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Interview with The Kids of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Movie: Ed Oxenbould, Dylan Minnette & Kerris Dorsey #VeryBadDayEvent

Disney is providing me with an all expense paid trip to L.A. to attend the #VeryBadDayEvent and #DisneyInHomeEvent in exchange for my coverage.  No other compensation is given and all opinions in my posts are 100% my own.  Disclosure Policy.

I have already seen Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day twice and my children have seen it once, however, we are still counting down the days it opens October 10th!  We plan to go Friday evening with a couple of my children’s friends.  Its is such a cute family film, I can’t wait until opening day when I will share my review of the movie with you all.  So, be sure to look out for it on this Friday!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an adolescent and work on a major motion picture?  Especially, when you have the chance to work with mega movie stars, like Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner.  I could not imagine but I have wondered what it’s like for a teen/pre-teen to work in Hollywood.  Well, I was able to see a glimpse of that experience when interviewing Ed Oxenbould, Dylan Minnette and Kerris Dorsey, stars in the Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day movie.  Here is a bit of the interview: 

Question: What was it like to act with Steve? Was he funny everyday?
Ed: He wasn’t funny, no, I’m kidding. He was like the funniest person. He could make anything sound fun, anything.
Dylan: It’s effortless. It’s effortless. He can say what he’s having for lunch and you’re just like in tears on the floor.
Ed:   Yeah, you could just look at him. And he’ll give you one look. And you will just be in uncontrollable laughter.
Kerris: Yeah, and he’s so smart. He’s such a smart person. I think you have to be that intelligent in order to be that funny because it’s–
Kerris: It’s so witty and so like impeccable. So that was really cool. You can just tell by looking at him, like talking to him that’s he’s just so smart. And the wheels are always turning.
Question: What was everybody’s favorite scene with him?
Ed:   I think the party scene.
Dylan: I’ve been saying the party scene.
Kerris: Party scene was so fun.
Dylan: Yeah, I mean it was like, what, 200 people and animals and swimming and music and food and just- 
Kerris: It was so cool. We were there for a long time. So it sort of became like a home to us, you know? So, yeah, that was so fun. We actually ate the food at one point. 
Question: So (Kerris) a lot of your role in the film, you were sick. I just wondered if you had any good tips for us in case we wanted to take a sick day. 
Kerris: I feel like if I ever get like sick and sound sick my parents are gonna be like, no, we know your tricks. It’s all about the voice I’ve found. So, you really have to sort of like– it’s more like nasally. So it’s like back in your throat and then in your nose. So any M’s have to be B-sounding. It’s just sort of like, I don’t know, I just watched a lot of like You Tube videos of people talking when they’re sick. 
Question: Ed, what about you? Learning an American accent, so how was that for you? 
Ed: It was pretty hard. But also kind of easy at the same time ’cause I was brought up on American film. There’s a lot of American TV, a lot of American film in Australia. So it’s a completely different accent that I’m kind of thinking, well, it’s American. I knew what it was. But it was a little rough around the edges. Actually, it was really bad. So– [LAUGHTER] so I had training. I learned all the little tips and tricks on just to sound authentic. 
Question: What was the hardest scene for each of you to keep your composure in?
Kerris: The car scene. 
Ed: Yeah, there was one scene during the car that was completely improvised. And the director just said– ’cause I would walk around set going brr-brr-brr, just making the stupid noises. And Miguel the director said I just want all of you to do it. So we all did it. And Steve started doing it. And you can see in the background everyone’s laughing. And like there was blood in our faces ’cause we’re moving our shoulders like that. It was so hard to keep a straight face. 
Question: Steve said you guys wrote a song for him that made him a bit emotional. So what can you tell us about that? 
Ed: That was the genius minds of Kerris and Justine Dorsey. And because all the way during the set we always had the song Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil. Is that it? I should know. I’m an Aussie.
Kerris: You’re the Aussie.
Ed: And we always had that, that was always in our heads. So the song was to the tune of that. But it was all about working with him and all about his character. And it was really cool. We all sang it. And he did get really emotional. It was really nice. 
Kerris: Yeah, it was one of the most special moments ever.
Ed: I have to say, it was really sad, though. You know, because it was his last day. It was near the end.
Kerris: Yeah, it was very emotional. And the whole crew was there on the set. And we got to sing it together. We had the lyrics and everything. They had a little speaker that they let us use to play the song. And it was such a like special moment. 
Ed: That was a really special moment. 
Dylan: It was amazing.
Kerris: Always makes me happy.


I absolutely loved listening to Ed, Dylan and Kerris talk about their experiences making this movie, you could tell they truly bonded over it.  If I had met them on the street, I would have totally guessed they were actual siblings!  After the interview, we all took a group photo together.  Ed immediately grabbed the movie poster for the photo and peaked his head out the side.  It was adorable.  That young and carefree spirit carries through the film as well!

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day opens October 10th!

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