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Funnies: Working Out With The Kids Part Deux

Working Out With The Kids Part Deux



I’ve recently gotten back into my fitness routine!  Thank goodness is all I can say!  Right before Christmas I received Just Dance 4 and it has been a great addition to the household.  Not only do I burn some calories while shaking my booty, I also get to work out while having fun with the kids!  Totally winning!  
Now Ive talked before about the difficulties of working out with kids but this time is so different!  They absolutely love every minute of Just Dance and are enthralled in it from start to finish!  Which is why I became puzzled while “dancing” with them the other day.  I kept hearing this clapping sound…
First of all, the dance did not require any clapping and if we were going to get down with some Just Dance 4 then we were going to do it right!  Yeah, I can so be a perfectionist like that.  Secondly, it was totally putting me off of my beat and I was after that 4 stars while Livin Lavida Loca!
 So, I kept glancing over at the kids to see if they were clapping with the song.  I did not see them doing it but I just kept hearing it!  Curiosity began to get the best of me and I paused our song to get to the bottom of this.  I first asked the kids about the clapping and they confirmed what I suspected.  Hmmmm
Next, I began looking around doorways and corners because at this point I am starting to wonder if someone is messing with me.  Well, more like my husband is messing with me!
He is nowhere to be found.
The second guesses set in, I don’t hear the clapping since I paused the game?  Maybe it was in the song?  Or maybe I am hearing things?  Whatever!  I am going to continue with my game and not let it bother me.
And then it hit me….
That awkard moment when I realize my thighs are clapping at me.


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