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My Worse Critic

They say “you are your own worse critic.”  This may be true in a lot of cases but not in mine.  My 6 year old son can be my worse critic, you may have gotten a glimpse of it in my story Skinny Butt.  Yes, that boy can be honest to a fault and the other day, Mr Candor struck again!

One of the best perks of losing weight is fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to fit into in years.  I was going through my closet and tried on a pair of pants.  They fit!  Woohoo!  Naturally, the first thing I do is check myself out in the mirror.  I give myself the approving “Dang, you look hot girl” talk and start prancing around the house showing off my new hottness to the rest of my family.

I see my hubby.

Well, of course I do… why do you think I came out sashaying around the house like this but it is sweet of him to say.  He is sweet like that and always makes positive comments about my looks, I am very lucky.

My little girl walks into the room.

Awwww, my little sweetheart calls me beautiful ALL the time.  She also uses it as a weapon when she is in trouble or when I am in a bad mood because she knows she will get a smile from me every time.

Here comes the real test.


We really need to work on his tact.


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