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JCPenney’s Glam Ball: My Princess Transformation at the #CinderellaEvent Premiere Day #JCPCinderellaMoment

Disney provided me with an all expense paid trip to L.A. to attend the #CinderellaEvent in exchange for my coverage.  No other compensation is given and all opinions in my posts are 100% my own.  Disclosure Policy.


A few weeks ago, I chatted with a friend who recently had gastric bypass surgery.  Since I’m an alumni of the surgery, having mine over 11 years ago, she approached me for a bit of advice.  As we were discussing the weight she had lost, she made the comment “maybe in a few months I will have the courage and confidence to take a selfie.”  That comment had me reflecting on my own journey.  I’ve recently written about finding my beauty and the difficulties I’ve had feeling beautiful again after weight loss.  I had spent such a large portion of my life hiding my beauty, to not bring attention to my weight, that in the process I never really learned how to “be girly.”  One does not dress up, curl their hair and put on make-up when they are desperately trying to avoid glaring eyes; so I never did and as a result I never learned how to beautify myself.  When I was invited to attend the premiere of the new Cinderella movie in LA, opening March 13th, I started to worry about such things.  However, all my worries were eased after learning JCPenney was hosting a Glam Ball, where they will do our make-up, hair and help with accessories for the red carpet premiere!


When we arrived to the Glam Ball, we split into groups and was escorted to our beauty stations by our very own Prince Charming.  My first stop was hair and all the JCPenney Stylists were ready and waiting!  My stylist, Liz, had some great ideas on hair styles for me.  This was such a relief because I had no idea how to wear my hair.


Can you believe that Liz pulled this hairstyle off within 15 minutes?!  I was totally amazed at how talented the JCPenney Stylists were and totally pleased with my results.  My transformation into a Princess was off to a great start!


Photo Credit – Getty Images for JCPenney
Photo Credit – Getty Images for JCPenney
Next, it was off to accessories.  We were told to bring a picture of our dress and the JCPenney Stylist would help us pick out a few pieces to add to our ensemble.  The stylist chose the most adorable bracelet and clutch for me,  I think it complimented my dress perfectly!


Last but not least, it was make-up time!  We were told to put foundation on before we arrived to the Glam Ball and the make-up artist would do our lips and eyes.  I love my eyes, I think it is one of my best features and I was SO pleased with the results.  What do you think?



Of course, a Glam Ball is not complete without some tasty treats.  Not only were our beauty needs met but also our hunger.  JCPenney’s truly outdid themselves and threw a Glam Ball worthy of a Princess!



After the Glam Ball, we slipped into our gowns, met in the hotel lobby and headed over to the El Capitan Theatre.  I have to tell you, when I put on my dress and looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me. After so many years of hiding, after years of trying to find my beauty once again; this evening I truly felt amazing.  I’ve seriously never felt more beautiful in my life.  I was amazed at my transformation and incredibly thankful for everyone at JCPenney’s.



We attended a pre-“red carpet” reception, at the El Capitan Theatre, which was also hosted by JCPenney’s.  At the reception, we viewed the actual costumes worn by the cast of Cinderella!  Here is Cinderella’s Ball Gown and Glass Slippers.  Doesn’t the gown look beautiful and incredibly heavy?



Who is that model in front of the Fairy Godmother’s dress?  Oh, that’s me!


It was awesome to see the costumes live.  Although they look simply beautiful on the big screen, in person you can see all the details that are put into them.  I can’t wait to share the interview with Sandy Powell (Cinderella’s Costume Designer), she is the most amazing talent.



JCPenney’s also shared their Cinderella line and we were even given a dress for our little one at the Glam Ball.  It was the first thing my daughter pulled out of my suitcase when I arrived home.  Of course, she put it on right away!
The dress is beautiful and I could tell she felt like a Princess wearing it.  It’s my hope that she always remembers how beautiful she is, that she never hides her beauty.  And no matter what she is faced with in life, she always keeps her courage and kindness.  Just like Cinderella.


Cinderella is theaters March 13, 2015.
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Stay tuned for part 2 (on Friday) of Cinderella‘s World Premiere, my walk on the red carpet!

Carolyn Gonzalez

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

You looked amazing! I was glad we got to see each other again! What fun!

Debra @ A Frugal Friend

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

You were just glowing! So glad to have shared this with you!

Talking with Tami

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

You looked darling! xoxo

Hobbies on a Budget

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

What an amazing experience you shared! I love that they took all the stress out of the experience by pulling in the experts! Your daughter (and you too) look beautiful inside and out!

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