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Target Apologizes for “Manatee” Label on Plus-Size Dress: Do Some Stores Hate Plus-Sizers?

This past week Target received some bad publicity, apparently one of it’s plus-sized dresses was being sold in “manatee gray” but the exact same dress in smaller sizes were sold in “dark heather gray”.  This sure angered some ladies and sent Target in a tail-spin full of apologies, changing the website labels and probably a few jobs lost.

When I first heard of this “mistake” I chuckled a bit, as a plus sizer I was not offended at all but I do understand why some might be.  I am pretty convinced this was not an “accident” but rather some D-bag thinking it was funny to make fun of us larger folks.  However it does not surprise me in the least, I always thought particular companies were totally against us plus-sizers and some stores thrive on making us feel bad about ourselves.  I will not call out any specific companies (we know who you are!) but let me give you an example.



You see, there are some stores which cater to us larger sized folks.  These stores are a plus-sizers haven.  They actually offer clothes that are cute (not granny moo-moo-ish) in plus size, hire workers which are also plus size and they just make plus size look chic!  I love these stores, I feel at home in these stores.



These stores also love to totally build our plus-sized self esteem.  I recently went shopping at one of my favorites, I walk in and picked out my “usual” size; lo and behold that sucker is loose (if not TOO big) on me!  Yup, these plus-sized stores love us and want us to walk out of their store with our confidence booming!  There is a slight problem though, they only go down to a certain size and I am right on the border of that size.  So, sometimes I have to venture out to the “skinnier” stores.



Now I do not want to talk bad about these skinnier stores but truthfully, I just feel totally out of place there.  The minute I walk in and see the workers in their size 2’s, mid drift baring outfits my selfesteem starts to crumble.  OK, I know it is not their fault that their appearance makes me feel out of place but the look they give me is.  You know that look of  “What is fatty doing in our skinny store?  Does she really think she can fit into any of our clothes?”
But they do carry my size, although they do not carry MANY varieties in my size but I find a pair of pants in my “usual” size and go to try them on.



What do you know, they are TOO tight!  And they are not just a little tight, which I could maybe finagle into by laying down and holding in my belly to get them all buttoned up.  They are WAY too small, so small that I begin to wonder if they were tagged incorrectly.  After trying on a few other pants in that size and barely getting them over my knees, I know it is not a case of mislabeled but rather a case of this skinny store hating me and my self esteem!
So Target, thanks for your apologies but you can keep them because we really don’t believe it anyways.  

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