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Slugtera Return of the Elementals Review & Games: Released on DVD September 16th

I receive a free copy of this DVD for my opinions.



Slugtera Return of the Elementals was released on DVD September 16th.  I knew I had to get this for the kids because they are all about “elemental types.”  They are big collectors of Pokemon cards and are always playing games where one is a “fire type” or “water type” and this movie sounded right up their alley.  After watching the movie, they told me it was like Pokemon but WAY better with Slugs.  I was actually surprised how often they watched this movie, especially my 6 year old daughter, it was on repeat in their DVD player for weeks!

In return to the Elementals, a new member named Junji has joined the Shange Gang.  We learn that Junji is actually a master at slug-fu, an art where slugs and slugslingers are linked so closely that the slugslinger can actually control the slugs through their movements and actions.  Junji is very disciplined in his training, unlike the Shange Gang.  However, after half the slugs they have turn into ghouls, they all must deal with the crisis!
 It is discovered all the slugs in Slugterra originated from five elemental slug types: Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Energy; they then learn something has happened to the Air Elemental.  The problem with the Air Elemental is what is causing all of the slugs in Slugterra to turn into ghouls!  After a failed attempt by Eli and the Doc to turn the ghouls back into slugs, they know something more complicated is behind the matter and must find out what it is!  Will they?  You must watch to find out!
In celebration of the movies release, I have included a link to some fun Slugterra games!  Just click the image below!



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