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The Tooth Fairy & The Fairy Hobmother

tooth-fairySpoiler Alert:  If you believe in The Tooth Fairy, do NOT continue!!
 Recently Zach (my 7 year old) lost his first tooth.  He was super excited, everyone in his class had already lost their first tooth and he kept waiting and waiting for one of his to finally come out.  It was a bit exciting for me as well, he is my oldest and this is the first time I got to play “Tooth Fairy.”
The evening of the big tooth evacuation, he stayed busy prepping for the big visit.  He began getting his bed in order, making sure the tooth was placed perfectly so it would not fall out in the middle of the night and the Tooth Fairy could easily find it.  He was so restless with anticipation the entire night and had trouble falling asleep.
FINALLY he fell asleep and Operation Tooth Fairy was in full effect.


sneaking-in-room tooth fairy

After seeing all his excitement, I certainly did NOT want to screw things up for him.  I wanted his first tooth fairy experience to be perfect but this gave me a bit of anxiety.  The biggest reason for my anxiety?  I kept visioning that I would go to make the big money/tooth “exchange”, he would wake up and figure out it was all a hoax.  So I had to be stealth as a Ninja.  

I heard him soundly sleeping in his room, so I made my move. I quietly crept into his room, actually I crawled in to make the transaction because that how this Momma gets all Ninja.  This was going off without a hitch Until…. He began to stir.


Really?  I stood at the door while he was soundly sleeping for a good 10 minutes before I made my move but now he stirs?  I had to act quickly.  So, I did the only thing I could think of.  I laid flat on the floor, held my breath and closed my eyes I am not sure why I closed my eyes actually, I guess I figured if my eyes were closed then he would not be able to see me.  Don’t judge, I am only a Momma Ninja white belt over here.  Anyways, I stayed in this position until the stirring stopped.



I hurried and completed the “transaction”…




And army crawled out of the room.  Mission complete.




The mission was not only complete but a total success because he woke up completely stoked!  Yep, the next morning he comes running out of his room so excited the Tooth Fairy paid him a visit.  He went on and on about the money he received and “How AWESOME the Tooth Fairy is.”  Sure, I felt joy over his excitement but it also got me to thinking.  Why does the Tooth Fairy get all the credit? tooth-fairy-2

Was the Tooth Fairy the one that woke up with rug burns on her elbows and knees this morning?  No.  Did the Tooth Fairy have to fork out the money for the tooth exchange?  No!

What I wanted to say: The Tooth Fairy isn’t real!  I am the awesome one!!
What I said:  Wow, that is great!
Us parents never get the credit we deserve.
I guess, in the end it turned out nicely because I was paid a visit by a Fairy last week!



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