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Sunday Funnies: Defeating My Weight Loss Success

I recently started the Nutrisystem program, I lost 6.5 pounds in the first week!  Now I know that is a very big amount to lose in a week but in all reality, it is probably mostly water weight.  However, losing that amount of weight gives the self esteem a HUGE confidence boost, and rightly so!  Losing weight is no easy task for most, this is the morning of my weigh in.

I get up and weigh myself, you see usually the scale hates me and I dread getting on it but this week I knew I was going to have an awesome read out.  I followed the plan perfectly, I exercised and it all paid off!  I was down over 6 pounds!  Whaaaaaaaat!  I am super excited!  I reweigh myself about 5 or 6 times to make sure the number I am seeing is correct and then a do a fist pump in the air with a big “YESSSS!”

I then proceed to strut around the house a bit, giving myself the props I deserve.  I might even make a phone call to my mom and husband, not to brag of course but I am sure it will come up in conversation.  Yup, weight loss mornings are GOOD, real good!  This is just the confidence boost I need to stay on track for the next week.  Heck yeah, I am going to be at my goal weight in no time!  

Time to get dressed, what should I wear?!  I should really go all out today in celebration, really show off my skinny self and all.  Oh look, I haven’t worn these pants in about 10 years, they were always way too tight but I am a Skinny Mini now, so lets give them a try.  Heck, they might even be too big on me…

Oh, they barely got over my ankles.  I think I got a little ahead of myself, Defeated.
  In all reality, I wasn’t actually that defeated.  Sure, I was a bit down because it was just a reminder of the long  journey I still have in front of me but I didn’t gain the extra weight overnight and I won’t lose it that fast either.  The point is, I WILL lose it, those pants will fit me once again and knowing that I have the power to make it happen is comforting.
Don’t defeat yourself, keep on track and you will get there!

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