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Why Does My Scale Hate Me?

I have a love/hate relationship with my scale.  When I lose weight, I LOVE my scale. When I lose weight, my scale is my best friend.  When I lose weight, I twirl around the kitchen, dance with my scale, playfully hop on/off it and talk sweet nothings to it out of overwhelming gratitude.  Those are the happy times.  The rest of the time, I hate my scale!  Or should I say… My scale hates me.  You don’t believe me?  Think I am crazy because I believe my scale has feelings?  Well sit back, listen and read on.

I woke up this morning being my usual chipper self with a big stretch and a smile on my face.
Like every morning, I start my day out making a pot of coffee and singing my “making coffee song.”  I am one of those overly cheerful morning people most want to drop kick or punch right in the throat.



As soon as the coffee gets going and I tire myself out with my annoyingly cheery morning song… I hop on the scale.



I hate you, scale. 
I sulk to the bathroom.


Ah ha!  Maybe that is the reason the scale has not changed since yesterday!  Water weight!  That totally explains it.  Duh… I will go reweigh myself.


I gained, GAINED?!  Why do you do this to me scale? Why do you toy with my emotions like this?  Why do you hate me so much? Whyyyyyyyy.

I told you, my scale hates me.

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