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Tomorrowland Opens May 22nd: New Trailer & Sneak Preview Beginning May 1st


Did someone say George Clooney?!  I think I have Clooney radar and when I hear his name, my ears perk up and I go a bit weak in the knees.  So, you know when I heard Disney is releasing a new movie starring him, I was ecstatic! Tomorrowland, which opens in theaters everywhere May 22nd, has a new trailer which features Mr. Clooney.  I may or may not have watched it 3 times.  See it for yourself:

Additionally, a special presentation of the film, featuring more than six minutes of footage to be introduced by director Brad Bird, will screen exclusively in IMAX® theatres domestically and in select international markets beginning May 1. The extended first look of TOMORROWLAND will screen directly prior to Marvel’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON and will play for the duration of that film’s run in IMAX.
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TOMORROWLAND opens in theaters everywhere on May 22nd!
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