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Holiday Foodie Collection: Skinny Cookie & Bar Recipes

The holidays are truly my favorite time of the year.  I enjoy everything about them; the family togetherness, the giving of presents and the baking.  Oh, how I love to bake (and eat)!  However, all this baking (and taste testing) can sure put a damper on a healthier eating lifestyle.  Usually, holiday baking calls for lots of sugar, butter and all the other “fattening” ingredients.  That is why I decided to be a bit proactive this year, I compiled a list of “Skinnier” Cookie and Bar Recipes.



This Foodie Collection of Skinny Cookie and Bar Recipes contain a wide variety of some awesome looking treats.  A couple of my favorites are the Skinny Rocky Road Bars, you bet I would choose a chocolate recipe to make the top of my list, and the Cocoa Carrot Cubes from Country Fit Family.  I am also really looking forward to making the Honey Christmas Cookies from Our Family World, this is an amazing alternative to the classic sugar cookie.
You see, you can still enjoy all festivities of the holidays, including the baking (and eating), without it effective your waistline!  Happy Holidays!!
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