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When I was a kid I asked my Aunt, who was pregnant at the time, why she ate her baby.   I remember her laughing and laughing as I sat there wondering what was so funny.  Oh, the things that come out of the mouths of babes! Kids DEFINITELY say the darndest things, things that keep a constant smile on our face!!  This is why NickMom is doing an entire series on the funny things kids say.  Check it out, it will have you rolling in laughter and possibly bringing back some funny memories of your own kids or even yourself….

Twenty five years after asking my Aunt if she ate her baby, I was the one pregnant and my 3 year old son walks up and begins to rub my belly.  “Momma, is my sister in your belly?” he asks.  “Yes.” I quickly replied not expecting him to ask the same question I asked my Aunt so long ago.  “Oh, why did I eat her?  Because she didn’t listen to me when I told her to pick up her toys.”  Do you think he began to clean up his toys in hopes that I would not eat him too?  Nope.  He began to laugh and laugh and laugh.  He totally gets jokes and not only does he get them but he also keeps us laughing all the time!  That boy is a natural comedian.
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When he isn’t posing for photos or bugging his sister, he keeps busy with his incredible sense of humor.  I think the funniest times are when he is not even trying to make us laugh but it just comes naturally.  Like the time I hear him calling bloody murder from the bathroom.
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Now I don’t know about you but when I hear my kids yelling for me, I drop WHATEVER it is I am doing and I answer that call.
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Yup, I come a running and I don’t care what is in my way!  I have been known to dodge cars and hurdle small children to get to my kids when I think something is wrong.  And from the sound of his screaming, something definitely sounded wrong.
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When I got to the bathroom, he tells me his poop looks like Florida.  That’s what was so important?  I almost had a heart attack for poop?  Ah, but you can’t even be mad at him.  I mean it was funny and impressive that he actually knew the shape of Florida because his poop totally did look like it!  That boy, I am not sure where he gets it from!  Well, I guess we do have a uniquely, funny family dynamic.  We have been know to send out Christmas cards like these.
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And they do say that the family that laughs together stays together, right?
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Now where my son says the funniest things I have ever heard, most of them have to do with farts and poop, my daughter says the cutest things I have ever heard!
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Oh yes, my little Bella is just the sweetest little soul you will ever meet!  The things that come out of her mouth will definitely make you chuckle but at the same time make you go “Awwwwww!”  Like the time her brother said he wanted to “rule the world” and without missing a beat she responds with “I want to save the world.”  Heart melting!  Or when she tells me her biggest wish in the whole wide world is to be a puppy.  Yep, kids do say the darndest things!
I can go on and on with the funny things my kids say but for now I will leave you with NickMoms say of the day!  NickMom posts daily a “Kids Say of the Day” that will have you rolling.  So, check often because…
A day without laughter is a day wasted” -Charlie Chaplan
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