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Gaining Weight & Getting Skinny Again: Does It Works! Wraps Really Work?

I admit it, I suck.  For the last 6 months, I have been sucking big time and have gained WAY too much weight.  Oh believe me, I totally have “excuses” for sucking; holidays, vacations, going on a cruise where EVERYONE eats 24/7.  Those are my excuses for over-eating but I have one excuse for not exercising, I have been totally lazy.  OK, maybe I am being a little too hard on myself but I am so mad at myself for working so hard to lose weight only to gain so much back!  The bottom line is, I have not been giving MYSELF the time needed to work on me.  My life has been over-run with soccer games/practices, baseballs games/practices, judo, chess club and yes even my blog.  It is time to cut back on activities and focus some time on me again.

Disclaimer: I am now an IT Works! Distributor and this post talks about my product but the opinions are totally my own.


I have recently been introduced to IT Works! products through my sister-in-law.  She started using the wraps, greens and fat fighters and lost 4 pounds.  Yeah, 4 pounds may not seem like much (since I have way more than 4 pounds to lose) but for someone that weighs 120, it is a lot!  She seemed so passionate and sure about these products, I had to give it a try!  Here is my “before wrap” picture and “48 hours after” wrap picture.  I could totally tell the difference!  And let me be a little honest here, I did not follow the suggestions at all.  First, you are not suppose to eat during the wrap.  Fail.  Second, you are suppose to drink an allotted amount of water during and after the wrap.  Another fail.  You are also suppose to use the defining gel daily during the periods between wraps.  Triple fail.  But despite the fails, I still got results!  And you may ask if I dieted or exercised within these 48 hours?  Nope!  Regrettably, I ate the same and did not exercise and still saw results.  But this will change.
Also, these results are just from one wrap.  A “full treatment” is considered 4 wraps but you can only use a wrap every 72 hours.  I plan to finish the entire box and next time I will follow the suggestions a little bit better! (hopefully)



I know these wraps and supplements will not be the “miracle” to getting back to my lowest weight.  It will be a nice add-on but I plan to start eating right once again!  Ugh, I know that’s the hardest part!  I signed up for a bi-weekly “crop-box” full of fruits, veggies and other goodies through the local Farmers Market.  I am going to post a “Friday Farmers Market Finds” on what I received and even some recipes to go along with it.  AND!!!  I am getting back into Yoga!  I figured if I am going to get back into the exercise routine and most importantly STICK with it, I need to start with an exercise I truly love.  That is Yoga.  So, look out for my upcoming yoga posts as well and follow my journey back into my lowest size jeans.  Until then, Namaste.

James Weight Loss Blog

Friday 9th of May 2014

Those wraps and supplements look promising, especially if you were able to get results within 48 hours without excersising. I will consider trying them out.

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