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Have #TheHappys Be A Part of Your Child’s After School Program: The Happy’s World of Zhu

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My kids love stuffed animals, in fact my daughter has so many stuffed animals on her bed that she barely has room to fit herself!  My son has a nice collection of stuffed animals as well, but of course his has to be more on the “boyish” side.  So when I found out Cepia, makers of ZhuZhu pets, released a new line of plush motorized animals called The Happy’s; I knew I had to get them for my kids!
They scamper…
They bounce…
They sit up…
They beg…

The Happy’s are so real, it is like having a real pet minus the cleaning up and feeding part.  The Happy’s came with a “Chase and Play” ball, once turned on they will chase after it no matter where it goes.  They also come with remote control treats, which they will do special tricks for and chase after it when the button is pressed.  They love to sit, spin, pounce and play!
What I really appreciate about these pets is the fact that they appeal to both boys and girls!  From the white kitten “Mittens” to the pup “Chance”, your boy or girl will fall in love right away!  They are just amazingly adorable!
My kids attend an after school program at their Elementary school, most of the toys in their after school program are acquired through donations.  I was going to donate The Happy’s to the after school program because I figured they were perfect for any age and gender.  However, this plan was quickly changed because my kids would NOT give up their “pet”.  They became attached right away and how could I say no to that?!  My daughter even brought Mittens with us on vacation!
Good things The Happy’s are hitting shelves this Spring, just in time for Easter.  I will be purchasing more to donate to their school and put “Happy” smiles on all the kids faces!  Because the name says it all…
The Happy’s

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