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Running is Not For Me.

I have come to the conclusion that I am not a runner. Matter of fact:

If You See Me Running, Call the Police!

Yep, I will not be running unless there is someone chasing me, a fire or some other huge emergency.  I had good intentions, I had GREAT intentions.  I had thoughts of running through the neighborhood with birds singing lovely songs, neighbors waving and cheering me on, wind blowing swiftly through my hair… as I glide through the streets.

These illusions quickly vanished as I laced up my tennis shoes and hit the pavement.  As soon as I stepped out of the house… there seemed to be some sort of bug cloud that followed me. Maybe if I were able to actually out run the bugs, I could have gotten rid of them but they followed me the ENTIRE time.  I must have gotten a work out with running and flapping my arms around to shoo them away.

And yes, I even swallowed one. Standing in the middle of the street, coughing up bugs from the back of my throat was NOT part of my running fantasy.

All I can say is, these bugs better be low calorie!  If the bugs were my only complaint, I would have sprayed some Off bug repellant on me and jumped right back into the saddle.  But it wasn’t. And a little Off would not deter the blood thirsty dogs out there either.

Around every corner there seemed to be dogs barking, growling and trying to lunge after me with blood stained teeth.  And i was SURE that I could not have out run them if they had gotten loose.  And if that was not bad enough…

You guessed it, I fell.  And this was not just any type of fall.  This was one of those falls where you start to stumble at first… trying to catch yourself… then you know you are going down, so you kind of roll up in a ball.  After rolling in a ball, I did a few rolls on the ground and landed right on my back. Luckily, there was not a scratch on me…my pride took the worst of the damage.

There are many exercises that I really enjoy.  My absolute favorite is Yoga.  Boot camp.  And my newest obsession is strength training.  But I have come to accept that running is just not for me and I am OK with that.

MD Kennedy

Wednesday 11th of December 2013

Running isn't for everyone, and it is difficult to start if you aren't a kid. However, I used to be a runner and am pained that I cannot run anymore due to 2 herniated dics. I'd so love to be swallowing bugs in a great run!

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