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Top 5 Reasons To See ‘Annie’: In Theaters Today December 19th


When I heard they were remaking the classic movie Annie, I was excited.  This was a movie I grew up with and  a story I wanted my little girl to love just as much as I do.  To prepare for the remake, I broke out my DVD copy of the original movie and watched it with my daughter over Thanksgiving break.  She was an instant fan!  I wasn’t surprised.  During the time leading up to the release of this remake, she must have watched the original 20 times and even began learning all the songs.  I was thrilled that I have another Annie fan in the household but now the remake had some high expectations to live up to.

And did this remake live up to the high expectations?  It was good.  My daughter certainly enjoyed it and I have to admit, I did as well but it is no original.  However, if you are an Annie fan then I think you would certainly enjoy this film.  And here is some reasons why:


Top 5 Reasons to See Annie.



It’s a classic!  I love the original but I really appreciated the modern twist in this remake.  Think about it, sure back in the day Daddy Warbucks mansion seemed like the most awesome house in the entire world.  However watching it now, I am like “Where is the TV?” and the computer?  Sure, it has an indoor pool but so does the Holiday Inn.  This movie definitely relates more to the kids these days (I sound like an old person).



It has all the original songs!  As soon as they broke out in the first song I knew we had a winner.  It was totally the songs that made this movie such a hit and I am glad they stuck with what worked.  I am still singing “The sun will come out, tomorrow!” 



We love you Miss Hannigan!  Cameron Diaz has gotten a bit haggard these days, am I right?  Seriously, every role I have seen her in lately I am like “Oh, well she looks different.”  So, it is kind of fitting that she is playing the part of Miss Hannigan.  However, she was no Carol Burnette.  Carol just oozed Miss Hannigan and while Cameron was aight… when she started to sing, I chuckled a bit.



Jamie Fox.  I love me some Jamie Fox, I totally do.  He really brought a presence to this film and some great comedy.  I don’t want to give away the funny but think “hair piece.”  However, when he began to sing, things got awkward.  Don’t let this deter you from the film though because he does make up for it in other areas!



Annie.  When I think of Annie, I think of a cute, curly red head with plenty of spunk.  While the character in the remake does not have the “look” of the original Annie, she definitely has the cuteness, the heart and spunk!  I think Quvenzhane Wallis did an outstanding job as Annie and made us fall in love with her all over again.  She had me believing the sun will come out tomorrow…
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