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Disney’s Tomorrowland Movie Review: Opens in Theaters Today, May 22nd


Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.” –Dr. Seuss from The Lorax
As I watched the credits roll after viewing Disney’s Tomorrowland earlier this week, that specific Dr. Seuss quote came to mind.  Tomorrowland.  Where innovation meets progress.  Where Science meets responsibility.  Where the future meets a better world.  Or does it?


The movie begins with a brief introduction of Frank Walker played by George Clooney.  He flashes back into his early childhood, when he brought his homemade jet pack to the 1964 World’s Fair in hopes of winning the top $50 prize.  While Nix (Hugh Laurie) dismisses Frank and his silly non-working toy, he does catch the attention of Athena (Raffey Cassidy).  She gives him a special pin which transports him into a futuristic world.



The movie then shifts to the story of Casey (Brit Robertson), a determined young girl and daughter of a NASA engineer (Tim McGraw).  Her father is days away from losing his job and she refuses to let it happen, which lands her into some serious trouble.  In the midst of this happening, she finds herself in possession of her own “special pin”, when touched shows her a glimpse of that futuristic world.  However, that glimpse is short lived and she wants to see more.



This leads her to the home of a grown, bitter and paranoid Frank Walker.  The last we saw of Frank, he was a curious and hopeful child; now he wants nothing to do with Casey and is filled with doom and gloom.  However being the spunky girl she is, Casey is determined to get his attention and have Frank take her to the place she saw when she touched the pin.  Tomorrowland.



Frank finally helps Casey after seeing the “special” something in her that Athena first saw.  Together, they set out on a mission to re-enter Tomorrowland and change the destiny of the world.
The movie is filled with action, humor but most importantly a deep message.  The future is what we make of it, stay optimistic.  If you want a better world, you go out there and make the world better!  BE the postive change.  Care, care an awful lot.  Because if you don’t, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.
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