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Yonanas: A Healthy Ice Cream Maker


I am definitely a weakling when it comes to ice cream. And chocolate ice cream, Oh forget about it!  It sure is my weight loss kryptonite and I have been known to sit down and eat a gallon of it.  Don’t judge, I am my harshest critic and I always wake up the next morning with extreme guilt.  But let me tell you a little secret, I have found the guiltless ice cream!!  Allow me to introduce you to Yonanas!

Why is Yonanas the guiltless ice cream?  Because it actually contains no fat, dairy, sodium, added sugar or cholesterol.  What it DOES contain is natural fruits, fiber, vitamins and minerals!



If all that is not awesome enough, Yonanas is also super easy to work!  No hour long ice cream churning or 20 step processes, all you do to make up your Yonanas is peel and freeze some overripe bananas (you want to use the overripe ones because of their sweetness).  Next, turn on your Yonanas maker and insert the frozen bananas.  For added flavors you can add in other fruits or spices!  Or you can even make a “softer ice cream” version by thawing your fruits for a few minutes before running them through your Yonanas.



Cool, right?!  I am definitely a Yonanas fan but I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan in my household.  My kids think I am an “Awesome Mom” because I let them have ice cream for breakfast.  Of course, they do not realize that they are actually eating fruit for breakfast.  Let’s keep that little secret between us, OK?



Now, one problem with handy dandy gadgets such as these can be the clean ups.  Well rest assured, I found the Yonanas super easy to disassemble and ran it right through the dishwasher.  I was a little nervous when taking it apart because of the sharp blade inside but I realized I had no need to be.  The blade did not come even close to my fingers and it was SO easy to unscrew.  Re-assembling was a piece of cake as well.  Mmmm cake, maybe I will try to make a cake flavored Yonanas next!
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