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America The Beautiful Pudding Cups Recipe: Easy To Make Desserts

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What little kid is not a fan of Snack Pack pudding cups?  Lets be honest, what adult is not also a fan of these delicious pudding cups?  With Memorial Day right around the corner and endless barbeques/parties in honor of the day, I wanted to share an easy to make dessert using the cups that would represent the red, white and blue!  Check out my America The Beautiful Pudding Cup recipes.


I headed to the local Walmart to pick up all the supplies for my Snack Pack pudding cup recipes.  Let me tell you, I was taken aback by the huge selection of Snack Packs that Walmart carries.  It was like an entire wall filled with different flavors!  I went with the traditional vanilla and chocolate to create my recipe but I also had to pick up a strawberry flavored Snack Pack because my daughter loves everything strawberry.  Which explains why one of my America The Beautiful cups also contains a strawberry mix in.



I know what you might be thinking, how is she going to pull off a “red, white and blue” themed snack pack using the chocolate flavor?  With a popcorn mix in, of course!  And look how the popcorn was a meant to be mixed in, with its red, white and blue packaging!  So let us begin with creating this America The Beautiful: Fire Cracker Pudding Cup.
Firecracker Pudding Cup Recipe
Snack Pack pudding cup (any flavor)
Popcorn (popped)
white chocolate
red,white and blue sprinkles
American Flag print out


1.  Pop popcorn and spread out evenly on foil or wax paper.


2.  Melt white chocolate on stove top.  This step is delicate because chocolate can clump if over-cooked.  Once chocolate starts to melt, remove from heat and continue to stir until all chocolate melts.  Drizzle melted chocolate over the popcorn.



3.  Sprinkle red, white and blue sprinkles immediately over the popcorn.  You want to do this before the white chocolate begins to harden.
4.  Place popcorn in refrigerator to harden.


5. Tape printable flag around the snack pack and remove lid.

Note: Don’t you just hate those hard to remove lids that tear and/or get stuck on the pudding container?  Snack Packs have easy to open lids that are super convenient!


6.  Break the popcorn apart and add to the top of your pudding cup.
Wah-La! Now you have a super cute Firecracker pudding cup dessert to enjoy this Memorial Day!



These cups are not just super cute, they are also delicious!  The kids dug into them right away.  Once they finished off the Firecracker pudding cup, they begged for more.  Sure, why not?  Each cup contains the same about of calcium as an 8oz glass of milk; I figured they deserved the treat and the extra calcium!



So, I decided to make these Red, White and Blue Pudding Parfaits using strawberries and blue berries.  Bonus, totally getting in the fruit as well!

As you can see from the video above, these Red, White and Blue Pudding Parfaits were super easy to make and turned out great!



And if you are a fan of the Snack Pack pudding snacks, you are going to LOVE this news.  Today, May 18th, Snack Pack pudding bars hit the Walmart shelves!  They come in a Chocolate Fudge flavor and…



Chocolate Caramel!  Of course, I had to show my America The Beautiful pride using the bars too!



What do you like to mix into your pudding cups?

Nicole Elliott

Tuesday 19th of May 2015

How fun! I love that you have 2 different patriotic treats-so perfect for all the upcoming holidays and this way chocolate and vanilla lovers will all be happy! #client

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