. Before in my info. & maintained!)She closed the file & said you need an Endocronologist, & walked out??? Appt. Over!!?? I suffered thru, the Twins my strength, now they are 13, my middle daughter adopted, she got them 4.5yrs. After this Dr.Appt.
    Still alive, Smile. Blessedbe, Sweetheart, Windshadow

  • PAULA NEWMAN…..Did they remove your Gallbladder luv? That’s what it sounds like, hurts like it’s in the very center of your body, not chest, doesnt hurt next to skin, but deep. Best wishes,
    Email me if you or anyone needs a Friend who’s G.B.too & doesn’t judge!
    ~ 1958windshadow ~

  • Hi I had the same surgery in 2003 and I’ve had nothing but trouble I had been in the hospital with surgeries more time than I can count I have to go for iron infusions and my world is shrinking I’m having trouble even getting out of bed and taking care of my grandson the biggest problem I have is feeling like the healthcare personnel out there feel like you’re a drama llama and a pain in the Ass and don’t know what to do with you so you feel like a hypochondriac but my hemoglobin was 8.8 and my iron level was four so somethings not quite right with me

  • Omg , I just stumbled upon this entire web page of people who if I didnt know better had stolen my story. But yours stuck out as I after having my gastric rny procedure , was having extensive complications and was,in a lot of pain. So the dr kept giving the vicodin and before I knew it I was so addicted to the pills i was taking 20 vicodin daily. I managed to get off of them with suboxone, but then found out from a dr that addiction after gastric bypass to pills or alchol is one of the biggest issues as even after i got the vicodin under controll I had started taking other pills be it pep pills or amphentimines and vitamins amenio acids all because unstead of putting food down the hole I had used pills to do the same thing and threw yrs I have met so many people that were addicted to alchol and or pills after having under gone the surgery .. because they never had the underling addiction part treated. I so wanted to thank you for your story. Sorry for your loss.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I am now what my surgeon calls the “teaching patient” at the hospital. Anything that could go wrong with me did. I went into surgery for a sleeve in July 2011, in February 2012 I finally left the hospital. I came out of surgery unable to keep down even a sip of water. I had a rude resident doctor doing rounds telling me I wasn’t trying hard enough. Finally after a week in the hospital I hade a scope done, and my stomach completely was swollen shut. A week later I went in for an exploratory surgery. I came out with a PEG tube. Because of my new stomach, I could only take the feedings on the lowest setting of the feeding machine, after trying 3 different types of formulas. I had multiple infections at all of my serguical sites. I had a PE one night, from my lack of movement. A couple months later the doctors decided a gastric bypass, with a few tweaks because of my current stomach would be my best option. So we did the bypass with success. I was sent home with home health to manage my infections. 2 months later I was having extreme pain. I was home alone with my 3 year old, with my husband now deployed in Afghanistan. I went straight to the office and demanded to be seen. My doc was in surgery, but had the residents look me over. They told me I was just having gallbladder pain, since it was scheduled to be out the next week. I insisted it was a different area of my stomach, and I knew something was wrong. They went back to my doctor, and I guess he made it clear to them I was not there seeking pain meds and to get me a CT right away. Before I was done with my CT I couldn’t walk and was vomiting. Turns out I had a bowel rupture, and was told after waking up in the ICU if I had waited till morning, I would have been dead. After a week in the ICU, I was sent home. Then I started getting horrible back pain. I went into the ER, I had an internal infection, and had to go back into surgery to clean it out. Thankfully that was it for a while. Now I have to get B12 injections every 4 weeks. I also have to get iron infusions regularly. The last 4 years I have either have no stools for weeks at a time, or I go a dozen times a day with water. My gastroenterologist is useless. I have an appointment 4 hours away next month with my surgeon who I haven’t seen since 2013. I just pray he won’t say what my gastroenterologist said, and just deal with it. It’s any every day battle, that will never be over.

  • I had that awful surgery in 2006. All was great until 2013. I had so many stomach problems it was unbelievable!!! Started with horrible pain when I ate. Dr’s were puzzled. Found 7 ulcers in pouch. Fixed it. Still sick. Unable to eat in and out of ERs and no one could figure it out. It hurt so bad to eat anything! Drinking was hard too. Lost 5 teeth from malnutrition. Cryed food down only one every 2 weeks for two years!!! Near death in Dec 2015 I finally found a Dr that could help OMG! I was so weak and outta hope and outta my mind. I had a twisted small intestine blocked with scar tissue. What a horror.
    I had hoped that eas the end of it. Nope. In 2016 my stomach was paining and swelling when I’d eat. So I went to a holistic Dr. I found out at this time I was severely anemic. He gave me IV iron changed my diet. I was ok for a minute.
    Now I have found out I have SIBO. Also I am battling severe anemia had to fight to get IV iron. My body is on bad shape.
    I am always sick. I feel depressed that my life has been robbed from me. We were lied to when they said it was safe.

  • Also had gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and i have many issues with acid they have even pumped it out and that’s the only way i feel better then close to a year later got to do it again. Always have nausea and have to eat constantly. I feel like I have a hole in my stomach having to eat all the time. I have gained back 25 pounds of the 120 I lost but I am still 60 pounds over weight and cannot lose it due to having to eat all the time my blood sugar is always super low have a hard time keeping it above 75. I have no idea what kind of Dr to see anymore for all the different symptoms I have had with no results I am still always suffering with one or more of everything everyone has posted here at one different times. Mostly I’m always tired and have no desire to be around people.

  • Hi
    While I could write on Forever about my roun y, I will just comment about the effect of alcohol on me after the surgery. I never was a real drinker (hardly Ever). I found out the hard way that I was Never meant to drink at all! I tried a mixed drink, had about two sips and was nearly on the floor And felt really terrible. Here I was thinking that I was just a ‘cheap date’! lol not. I couldn’t drink another sip of any alcohol without great stomach pain. Good Luck to others.

  • I had mine rny on July 5, 1998. I have so many issues now. I was 265 and am 150 so keeping the weight off hasn’t been an issue for me but now I have so many things. Hashimoto’s, osteopenia, fibromyalgia, iron infusion every couple years because they always wait until I’m completely depleted and last time they said I had barely any reserve so the cycle continues. My adhd has gotten terrible, this past two years I’ve had 3 back surgeries and a shoulder surgery. I’ve been in so much pain since Xmas with my shoulder but today they told me the ball and socket have arthritis which is causing the pain it’s now in my hands, back, neck, shoulders. My teeth have started chipping enamel and they have no clue why. I have had so many root canals, an implant because I broke my tooth because I could stop eating ice which is an indicator of anemia. I want them to undo my surgery but I don’t know if that will cause more issues. I’m literally going crazy the way the Dr’s look at me as if to say “so what just deal with it”. They are so arrogant they won’t admit they’re clueless and just push more pills which we know won’t absorb. My personality was so bubbly and energetic and now I don’t recognize myself. I can pretend for others but it’s a constant battle in my mind and body. I feel cheated and defeated. I’ve had to quit my teaching job and 10 yrs ago I use to go play with my first grandson. I now have 7 grandkids but I’m always so tired and I’m at a loss.

  • I get such severe cramping in my feet and toes and my foot then turns in. I also have so many dental issues now.

  • My dr. Said he always checked my iron. I was so fatigued. He kept saying it was low but still in the normal range then a month later he ran tests again and bam! My ferritin was as the hematologist put it almost non existent at a 3. Iron infusions and still don’t feel better but they are saying it’s fine again. Then why am I craving ice again? So frustrated.

  • I have the dental issues and they look at me like I’m crazy for suggesting it has something to do with this.

  • What seizure situation? I was sent to a neurologist and the meds they put me on made me suicidal so I stopped and will never go back. I still get my episodes but I can’t be a ginni pig anymore.

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