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Guardians Of The Galaxy Review (Opens TODAY August 1st): Top 5 Reasons You Must See It! #GuardiansoftheGalaxy

If you have not noticed, I’ve been waiting a very long time for The Guardians of The Galaxy‘s release today (August 1st).  I have talked about it, and talked about it and talked about it some more!  And I have been itching to tell you even more-so since I was able to attend the sneak preview of it last week, literally chomping at the bit!  Now I get to tell you ALL about it (well not all about it) and why I predict it will be #1 movie of the summer.
First off, going into the movie I already had high expectations.  I mean come on, Marvel and Disney teamed up to put this movie out, so you know it will be a classic.  Well, this movie not only met my high expectations but it EXCEEDED them and let me tell you why.

Top 5 Reasons You MUST See Guardians of The Galaxy

1.  Girl Power!  Gamora is by far my favorite character in the movie, maybe that’s because I am always rooting for a strong, kick-butt female (and real life!) character.  Gamora is played by the gorgeous Zoe Saldana and is the adopted daughter of super-villian Thanos.  She was totally raised to be an assassin and her Fathers favorite but she doesn’t have the evil heart to follow in his foot steps.  She turns on him and joins the Guardians!
Can you take a guess, what else makes this movie full of “girl power”?  If you guessed this is the first Marvel movie written by a woman, then you are right!  Guardians is truly a groundbreaking movie having Nicole Perlman as head writer for the film!  Kudos to Marvel!
2. It’s Funny, Funny, Funny.  Well, the movie did not start out all that funny.  The first scene of a young Peter Quill by the bedside of his dying Mother brought tears to my eyes.  After his Mothers death, he was taken off Earth by a mysterious spaceship.  Fast forward years later when he is all grown up as a master thief.  He is on a planet preparing to make a heist and singing/dancing away to “Come And Get Your Love.”  It had the entire audience, myself included, literally laughing out loud.  The laughs continued throughout the entire movie!
3.  I am Groot.  Although I mentioned that Gamora was my favorite character, Groot TOTALLY stole my heart in this film.  Groot is the scary-looking, tree-like creature played by Vin Diesel.  The only words Groot says are “I am Groot”, which has many meanings and only understood by his B.F.F. Rocket.  You may think Vin Diesel had it easy, only having to say “I am Groot” over and over but not if he had to do it in many languages.  Check these clips out of Vin Diesel uttering “I am Groot” in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French!

4.  Friendship.  Although not all of the Guardians got along at first, in fact when Drax the Destroyer first met Gamora he tried to kill her to avenge his family.  They all eventually developed a bond that seemed unbreakable, even risking their own lives to save one another.  I think my favorite bond was that of Rocket and Groot.  They were already somewhat of a duo from the start of the movie but you didn’t realize JUST how inseparable they were until they were faced with some tough challenges.  You have to go see it to find out more, I am so not going to give it away!
5.  Good vs Evil.  You can’t have a good comic book movie without fighting a bad guy, right?  I loved the fact that this group of “misfits”, who actually landed in jail at the beginning of the movie, were the ones risking their lives to save the world!  And they do it all in such a nontraditional way too.  Trust me on this one, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!  You won’t regret it!
And don’t forget to stay until the credits finish rolling!!
All photos are courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures
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