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Healthy Banana Cream Pie with Almond Crust

I made this delicious dessert for Easter.  It was Yum to the O.  My mission was to use a more low Carb, high protein crust.  I am a HUGE almond fan.  Almonds have so many health and weight loss benefits.  Plus, they are just plain tasty.  So get out your hand sanitizer, here is my recipe for banana cream pie with an almond crust. Enjoy!

Banana Cream Pie with Almond Crust
2 cups almonds 
2 Tbs agave sweetener
 3 bananas
12 oz plain greek yogurt (frozen)
1 package sugarfree/fat free banana cream pudding mix
1/2 cup fat free milk

1.  Blend up almonds.  I used my Ninja kitchen system blender to blend them into a crust like consistency.  Make sure to remove any big chunks.

2.  Add the agave sweetener.  Stir with fork until it is well mixed with the almonds.  Add a little more if need be.

3.  Form the almond mixture into a crust.  And..Wah-La! You have your almond crust!

4. The night before I froze 3 bananas.  I then chopped them up in my handy dandy Ninja blender and added the rest of the ingredients for the filling.  This was a little runny, so I placed it in the freezer for an hour before I served.

An easy, healthy version of banana cream pie.  Now go make this for Mothers Day!  Happy guilt-free eating!

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