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Being Overweight Gave Me Super Powers!

I am not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and I am not as powerful as a locomotive but I do have a few things in common with Superman.  For instance, when Superman comes in contact with kryptonite he becomes vulnerable and loses all of his powers.  Chocolate is my kryptonite!  Another thing I have in common with Superman?  I have been known to be as fast as a speeding bullet.  Don’t believe me?  Think I am crazy?  OK, I will give you an example.

One of the most dreaded times in an overweight individuals life is the “public pool.”  If you are overweight, you probably already know what I am talking about but let me elaborate for my skinnier audience out there.  It usually starts out when a friend or family member suggests to go to the public pool.  This person is usually a skinnier person that has no idea how MISERABLE going to the public pool can be for an overweight person.  But reluctantly we accept the challenge because the only alternative is having to explain why we don’t like public pools and then having the argument “Oh, don’t worry about what others think…you look fine,” Then we would have to explain how its not what others think but how we feel out there with our fat flapping and jiggle jiggling.

I arrive at the pool and it is just the scene you imagined in your head.  Girls in bikinis laying out getting a tan. Buff looking men with their six pack abs flaunting about and me in my tightly wrapped towel… holding on to it for dear life.

Then the moment comes when I have to get into the pool, I can not delay it any further.  There is just so many time I can reorganize the pool bag while I wave to the family from the sidelines.  This is when the super power kicks in…. just like Superman I become faster than a speeding bullet.  Oh yes, before the towel hits the chair… I am IN the pool!

See?  Super powers.

My next super power I would not limit to just overweight people.  I figure, even if I was a skinny mini, I would still have this super power because I. Love. Food.  It is the power I labeled “Spidey Sense.”  Just like spiderman can react quickly to danger with his spidey senses, I can react to food in such a way.  Example, something is cooking in the microwave at work.  The smell starts to waft down the hall and immediately I can recognize the scent!

And the powers do not stop there!  Did I tell you about my incredible strength?  Oh yes, I can turn into the hulk!  Only I do not turn green and I do not have to get angry to do so.  All I have to do to turn into the hulk is try to fit into a pair of pants that are too tight.  The moment my fingers hit the button, my stomach muscles engage with the most incredible power and I am able to suck in my belly a whole pant size smaller.  And then I feel the muscles in my arms start to grow… really they grow and pop out just like when Popeye eats a can of spinach.  I become the HULK and the pants that couldn’t button suddenly can!
And then there are powers that I acquired that are life long lessons.  Like the power of compassion.  Having walked in the heavy shoes of an extremely obese individual, I feel your pain.  You might feel hopeless and alone but know you are not. Find your inner super power.  Find your confidence.  Because it is not who you are that holds you back, it is who you think you are not.  Be your own super hero.
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Fanny Hochman

Monday 10th of February 2014

Hi I happen to stumble around you posting. Where do you live??

Fanny Hochman

Monday 10th of February 2014

Hi I found your entry in this blog, where do you live? Some hospital clinics do it for people who don't have insurance


Friday 13th of December 2013

Your super powers are very impressive. ;0D Thanks for sharing!


Friday 13th of December 2013

lol I love it. Nice post and fun to read. I used to be thin but now that I am older I am heaver and now experiencing some of the same things!!

Heather O'Malley

Thursday 12th of December 2013

I love this, to make your battles known and accept them is inspiring.

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