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Nutrisystem Week 11 & 12: End of the Nutrisystem Journey & Lessons I Learned

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It is always a bit sad when good things come to an end, and  that is exactly how I feel now that I am at the end of my journey on the Nutrisystem program.  I have been on the program now for a total of 3 months and have lost 11 pounds, that averages to almost 4 pounds a month!  Amazing!  I have to admit, I am a little nervous to continue my weight loss journey “Nutrisystem-free.”  I’ve been totally spoiled.  On the program, I did not have to think about what I needed to make for each meal nor did I have to prepare any foods before hand. Nutrisystem totally put the convenience into dieting!  And on top of all these great aspects of the program, I am also going to miss the food!!!  The program was so easy to stay on because it tasted so good!  Who wants to choose a fatty meal when a healthy Nutrisystem meal is right at your finger tips?
Through my life I have been on MANY dieting programs, one would think that I know all there is to know about it.  But every program is different and I can definitely say that I learned a lot from my experience on Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem Lessons:
1.  One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned while on the Nutrisystem program is portion control.  When I first received my shipments of Nutrisystem, I was a bit freaked out.  Would I really be satisfied with such small portions?!?!  The fact is, the portions were normal but it was my idea of portion sizes which were over-sized.
2.  Water, Water, Water.  One of the biggest obstacles to overcome on my health journey seems to be water.  Nutrisystem totally understands the importance of getting in your water!
3.  A support system works wonders.  Since being on the Nutrisystem program, I have met many people that were also on the program and some who have begun the program because they have witnessed my success on it.  This support system has been one of the major keys to success!
4.  The program indeed works!  If you stick to the program, you WILL lose weight.  I do not even think it is a difficult program to stick to.  I enjoyed the food so much, I could not believe I was eating things like cinnamon rolls and whoopie pies and still losing weight!
5.  Nutrisystem is part of my weight loss journey.  When I began the Nutrisystem program, my goal was to get to my desired weight and be a Nutrisystem spokeswoman!  Yes I know, I like to shoot high.  Three months later, although I am not at my goal weight, I am 11 pounds lighter and will continue my weight loss journey with the lessons I have learned from my time on Nutrisystem.


Thank you Nutrisystem for the lessons you’ve provided me on this crazy weight loss journey of mine!

NutriSystem, Inc.

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