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Video of The Lion King Broadway Cast: They Take Over New York City Subway & Sing ‘Circle of Life’



My husband and I recently visited New York City for our 10 year wedding anniversary.  One of my favorite parts of visiting the city was taking the subway, I LOVED the entertainment you would see on the trains and in the terminals.  Well, this video beats them all!  How exciting would it be to have the actually cast of the top Broadway musical The Lion King entertain you on your subway ride?  These people got a huge treat!!

Watch the video, it is worth it.  I absolutely loved how the children on the train started joining in on “The Circle of Life.”  And the man that didn’t look up from his newspaper was cracking me up.  Let me tell you folks, this is one of the many reasons I LOVE NYC!
Keep an eye out because I will have some upcoming posts on our New York City trip!
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