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An Interview with a Prince: Richard Madden in Cinderella #CinderellaEvent

Disney provided me with an all expense paid trip to L.A. to attend the #CinderellaEvent in exchange for my coverage.  No other compensation is given and all opinions in my posts are 100% my own.  Disclosure Policy.
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Two weeks ago, while I was in LA for the #CinderellaEvent, I had the chance to interview a real, live Prince.  Well, I might be embellishing just a bit.  I had the opportunity to interview Richard Madden, the actor who plays Prince Kit in the new live-action Cinderella movie (in theaters everywhere).  Now I know what everyone is wondering and the answer is YES!  Yes, he is as good looking in person as he is in the Cinderella movie.

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Richard Madden is also known for his role in the popular TV series, Game of Thrones, where he plays Robb Stark the King of the North.  So if you think about it, I didn’t just have the chance to interview a Prince but also a King!  And did he live up to these royal titles?  Absolutely.  He exuded all those Princely qualities; he was charming, polite and a true gentleman.  Here is a bit of the interview:
On being the Prince
I wanted to make him different.  In the animation, you only see him in 2 or 3 scenes.  In the original animation, there’s this kind of old fashioned view of a woman needing a man to come and rescue her from a terrible life and that’s kind of outdated.  Not a message I think we should be telling young girls and in this version it’s not that, which is great.  You’ve got a, a young man with all of his own problems and a young woman with hers and they bring the best out of each other.  I think she rescues him as much as he rescues her and that’s why I was really interested in this version.  We got to kind of see this real young man character and most importantly Cinderella’s this wonderful amazing woman, I wanted to make a man that was worthy of her affections.


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His favorite scene
The first scene that I show up with Lily, which is us on horseback when we first meet in the woods.  I like being outside and being on a horse, it’s more fun than being in the studio most of the time.  That was the first day of shooting. That was the first time with Lily.  So you kind of have all of that going on, on top of us kind of trying to play that scene.  And I love what Ken wanted to do.  They were both trying to control these two huge beasts and their feelings, and this kind of dance that they do on the horses.


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On learning the dance routine
It was miserable.  I’m not a naturally gifted dancer.  I had to kind of train for like 2 or 3 months to like 3 or 4 times a week to get myself up to scratch.  It was 2 months before they let me near Lily’s dress because I would just destroy it.  I went through like 2 practice dresses that looked like a bunch of cats have destroyed them.

I think the Prince would enjoy dancing.  So I wanted to make it look as if he was enjoying it and also that I could just act with Lily and not be thinking about what I’m doing with my feet.


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The scene that made him cry
The scene with Derek (Jacobi), who plays the King.  That was an emotional day but a really good one.  I love working with Derek, he was kind of an icon to me.  And that was kind of a really moving scene.  He plays it so beautifully, it was hard not to get caught up in that.


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On his wardrobe
They’re lots of leggings.  I love Sandy Powell who designed these amazing costumes.  And when I first met with her, I was really keen to make sure that the Prince retained a masculinity with these costumes ‘cause a lot of times in these Disney films they would not be very masculine.  They’re really decadent and extravagant, but actually Sandy who we talked about it.  That’s what she wanted too and they are beautiful and detailed and gorgeous, but also they’re all rigid in practicality.  All of them.  I mean the boots I’m wearing are great for riding.  You know the tight pants have a stretch in them, which is great for being on a horse.  That first jacket I wear sets in a way that’s perfect for being on a horse and how it comes down.  So they’re rooted in a practicality. 
When I first saw the ballroom outfit and I walk in, it’s like white with silver and sequins and glitter.  And I’m like, “Sandy we talked about the masculinity.”   We agreed on something and that’s just not it.  But actually, once you put it on, it does make me feel regal.  And you know, you put into those sets and with all the other characters and it doesn’t feel out of place.  When you’re in a little studio room trying on these costumes you’re like, “How am I gonna’ pull this off?”  And then you get on the set and suddenly it feels completely natural. 


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