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COHEED AND CAMBRIA – In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3

I received a copy of this album for review purposes.
Coheed and Cambria are one of those unique bands that blend so many different musical styles into one that it is almost impossible to categorize them succinctly. More often than not they just get slapped with the label “progressive” in lieu of a wordier, “rock, metal, pop, emo, post-hardcore, punkish.” Even more particular is the fact that the band, who had gone through various line-up changes and band names before finally settling on the title Coheed and Cambria (sounds like a type of cheese), is based on a series of comics written by the groups lead singer/guitarist Claudio Sanchez called The Amory Wars. The bands name is derived from the stories main characters and the subsequent albums are all “concept” albums with the songs reflecting the storyline.

Their second LP entitled, “In Keeping of Silent Earth: 3”, has recently been reissued on vinyl, stunningly remastered from the original masters by Equal Vision/Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings. Offered in 3 formats, a 180g 2 LP pressing, a tan splatter tour only edition, and a Direct 2 Fan grey swirl splatter available only at Originally released in 2003, the story takes place a decade after their previous album “The Second Stage Turbine Blade”, and finds Coheed and Cambria’s son Claudio fighting for vengeance over his family’s murder. The opening track is almost non-existent, consisting of a phone ringing and some suggestively epic music which leads into the title track that truly is epic. The bands chops are unquestionable, weaving melodic guitars over a solid rhythm with ease, although Claudio’s high pitched voice can leave some cringing, evoking comparisons to The Mars Volta’s Cedric Bixler-Zavala, and the immortal Geddy Lee of Rush fame. Other notable tracks include “Blood Red Summer” and “A Favor House Atlantic”, the former embracing a lighter and decidedly more Emo sound, with the latter being a more straight forward rock song. Both received a great deal of airplay on the radio and MTV at the time and accounted for the albums popularity and increased the bands fan base well beyond expectations.
Reaching #52 on the Billboard top 200 charts and certified gold by the RIAA, “In Keeping of Silent Earth: 3” has never sounded better, and is sure to have fans and audiophiles waiting in the wings for the next remastered/reissue from this musical tour de force.
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