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Nutrisystem Week 9 & 10: 5 Tips for Losing Weight Over the Holidays

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I am now comfortably in my 3rd month on the Nutrisystem program, doesn’t it seem like yesterday when I first announced that I was beginning this journey?  Time certain does fly by when you are eating delicious food!  When I first began, I knew that I would be given 3 months worth of food to be a part of the program.  I also realized, this 3 months will include part of the holidays and I started to freak out a bit.  The holidays are my FAVORITE time of year but also the time of year when the weight starts to pile on.  Am I going to be able to LOSE weight at this time?  So, I sat down, gathered my thoughts and put together some tips on losing weight over the holidays.
5 Tips for Losing Weight Over the Holidays

Indulge:  I know that might seem a little counterproductive but the more you deprive yourself during the holidays the more likely you will binge.  So, I am allowing myself two days, yup I said TWO days, to indulge.  Now, that does not mean I am going to get all crazy and eat from a nonstop fatty buffet for two days but I am going to allow myself to eat things I enjoy without feeling guilty about it!
Make Healthier Dishes:  This is something I have always been a proponent of.  This Thanksgiving I scoured the internet and Pinterest and found many, MANY traditional recipes that I love made in a much healthier way.  And let me tell you, they tasted great if not better than the fattier version!

Mix In Your Nutrisystem Food:  Thanksgiving Day does not have to be filled with huge breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  Thankgiving morning, I actually had a Nutrisystem omelet for breakfast and during the day I satisfied my cravings with a Nutrisystem snack. 

Go Shopping:  What a great excuse to go shopping!!! Nix the online shopping for actually slipping into your tennis shoes and hitting the malls.  You wouldn’t believe the calories I burned during Black Friday!  And if your significant other complains about the credit card bill, just tell them it was an investment in your health! 

Get Your Z’s:  Even if you keep your food and exercise in check, not getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day can have adverse effects to your weight loss.  So make sure you take care of yourself through this holiday season because a happier body will produce a happier YOU!

I Survived Thanksgiving!  By sticking to my tips, I actually lost TWO pounds.  Unbelievable!  Once again, thank you Nutrisystem for providing me with the tools for success!

Weekly Weight Loss: -2 pound
Total Weight Loss: -11 pounds
Weight Loss Goal For Next Week: -2 pounds
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